My irreplaceables

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A lot has been going on lately both in my professional and private life. All of these things have provided me the opportunity to enjoy some unique, once-in-a-lifetime moments that I’ll never experience again.

Some moments, though, are not so delightful. But the difficult times teach me the most about myself. I learn how I ended up in the situation and how I can cope with it the next time I end up there. Somehow, my challenges always seem to walk hand-in-hand with my top priorities, forcing me to figure out what really is irreplaceable for me.

So what are the most valuable things that I would (or should!) protect?

Here’s my top 5 list:

This can never be replaced. Yet, how much do I appreciate it when I’m healthy?

Family and friends
Those who support you through the rough times and are happy for you succeed.

Once you use it, you can never have it back. What are you doing with your time?

My integrity
It’s about my own space mentally and physically.

Nobody can take them away from me.

Realizing how important these things are, I started thinking about how they relate to my online life:

Having my laptop secured at all times keeps me healthy online. I take every step I can to prevent infections on the Internet. Why would I risk anything? Unfortunately there is no protection for not getting infected in real life, but at least there is insurance to help me get well.

Family and friends
I have them online and I have them offline. Mostly they are the same people. Connecting online gives me an easier and more detailed way to stay connected. It’s nice to know what the people I love are up to through social media. I’m also forced to consider with whom I trust to share my online life.

I do not want my life to become consumed with techie stuff. Having to build up everything from scratch (computer crashes; you get a virus; you have to renew your accounts online due to scam; your credit card gets misused) is not an option. Making sure that I am safe at all time online is crucial. This is why I have to back up my hard drive. If my computer does crash, I can easily just mirror everything I had on to a new drive.

My integrity
I would hate to see my accounts hacked or my private information exposed to the world.  Browsing protection helps me to chose which sites I can safely surf around on.

All those digital photos! All those logs! All those SMS messages from my phone! I might be a bit like an old lady, but the warm feeling I get inside when I return to look at these digital jewels is priceless.  If I can just keep them, I wouldn’t mind losing a few memories on the way to the rocking chair.

How about you? What are the irreplaceable things are you carrying around both physically and digitally? How well do you protect yourself online?


CC image credit:  Tetsumo

Tetsumo Pro User


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