Facebook Timeline Revealed as an April Fools’ Hoax


Ending a prank that must have been years in the planning, Facebook has announced that its so-called “Timeline” profile is an elaborate hoax. In a note on his Facebook profile, Zach Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Chief Profile Officer (CPO), announced that the switch to the Timeline was an April Fools’ Day joke that got out of hand.

“We never expected anyone to believe that we’d risk alienating our user base in the midst of our company’s IPO. But when we laid the seeds for what we hoped would become a legendary April Fool’s six months ago, many people ate them right up.”

During the first stages of the so-called Timeline, thousands of people signed up as Facebook developers just to play with the new look.

“We thought then, we better come up with something operational, just to keep it going. Then it just kept snowballing and snowballing till today.”

Facebook says that those who have opted into the new look will be allowed to keep it. The rollback will begin at the end of business April 1.

“When people and companies started uploading content from their entire lives, at first we were worried,” Zuckerberg wrote. “We were sure no one would do that. Then analysts saw this further proof of the site’s stickiness. The FTC actually complimented us for once on the privacy measures. At the end of the day, someone should have ended this thing months ago. But here we are on April 1.”

Many Facebook members are cheering the news. Others are smirking. Several of the 45,567 members of the “Timeline Must GO AWAY” Facebook group announced that they had never really believed it was coming. “H8ers can H8 but I was right,” said user Maggie Simpson.

We at F-Secure had taken the Timeline extremely seriously offering “4 Things You Should Do as Soon as You Get Your New Timeline”.

We’ll now add a fifth thing to the list: Blush.


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