My friend John is not very smart

Security & Privacy

Here’s what I know about John.

He’s a decent guy. Dresses pretty sharply—like a grad student on a date. And he gets around. Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki—he’s been all over.

But what’s interesting about John are his details. Details like his credit card number. It’s 5920 9802 5150 1411. 9/12 is the expiration date. CSC Code? 968.

Why am I telling you this? Because John wants you to know. You can see for yourself:

That’s my John. Not smart.

Yet a lot of people act like John when they get online. They use the same simple passwords for all of their accounts. They become friends with anyone who sends them a request and then click on any link their new “friends” send. Or they just shop or bank online using an unsecured computer or Wi-Fi connection.

This kind of behavior gives hackers easy access to your accounts. And once a cybercriminal has access to your email, you might as well be John. Poor John.

Think you’re smarter than John? You can find out at And if you have any friends like John, let them know that now is a good time to get smart.




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Love the video – this method of grabbing peoples attention may actually work! So many remain ignorant it is sad… why it is so hard to educate people about online security I simply don’t understand.

That’s terrific!! And so sadly accurate…

I’m working with a company building a firefox plug in that SSL encrypts, hides your ip address, and allows you to make & manage temporary email addresses to sign into services. Please check it out. We’re in beta and would love any feedback.


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