Protecting your data is as easy as making a call

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For a long time, I had an old, basic mobile phone, good for the occasional call or text message. There was no software available for backing up my phone on my PC, and I would write all my contact numbers in a physical address book in case I ever lost my phone.

Now I have a smartphone and I am still adjusting to it. It is my calendar, my notebook, my dictaphone, my camera and I even use it for making the occasional call. It seems like smartphones have replaced at least 15 different devices.

I have it backed up. However, I don’t explore its features the way I would if I were placed in front of a personal computer. I’ve been holding back.

I hate to say it, but I even held back with exploring my F-Secure security settings. I’ve been an exploratory computer user for years, poking around just to ‘see what happens’ and trusting that no serious or irreversible side-effects will occur. Yet with my phone I  held back until a few weeks ago when, in anticipation of our new and improved Mobile Security offering, which is now available for Android, I finally took the time to explore the settings.

I’d known my firewall and anti-virus updates were up and running, which is another reason why exploring had not been so urgent for me. What I had not activated were the anti-theft settings. The best bit! Phones get lost, damaged and stolen far more often than they suffer virus attacks right now. In the future this is bound to change, but for now I think it’s a good idea to ensure you have your anti-theft settings in place.

I opened the anti-theft settings in my own phone and looked at the screen telling me about the locking and wiping functions. The idea was simple, great even. All I had to do was read a few lines of explanation to find that my phone would only lock if I sent a special text message, and I could even wipe the SIM card if I knew for sure that it had been stolen. There was no default pass code to look up in a manual, I could set it myself first time and give it a pass code that no-one could guess but me.

I enabled the Anti-Theft on my mobile phone in no time at all and it was easy.

F-Secure Anti-Theft also has a “Locate” feature. If I ever lose my phone I know exactly what to do to find it: I just text #locate#<and my pass code here> to my own number.

I’m so keen to try it that I might have to hide my phone somewhere and test it out.


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