Don’t get burned this summer!

Tips & Tricks

It’s the time of year when many of us will be packing our bags and jetting off for that well-earned holiday.

Most of us will have a great time, and return with tales of fun and relaxation. But for some the enjoyment may be tainted by a holiday theft.

However,  there are some measures you can take to minimize the chances of getting parted from your money or belongings, I have put together a little list of tips which I hope will be of help to you.

  1. It makes sense to take a prepaid credit card with you instead of your normal cards. Top it up by telephone transfer every couple of days. This means if anyone steals the card (or more likely, steal the card details) you will only lose the money that has been moved to the card.
  2. Try not to show off your wealth by wearing expensive watches and Jewelry. There are of course exceptions to this. Say you are in the casino at Monet Carlo, for example.
  3. Do not walk on your own in poorly lit areas late at night.
  4. Keep your baggage locked when moving between locations and in the airport.
  5. Download the free copy of F-Secure Mobile Anti Theft so if your phone is stolen you can lock it remotely, even wipe the content if you think it’s gone for good. The paid version of mobile security will also allow you to track where your phone is.
  6. Put your important travel documents in a safe while you are out.
  7. Whatever you do, don’t put all your important documents in a single folder and bring it to the beach.
  8. Minimize the amount of information you have in your wallet/purse, do you really need your driving license and all your bank cards at the local market?
  9. Never put down valuable items unless your hand is attached to it.
  10. Agree taxi prices before you get in, especially from the airport.

Oh, and make sure you put on sun cream ;-).

Have fun, you deserve it!


CC image by: Balaji.B


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US Residents traveling out of US/Canada are not advised to get prepaid cards. They don’t work out of the countries. I made that mistake with a few Amex Prepaid which were declined at all of the hotels on a recent trip (Italy, Greece, Turkey). Even the cruise ship’s system said no.

I asked Amex about it when I got back and they said that US anti-money-laundering laws stopped them from issuing worldwide debit cards. If that’s the truth (vs what the agents were told to say) then it would apply to the other issuers too.

Also, US Debit cards have fine print that says $50 limit if reported misused in 48 hours, $500 if in 30 days. US Credit cards have a flat $50 limit. Most people in the US think the credit card rule applies to both, and some have had nasty surprises following vacations. Also, since the debit cards hit checking accounts, overdraft fees can increase that loss even more.


Disclaimer: I am a lawyer, but this is not legal advice. For legal advice see your own counsel. Sorry I have to add that stuff, but in this country it is just prudent risk management.

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