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The Phone Hunt is over, but hopefully you all have free Anti-Theft for Mobile on your phone to remind you of the good times.

We lost 15 phones all over the world (in 15 of the 16 countries where F-Secure has offices, as a few wise Phone Hunters figured out). The clues were viewed nearly 9,000 times, and our winners came from all over the globe: Finland, Indonesia, Romania, Germany, Philippines, Poland, the USA, the UK, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France.

As the FIFA World Cup hits the quarterfinals, we found this giveaway to be a small celebration of what people everywhere have in common: We all love competing (and we all hate losing our phones!).

We got some great recommendations from you Hunters. Some of you wanted harder locations. Some wanted it to be easier, of course. There was a suggestion that we take your video submissions for the next Phone Hunt, which would be a lot of fun. We’ll definitely keep your ideas in mind as we plan more fun activities.

If you want enhanced protection for your phone, you can always try out entire Mobile Security suite, free for 7 days. It includes Browsing Protection to protect you from scams and malware, while making your financial transactions safer than ever. And it includes Anti-Theft as well for total mobile protection.

Of course, we hope you’ll only enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having Anti-Theft on your phone without having to actually use the features. But if you do lose possession of your phone and use Anti-Theft to recover it or protect your data, we want to know.  Post a comment here, or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks again for playing along,

P.S. This will be my last post for a while as I am going on maternity leave. And don’t worry, the baby already has a mobile phone. F-Secure, I’m sure, will soon start developing Anti-Theft for the Brio platform as well. 😉


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