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For the past couple years we have been working on a free application called Health Check. It’s designed to tell you in simple terms if your computer is protected or not.

We’d like to know how close you think we’ve come to achieving our goal. That’s why I’m proud to announce the Health Check Challenge.

Everyone enters the Challenge will be entered to win a very cool prize that will help you stay in great shape – a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. But please act quickly, as we will stop taking entries on April 9th.

To take the challenge:
1. Go to the Health Check page from the link below and read the description on the page.
2. Start the application by clicking the “Run Check” button on the page. (Sorry Mac users, it will not work for you.)
3. Post your comments as a reply to this post. We are particularly interested to find out if the check was useful to you, easy to use and informative? Have you used similar applications before? Would you use it again?

Ready? Just click here to run Health Check. The link will open in a new tab in your browser, so you won’t lose this page. After you complete the check, come back to this page and comment on your experience.

Don’t worry. Health Check is not installed on your computer permanently, and you can use it even if you are already running security software.

Click here for complete Health Check Challenge rules.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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The arrows on the top of the screen are reminiscent of tabs, so I tried to click on them to navigate the results screen. Oops.

It mis-detected my Avast as being turned off…. I think it’s because I have some of the optional services turned off (like P2P, since I don’t use P2P software). Either that or I’m pwned. The suggested solution was to buy an f-secure product rather than turn on the virus scanner that’s already installed.

It claims I have no backup, but I’m using Areca scheduled for 02:00 to do differential backups to a local file server. I’m not sure how you should detect that… The suggested solution was to buy an f-secure product (reasonable here I guess, since no backup solution was detected).

Lots of software needs updates (I wish Windows had a way to centrally manage updates….). The suggested solution included buying an f-secure product. I’m not exactly sure what that has to with bringing out-of-date software up to date.

Neat little tool, rough around the edges. Probably reasonable for the non-geek, though I wouldn’t recommend it to them until the software properly detects the installed antivirus and makes the correct suggestion. The last thing I want to do is support a friend’s computer that has more than one antivirus installed conflicted with each other….

Thanks for the feedback Micah and sorry to hear about your detection troubles!
Could you let us know what version of Avast do you have, so we can double check our detections? The backup part detects most common backup software, and thanks for pointing out the Areca detection. The tool is really intended for non-geeks so that part sounds spot on 🙂

Sorry for the delay – I got a new hard drive and Windows 7 for my birthday (show how big a geek I am). I was running Avast 5.0.462.0. I should re-run the tool now that I’m on Windows 7 with MS Security Essentials and no backup setup yet! 😮

There is something with today’s date that makes me *not* want to run this app.
I won’t harm my computer because it’s coming from you, but stilll…

Clean and Clear, my Health Check came back positive… Positive for awesomely not infected or anything otherwise!. Thanks for this awesome tool! (however I do need to fix my data backup plans)

I don’t have an antivirus softare installed on my netbook because I don’t wan’t it to slow down too much. F-Secure online check tool is perfect for my use case and I love the fact that I don’t have to install anything on my computer!

I love running the health check easy to use and fast and if i ever missed updating anything it lets me know.

That was interesting, the health check tool found updates that:
a) Weren’t found by running Firefox’s plugin check (https://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/)
b) The automatic update features that the software had didn’t notify about yet.

Great, now I have an updated version of Java and Quicktime. Although I hate quicktime offering me itunes and safari all the time.

A few of my systems were not updated (which I knew-I did not have the time yet this morning!) so that was cool. It also let me know one of my anti spyware systems was not turned on! Thanks!

It took a long time to load and run. It also reports that my computer is unprotected, because I have Spybot Search and Destroy’s resident Tea Timer turned off. That’s not my only spyware protection, and I’ve found the Tea Timer more trouble than it’s worth.

I have been using health check for a few months and I must say that I find it very user friendly and is helpful in finding updates that you I may have missed. I use this tool on my machines and on my friend’s machines. This tool also helps to make sure that they have the most up to date apps that will help ensure that their machines stay safe.

Thanks for taking the time to put together for all of us and keep up the good work.

Hi Steve, I understand your concern about Java. When we chose to use Java as part of the Health Check we looked into our statistics about vulnerabilities and we saw that a vast majority of Health Check users had a vulnerable Java version. Our thinking was that, as people already have the technology, we can use it in Health Check as it enables us to inform people if people they have a vulnerability in their Java version and advise on how to fix this issue.
All in all, technology choices are difficult ones for applications that run in the browser. We used to use ActiveX which was also far from ideal in many ways. Hopefully the future will bring something that is both user friendly and safe 🙂

I have used Health Check before and knew what to expect. I like the way results are collected in a single window. Some of my friends actively check their windows update and web browser, but forget less obvious components like Flash and Java. This tool is perfect for them.

I love running the health check But every time i got error
It Says F Secure heaalh Check is unable to start.
Error id 1004.

Sorry to hear that it didn’t work Mayur! Would you mind letting us know what browser and operating system you are using? It would help us look into the issue a bit more.

I´m glad to use Healthcheck and today I would help my father-in-law by troubleshooting his computer. I continously got the error ID 1004. He uses Windows XP and explorer 8. What is the probleme?

Good app, it reminded me to update some apps. I must say that i tried it also at computer in my office, where we are behind a firewall and a proxy, and it didn’t worked (SYN_SENT…)
Thank You very much!

If it works it’s pretty good. I keep getting an error report window, but the window is behind the pink Health Check window and I can’t close it so Health Check could continue. It would be awsome if I click update and Health Check would update everything on it’s own and I would not have to do anything.

it works but it lists spyblaster and spybot as turned off. I didn’t think they could be on? surprised it check that though which is a plus. took only 7 minutes(5 minutes on software) but there should be an option to skip software. Software is picking up old versions of java,flash while saying your new version is up to date. overall good job.

So far no progress indicator (after ca. 4 minutes) so hard to tell if the check is working or stalled. …

Still nothing after almost ten minutes.

Hi Peter, thanks for trying and submitting your comment. Sorry to hear it did not work 😦 Would you mind letting us know what browser and operating system you have? This would help us investigate the issue a bit more.

I really liked the Health check.It worked fine on my Windows 7 32bit.Gr8 online tool,i esp. liked the software update feature..i think the product is not having any kinds of bugs and it gives all the correct info regarding each and every software.

Left running all night… nothing… just the rotating “wheel.”

Running IE8 on Vista 64. Too bad. Wanted to mention this in a newspaper column.

Left running all night… nothing… just the rotating “wheel.”

Running IE8 on Vista 64. Too bad. Wanted to mention this in a newspaper column.

I would gladly use this for my mac but it doesn’t work. 😦 I hope you will see mac users as potential customers and make products for us. 🙂 (I’m beta tester for your mac protection and backup online but hope you improvise both)

The F-Secure Health Check told me:

1. Security: Software is up to date – Antivirus, Anti-Spyware & Firewall
2. Backup: Backup in use
3. Software: Sun Java & Adobe Flash Player had updates available
4. Solutions: Took care of software updates

I will definitely have you use this on occasion.

You rock! Ahem, your software, this is!
Checking worked great. Just one thing I would like to mention: A real-player update was suggested to me, yet with but an “update”-button as choice I preferred the old-fashioned way via filehippo. What do I get behind that button? Would I want to install all the gibberish that come “free” with all the most popular sites these days? – More transparency at the updating section, that would be my only suggestion for now!
Thanks again for your fine site!

Hi, I’m using Opera 10.51 on XP. Tried to run the service in Finnish, but got this message: “F-Secure Health Check on jo käynnissä. Viimeistele edellinen istunto, ennen kuin suoritat tuotteen F-Secure Health Check uudelleen.” So no go… Maybe because of Opera? But anyway, I’m FSecured so I’m safe 🙂 I have tried HealthCheck a few times during the last year or so, on different laptops with different (free) protection, and I like it. It’s good to have one gizmo that tells are you protected or not. And even makes suggestions to correct the problems. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Hi, I ran HC on W2K pc with Firefox 3.6.3. The first stage (security) kept running and running (over night)… Then I just clicked Next-button and the second stage (backup) started. So maybe the user is supposed to click Next to enter next level? I’m not sure… Why doesn’t HC just run all stages and pause to solutions page?
I got an error message (in finnish) in third stage after clicking next: ‘internet explorerin komentosarjavirhe’ virhe tämän sivun komentosarjassa. virhe “overallResultToShow’ on nolla tai ei ole objekti. haluatko suorittaa tämän sivun komentosarjat? And I clicked ‘Kyllä’. Everything seemed just fine, I got two suggestions to update.

Well, it worked fine with chrome. It even found one update to java. For some reason java hadn’t updated itself and doing update manually it said “you’re using the latest v..” Weird. For the advanced users it’s not such helpful, but kinda good software anyway.

lol kaspersky internet security 2010 detects it as a key logger 1039 pid .and it gives a very fine red warning not to run it .it maybe a keylogger lol . im using windows 7 ,internet explorer 8 . i have not updated my office 2007 but it shows no vunerability in it . whereas kaspersky clearly states the vunerability .no offense but is your porduct in beta stage? if yes, then its okay . its fine with me:P.

Thanks for your comments and for trying out Health Check. It sounds to me like you experienced a false positive on the Kaspersky end which comes as a surprise to us. There are instructions on how to report a false positive to Kaspersky here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=13881

We significantly simplified the latest version of Health Check (so no, it is not a beta, Health Check has been around for 2+ years :)) which is the reason for the Office detection issue that you mention. We received a lot of feedback from our users about Health Check giving an overwhelming amount of results, so we decided to pick 9 things that users should at the very least keep updated to stay safe. For this we focused on browser-related software because we know that browsing and looking at content online is the most common way of getting infected.

Great job, still some problem

1) Trying to update Apple Quick Time 7
404: Page Not Found!!
The specific link you requested cannot be found. Please visit the vendor’s website for more details.

2) install_flash_player_ax.exe completed successfully but Adobe Flash Player 10.x ActiveX still showed as not up to date

I tried running your health check and got to the software section. The process then stopped and showed error id. #2000 – engine or data base is corrupted. Please advise what this means and how do I solve this problem? Thank you.

Larry Hannah

I run health check. Every time i’ve got error 1004 and unable to start. It loads 100 % but could not run.

Windows XP Professional SP3 / IE 8.0 / Firefox 3.6 / Pentium 4 / 1.8 GHz Processor / 384 MB RAM

A few of my systems were not updated (which I knew-I did not have the time yet this morning!) so that was cool. It also let me know one of my anti spyware systems was not turned on! Thanks!

1. Security:
Antivirus, – Not Found
Anti-Spyware & Firewall Up to Date
2. Backup: Not Found
3. Software: Sun Java & Adobe Flash Player had updates available
4. Solutions: Took care of software updates

I will definitely have you use this on occasion.

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