Are you more like an American or a German when it comes to using the Internet?

Security & Privacy

A new F-Secure survey finds that a little caution when using your PC to surf the Web goes a long way. And Germans seem to be the most effective at putting this strategy into action.

77% of German respondents said that they are concerned their online privacy and data security. You can ask Google how concerned Germans are about privacy.

In addition, a large majority of Germans are aware that they download malware from both infected sites and poisoned search results.

However, Germans also reported least amount of trouble with malware out of every country on the survey. 32% reported being hit by malicious software in the last year, compare that to 70% in Poland.

This suggests that those who care about protecting their irreplaceable data while online succeed in avoiding threats.

Compared to citizens of Germany, computer users in the United States have a more laissez-faire about using the Internet.

34% of Americans had no idea if their PC was infected. So one out of three Americans has no idea if his or her computer is being exploited by a cybercriminal right now.

OK, Germans weren’t much better, at 32%. But that’s where the comparison ends.

12% of Americans have no idea what malware or malicious code is. 29% aren’t aware that they can get infected by clicking on bad search results.

This lack of education may be a factor in the most disturbing statistic in the study: 32% of the American respondents have personally experienced credit card crime or know someone who has been a victim.

Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor at F-Secure, says, “Caution is good when surfing the web but being overly concerned may also prevent people from experiencing the full benefits of the Web.”

That’s why you may want to be like the Germans—cautious but not paranoid 🙂




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