Snowed under


As we may have mentioned, F-Secure headquarters are in Helsinki, where we have had an exceptionally snowy winter. A few weeks ago, the amount of snow that had been cleared from the roads and pavements onto the curbs in between reached its peak. Literally.

I used my phone to take an image of the F-Secure headquarters on my way into work:

Welcome to F-Secure Helsinki
We'll climb any mountain to get to work

The image is so striking that I wanted to share it. My fellow bloggers and I thought of how this image could relate to the work we do here. The consensus was that it was a great metaphor for the piles of viruses that we handle in F-Secure Labs each day.

The average number of virus samples that we process each day is a number around 100,000. Per day. Wow.

Sean from Labs points out that while these viruses are “individual, like snowflakes”, they do fall into categories. Sometimes they are from the same criminal gangs, sometimes they are the same type of virus from a different gang. Sometimes they are almost the same virus, but altered in small ways to try and fool anti-virus technologies.

We really would be ‘snowed under’ if it weren’t for the technology that our lab technicians build for us to catch and analyze all of them.

Just imagine having to sit down with a magnifying glass and check every snowflake in the photo. Instead, we use technology to do that for us, to give us up-to-date information on what our virus protection services need to block in order to protect our customers. Our technicians have to build that technology, keep it smart, feed it, and so on! It’s a good thing that they are up to the task.

With their help and expertise, we can protect our customers whatever the (virus) weather.

What do you think of the image? Do you think the virus metaphor fits, or is it more like an icy firewall, protecting the f-secure premises? Or something else? Let me know!


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