Get Real Sweepstakes Week: #4 — Win an iPod Touch and Internet Security

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UPDATE: This sweepstakes is now closed. The winner will be contacted and then announced via our Facebook page.

In a recent survey, we found that about half of all Internet users had been hit by a virus within the last year. But their security software prevented infection.

In a way, going online without updated security is like driving on the Autobahn without a seatbelt. Of course, there isn’t the potential for a life-threatening tragedy. Yet on the Internet there is always a chance that something terrible could wrong.

Drivers on the Autobahn aren’t constantly faced with drive-by attacks or insurance scammers every single time they get on the road. Yet whenever you’re online you’re always surrounded by hackers and crooks looking for any vulnerability in your system. And if you’re hit hard, you could lose the irreplaceable content on your computer.

People do things online that they would never do in the real world. That’s why we encourage you to check out our free Health Check to see if your PC is protected. It’s a quick way to see if your PC has its seat belt on.

So here is this week’s question: What’s the most irreplaceable file on your PC? You can answer with words or just link to an image or video that answers the question.

Read the rules and post your answer in the comments of this post for you chance to win an iPod touch 8GB plus F-Secure Internet Security for you and a friend.



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CC image by Germán Meyer.


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It would be my picture file with the pics of my kids and family. Nothing else is as important to me or irreplaceable as those pics. I’ve lost photos before and it just makes you so ill to lose those little pieces of your life.

That you would be all of my old pictures that I have scanned on to my computer, old family pictures from my parents and my childhood.

my kids’ baby pictures. not a single file but i’ve got them on a RAID 5 NAS, another separate physical mirrored NAS, and locally on the computer. of course they are all in the same physical location so if i get hit by a natural disaster i’m still screwed, but plan on getting some cloud backup for those vital files.

I don’t keep too much on my computer that isn’t backed up somewhere else. One program that I use daily I actually have 2 copies of the install file just in case (the program is no longer available for download) But I’m going to have to go with pictures. That’s one thing I have been bad about not saving somewhere else. I always think I will do it “some day”

You did say FILE, singular, correct? If that’s the case, then I’d say my Quicken data file, with entries going back to 12/31/1991. It would be a major pain to have to rebuild THAT by hand!

If you mean file(S), plural, then it’s definitely my 13,000 digital photos. Though on a Mac one could pick nits and claim the iPhoto Library is indeed a single package, hence a single “file”.

I would have to say that all of my family vacation photos from various camping trips in Ontario and from our two big road trips to both the east and west coast of Canada are the most valuable to me. They hold many memories and are of a high sentimental value. I would be very sad if I were to lose them.

My Firefox profile folder, that is only thing i ever backup when format my HD.

Survey completed

Well, the most important for me would be my Quicken file and my complete external HDD backup drive with the system image file.

If we’re talking about a single file, it’s hard to say. I don’t store very important stuff like the ones mentioned before (passwords, personal finances etc) in a single file, instead trusting my memory and/or pen&paper. The most precious file would probably be a TrueCrypt container holding a lot of private stuff, but even that is not irreplaceable.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about multiple files, then it’s the several thousands of personal photos and a similar amount of code files. Those are both well backed up, though, as they’re on 2-3 different physical drives and cloud backup.

I would have to say that my “Documents” file would be the most irreplaceable file on my PC. I have hundreds of Word and Excel files I created over the past 3 years that could never replaced.

all my files are backed up in two locations, so if my computer would crash my files are safe. But when my computer crashes then I can’t do my job. So I’d say boot.ini is pretty important to me …

All files are backed up so mostly I’d say that I would prefer if an extreamly unlikely event of an EMP wiping my data from backup disks and computer did not occure (as they are located in same general location (read room)). But this is not somehing that keeps me up at nights.

My holiday photographs with my boyfriend reminding me of happy times. My most important file is probably my Excel file with all my earnings etc. I back up everything important on an external hard drive 🙂

On my computer most things are irreplaceable. Some documents, some photos, any many other things

It’s the file “hal.dll” located in “C:\Windows\System32”. If you delete it, the PC won’t boot and you’ll need to reinstall Windows.

My notes and drafts (for creative work). Even with backups, they change every day and every loss would hurt.

My most irreplaceable files are my artwork and stories I have been writing for years. If they were destroyed… I wouldn’t know what to do…

pictures would be an important file, you put them in and then erase the SD card to fit more on. those pics in the file are the only copy. not like it used to be when you had to print them out cuz you dont know whats there.


Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us. =)

Basically everything, but the main one is my daughter looking straight into my eyes while I was holding her at about a month old. Everyone really loves it, because of the look.

Survey Completed

My saved games-files! I have most of my photos backed up, and other important docs, but not any computer-game save-files, so it would really suck losing those. 😉

My most important file would have to be my family pictures. If I were to lose that, I would be devistated.

survey completed

also most irreplaceable files are my java codes and development codes which are most valuable for me as i have worked very hard for them .

also other are pics and some important pics as usual


Certainly all my project files (flash, illustrations, 3d etc) as they are what I apply for jobs with, which is my future! Sure pictures are important, but they only depict the past, the future is always more important for me.

At home : my documents. Backuped via DropBox btw.
At work : my OneNote notes, I tend to keep and organize a lot of information in this, for work ( to-do lists, X++ code for something in Ax – even whenI know what to do by heart, quick notes of resolved tickets when I don’t have the time to put them in the system,… ) . It’s my precious mine of quickinfo.

survey completed

It would be my file with all my e-books. I have my pics backed up know since my crashed once but don’t have the e-books yet… probably should go do that

It would be my master’s thesis that I have been working on for 3 years. Not just the paper, but all correspondence and data and literature review attached to it.

I’d be afraid to lose the pic of my girl. It’s a picture of her as a lil bratty kid! Haha!

By far my childrens pictures are my most valued things on my computer! There is no way to replace them should something go wrong.

It is definitely personal photos, especially those with friends and family. Some were at one-time events and are very special to me.

I had the experience where my hard drive crashed before and had to be replaced. I lost a lot of wonderful and meaningful photos which were never recovered. Good internet security is crucial.

I run Windows Backup every day to an external HDD, take weekly backups to DVD+R, a copy of everything to another HDD using SyncToy twice a week, that HDD is copied to another one once a month which is kept in my Mother-in-Law’s house, AND I use F-Secure on-line backup.

I therefore don’t have any irreplacable files!

Greyson, my hamster has a bunch of pictures and videos. They are irreplaceable, if I lost them my family and I would never be able to get them back

The files on my computer that are irreplaceable are the pictures and videos of my 3 children!

I was quite saddened when I found out that I wasn’t able to retrieve the work that I’ve done during my undergraduate years and if I’m planning on going to graduate school, I could use the papers that I’ve written to be able to get my references from my former professors and teachers just so they can have a refresher on my ability.

my words. my writing. my books I’m working on.
As well as the family tree I’m putting together with pictures…it’s been a 2 year project.

right now it would be all of my grandmothers recipes which I’m complying to make books for everyone for christmas, but in general all business information and tax documents are important.

Survey completed.

Of course nothing else is more important than my Windows Easy Transfer image created using Windows 7 which backup almost everything for me. If I lost this particular file, I will have hard time to revive my PC.

As a graphic designer I have all my projects on my computer, my portfolio would be the worst to lose!

Photos of my children when they were small. I’ve lost countless photos of myself thanks to a virus my old pc had. My children’s memories are priceless and irreplaceable to me.

The most important file on my computer is the file with all my pictures. Those are irreplacable!!! <33 <33

Question asks about file, and not folder. Many respondents refer to a valuable folder. I’d say there is no single irreplaceable **file** but at any given time if my TweetDeck.exe file were damaged I’d not be too happy.

Definitely my digital memories which consists of digital photos and videos of me and my family. Without any specific physical backup, its really important to me that this is always in a safe place and it really helps to feel safe of the images and videos.

I’ll jump on the pictures bandwagon.Just can’t replace those memories. We lost our stuff back in 2005 and it was horrible. I have had Carbonite ever since.

My windows profile path (%userprofile%)
Source code of application and samples, doc, xls, ppt presentation, visio diagrams, website files, invoices, quotations and obviously my family photos.

There are many files on my PC that are irreplaceable, if I haven’t backed them up. No one file, in particular, is irreplaceable.

For irreplaceable file… Probably the music taken off a video of a dance practice that we used to practice with when the musicians weren’t there. Though now it’s more a sentimental piece than actually -valuable-.

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