Do you also suffer from a 100% phone loss rate?

Security & Privacy

Our recent survey showed that 44% of Finns have lost their phones. When talking about my family, the number is 100%.

I have used our Anti-Theft’s remote lock and locate features several times already. Once, when I returned to home from the office I noticed that my phone was missing (again). Where is it? Is it in the car, somewhere at home or did I leave it at the office? I always get a little upset when searching for my lost things.

The Nokia X6

However, this time I didn’t need to get frustrated, because the lost item was my phone. I borrowed my wife’s phone and sent #locate# command (with my personal code) to it to find it. My phone showed me the location (as it has Anti-Theft installed) and on a map I could see that it was at our HQ in Ruoholahti – so no worries. I could get it the next day when I went back to work. But I still decided to send the #lock# command to be sure that nobody could use it during the night.

Now in February I was at rock concert in Helsinki. Late at night, once I’d got back at home, I noticed (for a change) that my phone was not where it should have been. I did the #locate# trick again and saw that it was somewhere in my house. I decided to look for it under the sofa the next day as it was way past my bedtime.

I mentioned at the beginning that the phone loss rate in my family is 100% but so far I’ve only told you about the times I lost my phone. Next time I’ll tell you about a recent shopping trip with my wife. Guess who lost their phone that time?  And it wasn’t the first (or, I suspect, last) time for her either.


PS. If your family is like mine, you may certainly need one or more new phones. We kicked off our phone hunt sweepstakes today at This is your chance to win a cool new Nokia smartphone for yourself or a member of your family! We’re giving away 15 phones over 15 days and all you need to do is figure out from a video where the phone was lost to enter.



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