Where is my phone?

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Now, which of the following has happened to you (and be honest):

  • You’ve left your mobile phone in a taxi or other public place
  • Your mobile ‘disappeared’ during a big night out
  • You’ve texted your ex when you were in a vulnerable state and regretted it the next day

Of our Safe and Savvy bloggers

  • 50% have forgotten our mobiles in a taxi or other public place
  • 70% have texted and regretted

Granted, an application is not yet available which would stop you from texting when you are in a vulnerable state. Nokia or Apple have yet to develop, for example, a phone alcometer which would lock your keypad if you’ve had a few too many drinks…

But our dependency on mobile phones, or smartphones as they’re called if they have web access, is quite all-encompassing. I know I feel like I’ve left a limb behind if I forget mine at home. We dress it up with little bangles and even sleep next to them more often than our significant others.

The reason for the dependency? Smartphones have become little computers and often contain much more important and personal information than our laptops. Think about all the stuff you have on your phone: all your contacts which, depending on your line of business, can be extremely valuable, photos, text messages that you can’t bear to part with, even your e-mail.

A recent study in the UK showed that over 200 mobile phones are reported stolen every hour. In Australia we found that more men (39% – were we really surprised?) have lost their phone compared to 26% of women. The age group 18 – 24 were the most likely to have experienced loss or theft with 51% (again – were we surprised) and the majority of incidents happened in a taxi or public transport (28%), followed by holidays (18%) and pubs/bars (13%).

So what are you doing to keep your phone safe?

Calling off,


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Thanks Martín!

There are a lot of different apps available to keep phones safe and I think it’s definitely worthwhile using them.

We’re in Nokia country here and we don’t currently have a solution for Blackberry, but we have F-Secure Mobile Security and Anti-Theft for the Symbian, Windows and Android platforms. We realized this spring when we were preparing for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that we’ve actually been making security for mobile phones for 10 years already! We must be among the first in that business.


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