Do you share your home computer with others?


Between my husband and I we have 2 home computers, one PC and one Mac. We share both of these computers. It turns out, we are pretty much the average household 🙂

According to a resent study we made here at F-Secure, households usually have roughly 2 computers. Many households however have more than 2 people. This left us with some interesting questions.

Do multiple people using the same computer with same account create interesting and potentially problematic privacy issues?

For example, are you comfortable with other users being able to see your browsing history and all your files on a shared computer? Might this lead to problems among family members? Do guests use your computers? Do they use your account?

We would like to know how you have set up your home computers and accounts. Please take a few minutes to contribute to the topic by filling in our survey.

To show our appreciation, everyone who completes the survey will be entered to win 1 of 5 F-Secure Online Backup 1-year licenses to protect your irreplaceable content.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey and congratulations to our winners:   joesmimi,  kweeny,  ub.bataar,  johnpanagiot and poitter_point.

CC image credit: rocksee


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What a wonderful chance to have this. Thank you for the offer and I am filling the survey now. Hugs to all. Tylicia

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