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Security & Privacy

In my last post I raised the issue of cyberstalking. Even if the situation is somewhat difficult from the legal perspective, the Finnish police, for instance, is doing a magnificent job in making its presence know in social media.

On Facebook they are being active on their own page, talking about their regular activities, participating and getting a  discussion started. They are also present on a Finnish web service, IRC-galleria, a web service where especially youngsters upload pictures and comment on them. Three brave police officers have created profiles to help out those who might have been bullied and and in general to be available for those in need of advice. I think this is a great approach and example on how authorities can provide help and reach out to us in the places where we actually go.

However, there are things you can do to make sure you don’t even need to contact the police. Here are my tips for dos and don’ts for Facebook.

1. Never ever insult anybody in your status update, on your wall or any other posts. This is what could happen to you. In the worst case, you might end up in a lawsuit for offending someone.

2. When posting photos, always, ALWAYS, check it is ok for the persons in the picture. You wouldn’t want your friend, or even worse, you yourself ending up on a after a hilarious bar night out with friends.

3. Everything you publish on Facebook, every status update, every wall post, every like, every group you join, will be logged and remembered in the future. So think twice – what do you want people to know about you in 20 years. And think twice about which people you want to have as your friends.

4. Be sure to protect your privacy. Read more on how in Jason’s blogpost.


Image by César  Astudillo


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