Blessed are the nerds (for they break the software)


Beta programs usually have two mutually exclusive goals:

  1. To build up buzz for a new product—as in the case of Gmail and now Google +.
  2. To test and improve a piece of software nearing release.

Right now we are in the middle of the beta for Internet Security 2012. And if you are now thinking, “Yes, I want to test this piece of new software till smoke is coming out of my PC” then we hope you’ll sign up for our beta program. However, as Internet Security 2012 is still being developed we don’t think the beta is for everyone.

We offer free licenses for our Anti-Theft for Mobile and have in the last year given out licenses to our Mobile Security and even our 2010 AV-Test Product of the Year Award-winning Internet Security via our Facebook Page. And when Internet Security 2012 is available to the public, we hope the whole world will take our free trial.

But for the beta, we’re only looking for passionate software experts who will help break our software. Yes, break it. Or at least tell us how to make it perform better for you. That’s how we work to bulletproof the protection we provide. It’s hard work and the finished result is a tribute to the beta testers’ tenacity and ingenuity.

Are you a software aficionado yourself ? Do you know any experts that would like to put our protection to the test?

The sign up process is in-depth and it will help you or your friends and us know if the program is a good fit.

Thanks for following us. Your interest in F-Secure is greatly appreciated.



CC image by Ryan Tir

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