You know you should, but have you?

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Backed up?

You know when you go on holiday and take about 450 photos? And then you download them from your camera onto your computer hard drive? Do you ever stop to think about what would happen to all those photos if your computer breaks down?

Or are you like some older relatives of mine? They keep buying new memory cards for the camera and haven’t even figured out how to download their pictures onto the computer.

We’ve all heard the horror stories: A house warming party where someone spilled wine on the laptop and a rocking (and rather expensive) music collection was lost. Or the school project that accidentally got deleted. You can even fall victim to a ransom trojan which takes your data hostage and demands that you pay a fee to get them back.

This is why we all should be making backups. There are various ways of doing this: you can use an external hard drive, or in the case of photos, you can go old school and take paper prints. But an easy and safe way is to use an automatic, online backup service such as F-Secure Online Backup.

Now we would like to know whether you back up and if so, how you do it. Please take a moment to answer our poll.

And happy backing up! It really is a relevant addition to your home or travel insurance: they can replace your computer but not your personal photos.



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It might be useful to consider how many backups to take/keep in case the backup medium/facility fails. For example using 3 USB flash memory sticks in sequence, so there is a high probability of more than one recent backup to use, even if it is not the most recent. Then there is the issue of where the backups are stored in relation to the computer. All in all not a trivial subject.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right.

I don’t want to sound too marketingy here, but that’s exactly the reason why an online backup service can be a good idea. You don’t have to worry about where you store your USB sticks or how many of them you should have. All your important content is backed up online and the service provider is in charge of keeping it safe for you. If something happens to your computer, then you simply get a new one and download the content back onto your new machine.


Hi Hetta

I don’t want to sound too technical; however, with any internet based storage, another thing to consider is whether any, hopefully reassuring, disaster recovery plan is in place should the storage system suffer a partial or total failure (disk head crash or equipment room fire).

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