If I found Paris Hilton’s phone…

Security & Privacy

A while back I blogged about losing your mobile phone and how half the Safe and Savvy bloggers had left theirs on board public transport, for instance. I think we all agree that losing your phone is really, really annoying and in some cases it can be downright catastrophic.

The iPhone-prototype-found-in-a-bar case is rather extreme, and not too many of us will come across prototypes of new phones. To be honest, even if I were handed a yet unreleased Nokia model in a Helsinki bar I might not recognize it for what it was.

But what about if you found the phone of a celebrity? The odds of that happening are at least marginally higher. What would you do? Would you respect Paris Hilton’s privacy and return the phone immediately to her assistant? Or would you be tempted to take just a little peek inside? Just in case she had Orlando Bloom’s number in there…

Take our quick poll and let us know what you would do if you came in contact with a celebrity’s phone. And please share if you have actually held one!

Happy hunting!


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well how should i know that it is miss Hilton’s phone without looking at some text messages, photos or contacts ….
poorly conceived question

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