25 Fellows for 25 Years: Eric Wang


As we celebrate our 25th anniversary over the next month, we’re paying tribute to the women and men who helped build the success story that is F-Secure. You can experience that story here and help us fight malware in our anniversary arcade game.

Today we speak to the Technical Product Manager of our Safe Profile Beta Eric Wang who joined F-Secure in 2011.

Where were you 25 years ago?

Probably sneaking around my house – searching for something to snack on.

What’s surprised you most since you’ve joined F-Secure?

The amazing work culture we have! This is by far the best place I’ve ever worked at. (and also how much the Finns enjoy the sauna J)

What’s your favorite piece of technology? 

Definitely my smartphone. I have bought no less than 8 in my lifetime and I can’t seem to stop looking out for the next one to get next!

What F-Secure memory is most irreplaceable to you?

Spending the weekend on an off-site meeting with the labs management team. They’re a really good bunch of people who know how to have a good time.

How will the world be different in 25 years?

Everything will be connected and it’ll be almost impossible to lead a private life!

What”s your 25th birthday wish for F-Secure?

That we achieve our 3 year vision – and continue being a reputable and amazing organization

25 Fellows for 25 Years

Mikko Hypponen – 1991
Jyrki Airola — 1994
Pekka Usva — 1995
Kim Englund — 1996
Pirkka Palomäki — 1997
Ilkka Ranta — 1997
Veli-Jussi Kesti — 1998
Taneli Virtanen — 1999
Kalle Korpi — 2001
Mike Graham — 2001
Johan Jarl — 2002
Miska Repo– 2004
Morgan MacDonald — 2006
Suh Gim Goh –2010
Orestis Kostakis — 2010
Harri Kiljander — 2010
Pratima Potturu — 2010
Timo Laaksonen — 2012

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