July 2014

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REMINDER: Treat every social media site as if it were Twitter

If you read all the terms and conditions you come…


Genius is making the complex simple

“Any fool can complicate things. It takes a genius to…


5 Steps to a Sizzling Summer Vacation – with All Your Devices

Already in the middle of your summer adventures, or do…

8 days ago
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3 questions about the future of cyber warfare

“We’re not creative enough when we imagine cyber warfare,” F-Secure…

20 days ago

June 2014


Right to be forgotten – good or bad?

Have you ever Binged or Googled for your own name,…

27 days ago
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5 things you need to know about malware that takes your files hostage

1. Online criminals are using our sense of shame to rob…

29 days ago
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11 ways to stay SAFE online when you’re traveling

If you bring your phone, tablet or laptop with you…

29 days ago

How to teleport around the world using your mobile phone

While Finland is known for being the first country in the…

more than a month ago
Digital Freedom

Our fundamental human rights are being violated

We are worried about our digital freedom and need your…

more than a month ago
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3 free ways to stop Facebook from tracking you all over the web

“Privacy activists, you may start shouting… now,” Gizmodo‘s Jamie Condliffe wrote last week….

more than a month ago
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Help shut down a massive crimeware botnet with one click — while you can

F-Secure is proud to be part of the global effort…

more than a month ago
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Are your terrible passwords guessable?

The #Heartbleed vulnerability got people thinking about passwords — a…

more than a month ago

Why Edward Snowden Gives Me Hope

Exactly one year ago today, we saw the very first…

more than a month ago

May 2014

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#DigitalFreedom is always on the ballot — so vote!

“Should we worry?” Mikko Hypponen asked during his TED Talk…

more than a month ago

Why we Like Facebook’s new malware cleanup tool

Have you ever encountered a Facebook post that appears to…

more than a month ago

Overwhelmed by Passwords? The One Essential Tip You Need to Know

There’s a lot of advice out there about passwords –…

more than a month ago
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‘Any right we give away, we give away forever’ — David Hasselhoff and Mikko Hypponen kick off the #digitalfreedom movement

To truly understand the value of freedom, you have to…

more than a month ago

Don’t be tricked to compromise your password

Time for a reminder about password security. We have talked…

more than a month ago

5 simple tips to stay safe online from @Mikko Hypponen

Our Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen spoke to Softonic‘s Wolfgang…

more than a month ago

5 Fab F-Secure Tech Moms on How They Do It All

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re featuring five cool tech…

more than a month ago

Antivirus is dead? Yep. Where’ve you been?

People are saying antivirus is dead, and they’re right. What…

more than a month ago

April 2014


We think transparency is the fundament of trust

I’m proud of working for a company like F-Secure, with…

more than a month ago

1 way Android is keeping mobile trojans from costing you money — and 6 things you can do

Our new F-Secure Labs’ Mobile Threat Report finds that 99%…

more than a month ago

Your data may be out there — how to protect yourself from #Heartbleed scams

Now that the first victims of the Heartbleed web vulnerability…

more than a month ago

7 things you need to know about the massive web vulnerability known as Heartbleed

1. What is Heartbleed? SSL is the one of the…

more than a month ago

NEW RESEARCH: More than half of the top 100 URLS are tracking you

You’ve probably never heard of most of the 100 top…

more than a month ago

March 2014

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How to make your iPhone untrackable in 2 minutes or less

We haven’t figured out a way to make people invisible….

more than a month ago

How to solve the top 4 online privacy challenges with just one snoop-stopping button

Months of Snowden revelations have made it clear there’s a…

more than a month ago

In Turkey and wherever the Internet is censored, the public demands freedom

Here’s some bad news: Internet freedom worldwide is in decline….

more than a month ago

New look, new mission, new FREEDOM

Since classified documents illuminating America’s mass surveillance began being released…

more than a month ago

The hidden danger of Internet surveillance

2013 was the year of revelation. Ordinary Internet users all…

more than a month ago

5 reasons 97% of all new mobile malware is targeting Android

“To no one’s surprise at this point, Android continues to…

more than a month ago
Sarah Van Quickelberge |Flickr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/103361005@N06/

7 simple ways to protect your selfies and everything else on your mobile device

You email, you shop and you may even bank on…

more than a month ago

More ways to avoid government (or other kinds) of surveillance

In internet wasn’t meant to become a surveillance tool —…

more than a month ago
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