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Security & Privacy

Recently I’ve been talking quite a lot about the horror of losing your phone. We also did a little survey on what people would do if they found a celebrity’s phone, in this case, Paris Hilton’s.

It would appear that for almost half of our respondents the temptation would be too great and they would take a peek at the contents before returning the phone to its owner. Just under 40% would give the phone back to Paris immediately. As a particular credit to our readers, only about 1 in 10 would call the media and hand over Paris’s  personal texts and pictures to a tabloid.

However, Paris wouldn’t have had to rely on the discretion of strangers at all if she had our FREE Anti-Theft solution installed. 🙂

Our Anti-Theft for mobile phones is now available for free from our own website as well as through the Nokia Ovi store.

With the Anti-Theft we offer four innovative ways to protect your private data.
1) You can lock your smartphone from anywhere.
2) You can remote locate your lost phone and see it on a map.
3) The theft control feature activates as soon as your SIM card replaced, immediately locking the device and informing you of the new number.
4) You can even wipe your phone clean with one SMS.

To celebrate our Free Anti-Theft we decided to set up a little sweepstakes. Starting 15 June 15 phones will be lost over 15 days in various locations around world. We’ll be posting videos hinting at the locations on our YouTube channel. If you figure out what the locations is, you can enter our sweepstakes and win a new phone!

So go ahead and install the Anti-Theft (works on Symbian, Windows and Android smartphones) and you’ll never have to worry about someone finding your phone and reading that particularly personal text from your loved one again!

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