Football’s coming home… getting ready for the FIFA World Cup 2010

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No other sport thrills billions of fans around the globe like football, soccer, Fuβball or whatever you want to call the game. In a few hours, the FIFA World Cup 2010 begins and South Africa kicks off against Mexico in Johannesburg. I’m sooooo excited!

World Cup Dessert
World Cup Dessert

Only 7 countries have ever won the World Cup and Germany scores 3rd behind Brazil and Italy on the all-time ranking list. It’s no surprise that Germans are crazy about football and so am I. The closer the 11th of June came, the more stress I felt about getting myself ready for the biggest and most-watched sports event on the planet. My car needed to be pimped with flags and stickers, meetings had to be shuffled around the schedule of the matches, parties had to be organized, babysitters booked, football shirts washed, etc.

If you haven’t had much time for your preparations either, here are my top 5 tips for the most useful tools to fully enjoy the World Cup:

  1. Time management is key: If you don’t want to mess up your calendar with the whole World Cup schedule, just search for ‘world cup’ and Google immediately shows you a handy overview of all the matches. It’s a great service! Another must-have tool to organize your private viewing party can be found here. You can choose which games you will host, send invitations to friends and they can confirm which party they want to attend. Fabulous!
  2. I love public viewing parties. These are advertised in every city and you will unavoidably bump into one, at least if you are anywhere else in the world than possibly the US or Canada. The chances of losing your mobile phone in the partying crowd are quite high, especially if you go wild when the team you are cheering for wins. But don’t worry: get our free Anti-Theft and you can easily locate your lost phone.
  3. Analog is out: Blow your own Vuvuzela on your mobile phone! A Vuvuzela is a long plastic horn which makes a deafening sound and is very popular in South Africa. You can find an app in Nokia’s Ovi store, on iTunes and also an app for Android.
  4. Show who you support and get a ribbon on your Facebook profile picture.
  5. To safely enjoy all the tools and services available for the World Cup 2010 on the Internet, be savvy: Use our free F-Secure Health Check or Online Scanner to check if your computer is secure and better let Browsing Protection check all links you are tempted to click on.

Cheering on,

P.S.: Want to let us know which team you are cheering for?  Take our F-Secure Labs’ poll.


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