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We really want to know what you think of our preview version of F-Secure Internet Security 2011. That’s why we’re inviting you try this beta version of latest and greatest security suite for free.

SORRY. THE BETA PROGRAM IS CLOSED. But you can still try F-Secure for free.

And if 6 months of total protection for your PC isn’t enough, we have more.

Introducing the Beta Challenge

After you try out our 2011 beta, we hope you’ll come back and tell us what you think with a comment on this post. When you do, you’ll be entered for your chance to win an iPod touch 8GB for you and an F-Secure Security Bundle of Internet Security and Online Backup for you and 2 friends.

We’ll also recognize those people who go above and beyond with detailed commentary, screenshots or videos of the beta in action with licenses to F-Secure products.

Can’t run F-Secure Internet Security 2011 on your computer? You can still enter. Just comment on this page and tell us what you’re looking for in Internet security.

So let your friends know that they can get free security and a chance to win. The Beta Challenge ends on August 16, 2010.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winner, Lauri.



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I’ve been using F-Secure Internet Security 2011 beta for some time now and think its a great product (and I’ve tried a few!).

Perhaps one of the best features in my opinion is the fact that it blends seamlessly into the background – after the initial install and setup you would hardly know it was there, despite the fact that it is keeping itself updated and protecting you all of the time.

The interface is simple and uncluttered and just like the 2010 version of the product so upgraders will feel right at home.

There are a large number of features within Internet Security 2011 and almost all of them work well.

I’ve had no problems with the antivirus, firewall, Deep Guard or email filtering.

The only one small issue I have spotted, which is the same for the 2010 version I have installed on another machine, is that the Browser Protection sometimes gives false positives on some very well known and trusted sites I visit.

Overall, however, F-Secure Internet Security 2011 is a great product and at a price of $FREE for 6 months you really can’t go wrong!

I have used it for a couple of weeks, but unfortunately I found it does slows down my Windows 7 PC quite significantly. While it’s a good idea to let user having control over which applications to run or not, but I personally found it is just too much interruption from the software (I know it can be disabled by turning the DeepGuard off if not mistaken), but it will be better if F-Secure has a list of safe applications which will not ask for user actions. Also, it seems to lag my PC (high CPU usage) when I am using it with Rainmeter. It blocks some of the applications which are safe and doesn’t allow me to ‘allow’ it to run, which of course, frustrated me a little bit.

Other than that, it seems relatively fine in term of protections. Interface is nice and simple. Functions are top-notch. Although IMO start-up time can be optimized, may be try to make it <10 seconds.

Of course, it just a beta and it gave a user half year free protection, so nothing to complain here. Just giving my opinion on the product and hope it turns out to be better one when it is on retail sales. And of course, I wouldn't mind have a iPod Touch or the F-Secure bundle as a gift.

Thanks for the open beta and thanks for the Beta Challenge.

After reading Jyri post, I agree that a gaming/silent mode is needed. Many gamers (including me) have been looking into more security issues in their gaming rigs, so the mentioned mode is a must have. Scanning and pop-up while gaming is a pain.

Since it is the last day, I would like to add another possible improvement that can be done – the installation simplicity and time taken. Not sure other but I would prefer an installation that only requires a click or two to proceed with the installation and it will start running right after the installation. And try to minimize the file size and compression to achieve fast installation. Sorry but I would like to give one example that did this quite well – Norton IS 2010.

If F-Secure IS is able to improve based on our suggestions, I believe it will be a hit on the Internet Security market. And would like to thank F-Secure for offering Mobile phone Anti-Theft program for free, handy and nice. Thank you!

it slows down my pc:(…but it s very cool because it have 6 months for free

sorry for my bad english

I teach a penetration testing class. When I started doing that (about 5 years ago) I was using a competitor’s product. At the end of the first day, my machine was a mess. Some student got past my defenses and changed things like wallpaper, pointers, etc (nothing damaging, but very embarrassing).

I switched to F-secure and configured the firewall. At the time, F-Secure had the only configurable personal firewall that I could find. I’ve been using it since.

I just got the 2011 beta, along with PC-Booster. It’s great. My machine boots faster and runs better than I imagined possible.

I also follow the blog and, now, twitter. The great stuff I find there is amazing.

I tried the beta version and i must say it`s a good step forward. My system “runs” better than with other security options. Easy and simple to use for everyone, this means that you guys are trying to offer us the best you can. Thanks for this beta, it really is better than what i`ve used before, thanks for trying to exceed our expectations in matter of security!

I’m hoping for a gaming mode in the 2011. Sucks how ie. a firewall windows pops right at your face when you’re on full screen and the game halts, some times even the Windows halts. That would be my entry for the compo.

IS2011 Beta + PC Booster is a killer combination. My PC’s running so smoothly. Worth mentioning that IS uses less memory than my previous security setup (Avast 5 + ZoneAlarm Free + ThreatFire).

Well, I’d try it, but I doubt it would run on a Mac.

Enter me anyway, okay?

Thanks for sharing,I’ve been using F-Secure Internet Security 2011 beta for some time now and think its a great product.Looking forward to the official version

I love the product, and I want my computer protected. The only thing I wish was that it didn’t make my computer run slower, however, for as good of a product as it is I can look past that.

I am completely satisfied with my current security, but thanks for the offer.

As far as what I would like to see, a product that is completely seamless and invisible. the only time I want to see it is when it is saving my bacon… not when I open a program or turn around or bat an eye. I nixed UAC as soon as installed Win7, just like I did Vista, as I am a competent adult who knows how to protect my computer; I don’t need a nanny or thug watching over my shoulder second guessing me.

A gaming mode was mentioned by others. If the product is operating the way i described there would not be a need for a gaming mode. If a security package can’t tell the difference between a game and malware, or can’t stay out of the way while I am gaming, I don’t need it. The same goes for resources… it a security package can’t exist in the background and eave my resources available for my own use I don’t need it.

Even people who know nothing about security will disable or uninstall a security product if it is intrusive or bugs them too much. It would be wise to keep this in mind.

I have used other products for one of my computer, but i am going to download this F-Secure Internet Security 2011 and use it. I have been using company products of F-Secure from the beginning and been satisfied of F-Secure products and that security what i have. You have to update your products all the time to have good security use internet and that is most important part of good security.

Many before me have already said it, but there is a requirement for a sort of “I’m gaming, be quiet” mode. For example if you’d try to play Age of Empires III multiplayer the game will lock up until you tell f-secure it may connect to the internet, but often the game doesn’t handle minimizing well at that point, so it is impossible to click the f-secure alert, that is VERY annoying.

Maybe some sort of cloud service would be interesting, where trusted exe markings can be shared, especially game exe files. (based on hashes to make sure infected exe files are not started of course).

That is the main issue I’m still having with IS2011, most of my previous issues with f-secure IS were already solved in previous releases 😉

I have used other products for one of my computer, but i am going to download this F-Secure Internet Security 2011 and use it. I have been using company products of F-Secure from the beginning and been satisfied of F-Secure products and that security what i have. You have to update your products all the time to have good security use internet and that is most important part of good security.

I have tried F-Secure Internet Security 2011 beta for 2 weeks ago. When begin the install it The first time I tried it asks to install parental controls for kids or teenagers. This is very helpful because I have a nephew aged 13 years old and I’m not worried if she was surfing using my computer. After that its asked for a direct install its updates finished for 15 minutes because I use dial up connection.
Before using this FSecure Internet Security 2011I had a problem when reading a message at my Gmail, All the existing browsers almost crash & restart when I read my Gmail but now it never happen again. Thanks Fsecure!
Finally I am satisfied using this security cause it run smoothly & powerfull.
Appologize for my weak English, I am from Indonesia.

With the age of the personal computer upon us, we must be constantly monitoring the activity of children on the Internet. The World Wide Web is filled with an abundance of unsafe sites that children certainly should not have access to. It is rather unfortunate that many parents simply do not have the knowledge about computers with which to implement proper security systems that restrict the Internet content available for the viewing of young children. In not knowing how to restrict the websites that young children can view, parents can be unintentionally putting their kids in harms way.

There are thousands and thousands of predatory adults lurking around in chat rooms and as such children can easily become entangled with some such adverse character. Laws have actually been established suggesting that a lack of restriction, if done knowingly, could result in fines and/or imprisonment. Thus not only is it important to understand the potential threats on the internet and know how to combat these threats for your children’s sake, it is equally as important for your sake. Along with the treats posed by chat rooms the Internet contains a plethora of other offensive materials that, under no circumstances, should be approved for viewing by young children.

Restricting the content is actually a relatively simple task to accomplish. Having some background knowledge with computers will certainly make the process a much more efficient one though. Basically there are a number of ways to go about monitoring and restricting the content available on the Internet and the more direct of which involves consulting and manually adjusting the level of security via the internet options accessed through a web browser. There you will be presented with a number of options to choose from and the process is clearly outlined. The alternative method involves consulting the settings inside the main hard disk drive and it follows in much the same manner as the previous technique.

As a mom, with a minimal knowledge of the tech world, I wanted to have an internet security for my kids that is safe, secured and most importantly, user friendly. I think, basing on tech reviews, F-Secure would do just that!

Thank you and more power!

I don´t know about 2011 v but in internet security 2010 if you have multiple browsers and detect connections and use http proxy server I don´t have any updates automatically even though I was chosen that box..

Windows 7 Ultimate

I’ve run F-Secure for a while now, and it’s working really great. It has caught a lot of the new malware from the web. The browsing protection is also a good idea, and has worked well(at least in combination with mozilla’s blocklist). However, it does sadly not support google chrome. Your firewall is also excellent, since it didn’t ask about a lot of questions, it automatically allowed well known programs.

It does really need a gaming mode though! Even free software like Avast! has a gaming mode these days. And also when running the pc booster, it deleted some frequently used shortcuts, when it was supposed to delete old ones.

Other than that, I’m really happy with this product! 🙂

I’d never used F-Secure before testing out the beta. It’s surprisingly stable for a beta product and the scan speed and interface are excellent, but I have a couple issues with it-

1. I agree that it needs a silent/gaming mode (something that allows the user to select an automatic option to suppress popups while in a fullscreen app would be awesome).
2. From a future product standpoint (as I bet you’ve frozen features on 2011 since it’s already in beta) I think you should leverage your cloud to suppress firewall popups for known applications. It drives me batty that the product feels the need to ask me about a lot of signed/trusted applications.
3. Also, it didn’t generate or ask me where I’m using my PC so it just sort of assumed I was on a public network (I wasn’t) and I had to manually trust my subnet, since there wasn’t a way that I saw to add a rule to trust a network or subnet automatically. Because of this behavior, I was unable to use windows file sharing until I manually configured a rule. It’s entirely possible that I missed this.
4.The memory usage of the scan manager process is a little crazy (it was eating 80-90MB at idle)- when you take into consideration the recent push into “low footprint solutions”, F-Secure IS 2011 isn’t in that realm really. I don’t think the memory footprint is terribly significant vs. the quantity of memory in modern PCs, but it’s still gonna be a turn-off to lots of people. Also related to this is the number of processes invoked by IS 2011. Again, it’s not a huge issue, but tons of people would be turned off by the number of processes they see related to their AV suite.

There are a few things I need in a security suite. Firstly, I need easy security software. I don’t want spend an hour on figuring out how to give a program internet access, like I need for Kaspersky. Secondly, I don’t want security software which slows down my computer, like Norton and McAfee do. Finally, I want software that stops all malware and doesn’t stop safe stuff. F-Secureis in the top five on the AV-test of March 2010, so that’s why I would choose F-Secure.

There are a few things I would say to you, developers of F-Secure. Keep the software simple, but also keep it advanced. I like a simple user interface, but I like also advanced functions. Intergrate the software with Windows as much as posible, since Windows is the place which consumers trust and understand. And, last but not least, find out how F-Secury can distinguish itself from the other security suites. Norton has its online back up, McAfee has its SiteAdvisor, what makes F-Secure unique? You need to find a specific thing, which impresses people. Maybe a special function for gamers? Or the perfect prevention for losing Microsoft Office files? (e.g. when you ‘open’ a .doc-file via Hotmail, you hit the save button, but you can’t find it back because it is opened (and saved) in a temporary directory) Or maybe a software part that helps comsumers with recovering lost photo’s on a photocamera, and find back documents that you deleted accidentally.

Thanks for creating this amazing software,
Wietze from The Netherlands

Would appreciate you sending me a free trial for 180 days. It would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Andy Knox

What I want in internet security is something strong, that runs in the background without slowing my system down. It would have automatic updates, when I am not using my laptop actively. Also some great trojan and malware protection would be nice. One thing I strongly dislike about my current virus protection is that it constantly flashes that I have something to ‘fix’, which always turns out to be that they want me to purchase online data back up from them. That makes me angry and I feel like it’s a scam itself!
I have heard great things about F-Secure, and when my current AV runs out, I would definately think about getting it!

Thanks for sharing, I have been using F-Secure Internet Security 2011 beta! It is the best product for internet security! 🙂

Today, the use of internet is getting more and more popular. Not only is the internet a great tool for communication, but it is also a tool where you can purchase goods and services right in the comforts of your own home. By just opening an online credit card account, you will be able to purchase anything you want over the internet.

However, there is a kind of software that can invade your computer and steal your personal information. This information will be recorded and sent to the spyware developer somewhere in the world and use this information to commit identity theft.

In order to prevent this, you have to purchase a kind of software that will be able to protect your computer against malicious software circulating around the internet today. Viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious software can be very dangerous.

To be honest, I know little about F-Secure Internet Security. So by the end of the week (come expiration of my current antivirus), I wanna try the preview version and let you guys know what it has done for me. I hope I can sleep more comfortably with the thought of having security for my personal computer.

I was able to successfully downloaded the preview version of F-Secure Internet Security 2011 Beta. First of all, I would like to thank you guys for giving me a free 6 month protection because I really need it now. Secondly, I’ve always wanted to have a secured internet protection for my personal computer and based on reviews I would say F-Secure could do just that (hopefully). I will be back and comment on this post after trying the free beta. Thanks to y’all! =)

Hello and greetings to every person who work’s for developing and providing the technical support for F-Secure.

I would like to thank’s for the entire team who have invented a new Interenet security based on the competition. This product is abosulotely smooth running for Operating Systems such as Windows XP, server, Vista and Windows 7.

Lastly, as per the company policy I will try 2011 beta F-Secure and let you updated.

Thans& Regards

MIr Wajid Ali Khan (Works in Hewlett Packard) as a Technical support.

Its work great in my computer (Celeron 2,2 Ghz, 1 GB RAM PC 3200), but it lacks offline update, because my connection is volume limited, so its costly for me to have online update. (almost 60 MB, and it is not finished yet).

I would like to thank F-Secure for a free security software that can help us protect our computer without breaking our bank (but just for six months though). There are new viruses, worms, spyware, phishing attacks, Trojans, and other threats discovered every day. We need tools to help us monitor and protect our computer and our network without emptying our wallet (if you win here! ^_^). Setting that aside, I have downloaded F-Secure Internet Security 2011 earlier this morning and will test it for three days (sorry time is very much limited). My expectations of an internet security should be at least meet or better surpassed otherwise there’s no point of using it for the next months. I’m really serious here and I want to give the right feedback so F-Secure can also improve their services (that’s only if I see significant downsides). Once again, thank you!

Today’s online threats have evolved in different ways and I need comprehensive security suites to fight against them. It should feature all the tools you need to fully protect your system: antivirus software, personal firewall, anti-spam filter, identity protection, backup copies and a shield against vulnerabilities. Should also be light on resources and keeps you safe without interrupting your daily work flow.

Better support for Chrome would be nice. If Chrome auto-updates itself while you’re loading several pages, you’ll get a separate prompt for every process, even if they’re all using the same binary.

I have successfully downloaded F-Secure Internet Security 2011 Beta. I just love the whole experience. When I first tried it last night I really thought ’twas as complex as my previous IS. But to my surprise, the F-S IS is a user-friendly application. And the most exciting part with this program is you can choose between a parent and a child browsing mode in a breeze! Fantastic! Thank you so much F-Secure!

Please feel free to check screen shots of my installation. Here’s the link:

For those who haven’t tried it please do ‘coz this thing really is awesome! ^_^

Having just purchased a 24 months / 3 PC F-Secure licence I think I’ll give the 6-month beta trial a miss, thanks.

The thing I like most about the 2010 build (and previous builds) is the easily configurable Parental Protection, which comes in useful on my 2 XP machines, but not so much on my Vista machine. Parental Protection would be better if it could be made User Specific, but that’s a minor gripe.

I work for an engineering multi-national and we have F-Secure on our work PCs – that’s enough of a recommendation for me 🙂

Me again … the other issue I have with F-S 2010 is that the scheduled scan doesn’t seem to work if you select the “After computer is not used for 5 minutes” option – it never gets triggered, even with no other programs running. I’ve noticed this on both my Vista and XP machines 😦

Scheduling at a fixed time works fine.

Hope this gets fixed in F-S 2011 …

Hello and greetings to every person who work’s for developing and providing the technical support for F-Secure.

I would like to thank’s for the entire team who have invented a new Interenet security based on the competition. This product is abosulotely smooth running for Operating Systems such as Windows XP, server, Vista and Windows 7.

Lastly, as per the company policy I will try 2011 beta F-Secure and let you updated.

Thans& Regards

MIr Wajid Ali Khan (Works in Hewlett Packard) as a Technical support.

I like that you are doing market research and asking what people want in Internet Security. What is important to me is software that is easy to install and runs in the background quietly. I am not interested in Parental Controls, like some other parents might be. I beleive in watching what my children do on the Internet, and in trusting my kids. But I can see how some other people might want it in their anti virus software.
Most of all, make the install easy, have it run in the background quietly and smoothly with my computer. Have your software protect me from virus, malware, and all other threats, even spam if possible. Make it low cost, with discounts if I order extra copies for the rest of my family’s computers. Have the software help me make backup’s of my important files to my external backup drive (even if I don’t want to pay extra for online space.)

Thank you for this oppurtunity to tell you my opinion.

Me and my wife downloaded the free internet security. I’m so happy to tell y’all that we like it so much I wish we had a free subscription for life *laughs*. It was easy to use and does really protect your PC. I can tell that even on my email they do check. Awesome!

I’m not a techie guy but what seems to be a simple installation and a not-so-complicated program turned to be a fulfilling day for me and my wife. Much more that it is free!

I have few questions though, does the program auto-update itself and does it expire on the stated date without any grace period? Please refer to this image:

Thank you F-Secure! You made our day!

Security online is more important today than ever and will continue to be a part of our lives as long as we have a presence online. The weakest link in our defense against malware and various threats is the human factor. Knowledge is the strongest tool that can be used to thart attacks and keep our data and personal information safe. All of the security software and firewalls in the world can’t protect you if you click the “Click here to install our free software” button. Complimenting a strong security suite with knowledge is what needs to be done in order to keep the scammers and attackers at bay. Nonetheless, F-Secure IS 2011 Beta is an exemption, you see it has a simplified approach yet packed with necessary solutions.

I love F-Secure’s simplified approach but the program runs my computer slower. That wasn’t my case with Avira and McAfee. And when I do a full scan it just makes my PC a lot much slower.

We have a lot of cyber security worries with our family. We worry that something we download that seems fine, will end up costing us major $$ in trying to fix it. We worry about our kids getting onto the wrong site and meeting the wrong person. While we take a LOT of precautions, we feel the best way to fight these threats, is to arm yourselves with as much knowledge and info as possible and use it wisely. Based on the reviews here I think F-Secure would be a great internet security for our PC coz they have this Parent-Child thingy. I haven’t tried it though coz our PC is still subscribed with Kapersky, hopefully when it expires I can use the free beta. =)

Hi guys! I’m back! After days of testing I found out that it does slows down my PC. This never happened when I was still using my Avira. Oh well, F-S IS never have surpassed my expectations, but over-all it did a great job. And pardon me on my previous post. It’s 6 months not 3 months! Thank you and more power F-Secure!

Apart from the security brought by tons of internet security programs. Anti-Virus products are now available at very low prices however customer is still not aware of it. Customer who are buying anti-virus from big retail outlets are paying against the box price but those are buying from computer hardware vendors are paying very less. I am not following whether this dipping price is in favor of the market or not. Though it is the best time for the anti-virus companies, the slashing prices and unawareness among customers, worries me.

Anyhow, I let my brother do the installation of the free beta. We have noticed improvements in the 2011 beta version compared to the 2010 trial version. Installation was smooth and options navigation is easy and clutter free. I want to password protect settings so that no one is able to alter the settings and also not able to turn-off the protection from the tray. Good job F-Secure! And oh, it does slow down system performance but tolerable.

I have always worried about entering sensitive information on public computers. Supposedly when you log out no one can see anything you have entered. This may be true for the average person, but what about computer lab employees? It just doesn’t seem safe to me. I have never had any problems arise from using public computers, though. Recently, I acquired a virus on my laptop that sent an email out to everyone in my address book. It was a rather embarrassing email advertising pills for a certain “male ailment.” The advertisement itself was embarrassing, but it was also embarrassing that everyone I know found out that I was naive enough to click a link on the internet that would cause such a thing to happen. So all I really wanted was to have an internet security that has an absolute security! That’s it!

I installed the beta on my recently acquired netbook when the trial security software that came with it expired. The installation went smoothly, and F-Secure seems to work fine on it. However, I was surprised to find that to allow file sharing on my local network, I had to add a firewall rule by specifying the IP address of my local subnet. It’s also fortunate that I changed my local subnet address on my router from the default to a value unlikely to be used elsewhere, so that this firewall rule will rarely leave my netbook exposed when I connect it to an outside network.

I’m not really impressed with the F-Secure 2011 beta performance because it slows dowm my PC. But I think it slows down my computer because it checks everything, every image I’m viewing, every text I’m reading and pretty much everything I’m downloading. That might explain slowing down internet. As for slowing down computer normal work I dunno a lot about antiviruses but I believe since F-Secure has a high database containing viruses and spyware info, maybe since its checking through a big database it takes more processing power. Sacrificing speed for security is good. Just turn F-Secure off when you want to play an offline unaffected game and turn it back on when you are online or when you download a program/game. Overall I still like it. Thanks for the free download! =)

I have used every antivirus,spyware,adware,and firewall security software out there, and I have found that the newest F-Secure Internet Security 2011 beta is the best so far. I am on my computer system for about 12-16 hours a day, including weekends. I am also play World of Warcraft and everyone that plays this game knows what it is like to be doing a raid or dungeon hates to be interrupted because your system slows down to much…Take it from me give F-Secure Internet Security a try. I have no clue how F-Secure Internet Security would work in your system but it works well on my end!

F-Secure is the best security suite I have had so far, I have tried them all and always come back where I feel safe F-Secure.

I read a lot about F-Secure slowing down computers here, because it checks lot of things, I never really used it after I have downloaded it last week, but I think you can optimize it to make it work faster. As I know F-Secure is one of the best anti virus softwares which isn’t consuming lots of processing time and even if it slows down your PC you can still pretty much limit the activity of the program, especially if you tweak the options a little bit to fit your needs! And it secures your computer from most bad stuff. I don’t know if I would still use my free beta as I was loyal with my Kapersky for more than 4 years. But I find F-Secure easy to use. Any suggestions guys? Thank you.

I already use F-Secure 2010 on my computer and it works really well, perfect .. I have the license to April 2011.
But now I’ll try F-Secure 2011, also to possibly see the difference in these products!

Just a question .. Can I install and use F-Secure 2011 beta version to my three home computers?


Lars S.

From Denmark

Hello everybody!

I just downloaded the beta… – I’ll try it out on my backup-computer.

I’ curious how it works! – And of cause – I like to win!

Cheers, Gabriel

I’ve been using the F-Secure Internet Security 2011 Technology Preview/Beta and I haven’t had many issues with it. The questions and issues that I have had have been resolved quickly thanks to F-Secure’s exceptional technical support team, who are prompt and happy to help with any issues in the product. I’ve also found that the malicious website blocking is very responsive. This product has the feel of a finished product. However, I find that occasionally it uses more resources than I would like, which is understandable, considering it’s an antimalware program. Overall, it is a great, fully-featured product.

I have used F-secure for years now and the 2011 beta seems to be the fastest i’ve ever know. The 2010 version seemed to slow my laptop down beyond the point of a joke, but the new 2011 BETA allows me to use IE8 as though no f-secure was’nt even running.

I’m disapointed that over the years since the parental options have been added things had hardly changed, even though I have recomended changes quite a few times. In our house there are 7 of us use the computers with ages 3,10,14,15,18 and us 2 oldies LOL. I have set-up the PC with 6 area’s, so me and the wife have our area and the children each have their own area. With the parental control use even now, everyone has the same settings, but if f-secure looked at software such as cyber-patrol, which allows you to set-up each user with their own setting which would make more sence and a lot more helpful.

I have used cyber-patrol and cannot see why or how this would be hard to implement within the software, if others can do it. This is the only major problem I still have with this software. I have one of my PC’s on 24/7, as it’s used to backup the 4 computers in our home, it’s also used to store some files and lastly it has my printers conected to it, so everyone can print if needed.

I do recomend f-secure internet security, but would more if the parental section was looked at properly and not just added, as what looks like a last minute add-on.

Visiting websites have increasingly been a problem for me since you never know when a popular site may have rogue ad banners as I found out shortly thereafter. It’s difficult to detect at times since these ads seem to ‘change’ all the time. It’s hard to clean it up afterward if you don’t know much about antivirus, spyware and malware. I’ve tried quite a bit of security software but have not really found something that is good enough. I’m looking forward to what F-Secure can offer.

I’m looking forward to installing this. I’ve been trying to find a program to install that will protect my computer from malicious and unwanted threats from my computer. 🙂

Hi , very glad about this …..and what can i say about this amazing software .I use it for 4 years and never let me down. Well dome ! F-Secure !

Witam , bardzo się cieszę na ten temat … .. i co mogę powiedzieć na temat tego wspaniałego oprogramowania . Używam go od 4 lat i nigdy mnie nie zawiódł. kopuła No ! F-Secure !

Last semester, I received a friend request from someone I didn’t know, but we had 30 or 40 common friends, so I decided to friend her anyway just so I didn’t look rude. Of course, the profile was fake and my account was hacked. I wondered how in a world can somebody hack my account considering I have one of the best internet security programs in the world. Soon after, I discovered that someone was writing on my friend’s walls about some website. It just goes to show you that being nice by befriending every person that requests you, you’re running the risk of having your profile hacked. Bottom line is my ISP failed. I hope F-Secure won’t allow such thing as that. That’s all I want on an ISP, secure, safe and HONEST.

One minor drawback thats the same as in V2010: The installation automatically installs the Browser Toolbar (or I didn’t pay enough attention during install), which I find pretty annoying. Please make it an option, there are just too many toolbars included everywhere!

well, one common disadvantage I’m seeing in multiple people’s feedback is that it slows the computer down. For me, that’s a BIG con because no one wants an even SLOWER computer than what they have already.

Regarding internet security, I look for one that:
1) runs quietly in the background
2) doesn’t slow the computer down
3) that works with all major browsers (I notice someone said this doesn’t work with Chrome)
4) isn’t too expensive
5) of course protects against viruses, spyware, etc

Few moments left but even now I cant resist myself from commenting, anyways here is another recomendation, when the user needs any kind of support, user click on the support tab and a browser opens which leads to various confusing options to users,I myself feels lost sometimes even if i have to chat with a security expert i have to go through various form fillings, most of the users are too lazy for that so this support part of the product can be improved. What you have to do is to integrate a chat system within the product so that user can directly chat to the security expert without going through confusing options and time consuming form filling formalaties. What i am trying to say is that whenever a user clicks on the support button instead of opening a support webpage , a Chat with the expert directly starts within the F secure.Just imagine how easy and fun can be the support then.I dont think it is too hard to integrate the chat system inside the F-secure. This can be useful in many ways. First less time will be consumed. Second just imagine that a PC is being attacked by a Fake Anti virus and what a fake antivirus do ? It prevents everything from opening everything even your internet browser even the task manager even My Computer sometimes.The only way to delete that fake antivirus is by safe mode.What if the end user is not that smart or may be the fake antivirus is smart enough to be compatable with safe mode. In that case user will not be able to reach support because browser is not opening even if there is phone support it is of no use because you cant provide support just on phone you still need internet access. So in this case if the f secure has inbuilt chat system, user can directly chat with security expert without opening a browser, the expert guy from F-secure can provide support or even make a remote connection and remove those threats himself. I know that a fake malware can prevent even f-secure from opening but we all trust F-secure and i know F-secure is good enough to prevent from such misshappenings but still fake malware are really hard to detect because it is really tough to detect them on their behaviour and there has to be a signature for a fake antivirus. So keeep your trust on F-secure and Mikko, these guys are really working hard and will never let us down. I love F-secure.

I will like to recommend one more thing to F-secure Team:: Keep you eyes on “ website”.F-secure should make a team and make them monitor the website. As soon as a new threat is listed in the website add that threat instantly in the F-secure signatures.Becasue these days everyone who want to review a security program either he is the famous Mr.Neil Rubenking from PC Magazine or any other guy on youtube every one test the security program with the malware samples taken from “”. If F-secure will instantly add those malware in the signatures as soon as they appear on the website, F-secure will pass those tests or reviews with flying colours. Dont take me wrong F-secure is already doing a great job and has recently got very good reviews but still when a guy test F-secure internet security 2010 on youtube and f – secure miss some samples people start saying bad things.I dont know if you consider those things seriously but you should because people dont buy what you want to sell them but what they see.These antivirus reviews on youtube has more than a million visits each month, if you want to check, go to youtube and search antivirus reviews, notice the number of visits there, they are huge, people really take those reviews made on youtube seriously. I know that none of the security software is perfect but we want F-secure to be perfect.
————————-love F-secure 🙂

1 day remaining so I am back with some final recommendations for F-secure, First problem is that browser protection feature( blocking harmful websites ) dosent work with opera and chrome.F-secure should made this feature compatible with opera and chrome because most of the users are moving from IE and Firefox to speedy browsers like opera and chrome. Another thing that F-secure internet security 2011 is missing windows gadget, i really miss that.Another major thing is that sometimes F-secure detect some running malicious process or detect any other running malware asking for restart for complete removal of threat.After the system is restarted, there is no notification from F-secure regarding the partcular threat whether the threat is removed completely or F-secure fails to remove the threat or any other information regarding the threat because if anything goes wrong or for some any reason F-secure fails to remove the threat, the user will never came to know about that and the threat will keep running comprimising the User Security.If F-secure will display a notification even if F-secure fails to remove the threat, the user can take further steps like contacting the F-secure support or by running any command line scanner or anything else to remove the threat.In this way F-secure can improve the quality of their service and user will always be secured.I am using F-secure IS 2011 and I have seen this product grown, i can say that this is one of the tuffest software to bypass.I will like to congrats F-secure team and Mikko.

one more bug i noticed…………..F-secure toolbar in internet explorer 8.0 dissappear when opening

Update :: one more thing if f-secure browser protction blocks a web page user should know …..why the page was blocked ? f secure just says ” the site is harmful” but the better way shoud be,if f secure says ” this site is a phishing site, to protect you the site is blocked”. or ” the site is a exploit, to protect you the site is blocked.”. How can it help ? see suppose, Mikko Hypponen chief researcher of F-secure made a new friend on facebook and exchange their email id’s, they did a conversation on a messenger. The new friend told mikko that there is a better way than paypal to make online payments and send the link to Mikko. Mikko using f secure tried to visit the web page but f-secure blocked the page and it just says that the page is dangerous >Mikko is in confusion now becasue mikko trust his new friend but dont understand what was happening,why f-secure is blocking the page” May be its a false positive” I know many people who thinks like that and false postives are on high ride these days .but if and only if f-secure would have displayed that ” The site is a phishing site.To protect you the the site is blocked” .mikko would have known that his new friend is after his money and tried to trick him.(many people would have wanted to trick mikko, he’s a rich man).There can be many scenarios like these but important thing is not just the protection but also the awareness…………………….one more thing its a bug………i think this blog is more active than the forums so it should get noticed fast………..sometimes f-secure tries to block a known threat which has a signature and result in ruining my proxy settings………i tried to downlaod eicar.exe test file f secure successfuly blocked the file but internet stopped……….when i checked my proxy settings were changed………………i dont know much about proxy seetings so i uninstalled secure after that my internet gets corrected………i just cant keep myself from installing f secure so i installed the beta version again but you should check this bug……………………….. and yes I loved you f secure 2011 ad it was very good……………best part was when the legacy antivirus was disturbing the user………………hahaha so funny 🙂 ……………………hope Mikko would not mind and I will keep getting further F secure updates

make your exploit shield display a message when it encounters an exploit……… product does that even if it stops it dont give a notification except norton……….atleast i want to know what thing causes exploit…Was that a wbsite or a java script………….if we dont know the cause may be we will visit the source many times which increases the chances for infection

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