Reasons why I deactivated my Facebook account

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Two months ago I disabled my Facebook account. My friends keep asking me why and I didn’t know what to tell them.

At the time I felt like I was acting on a whim, but in hindsight I can think of a number of reasons why I might have quit:

  1. Micro-blogging was not fun any more
  2. Managing my settings and content took too much time
  3. I wanted to get to know people in person
  4. I wanted people to get to know me in person, but only if I like them
  5. I wanted to cut out people I don’t want to know more easily
  6. There’s too much passive-aggressive behavior on Facebook
  7. I had forgotten how to surf the internet for interesting content
  8. I checked Facebook far too often
  9. The novelty had completely worn off
  10. I am sick of the way I overhear “Facebook” in every conversation

Nice things about having quit Facebook:

  1. I began to phone my family rather than check their status
  2. Friends who were quiet on Facebook turned out to be chatty via e-mail
  3. It was a surprise to find out which friends made an effort to stay in touch
  4. I felt like I had a lot more peace and time to myself
  5. I visit a broader range of interesting web sites, as per my pre-Facebook days

Annoying things about having quit Facebook:

  1. People forget to invite you to events then ask why you were not at them
  2. You realize how many e-mail addresses and phone numbers you do not have
  3. Some friends just do not know how to keep in touch, so you have to give them up
  4. You’re the last to hear a lot of social news
  5. So many conversations revolve around Facebook that you often find yourself excluded
  6. You can’t spot bad photos posted online and ask your friends to remove them
  7. It’s harder to share interesting links with your friends

That’s all I have so far. Let me know if I have missed anything.

I do realize that most of my Facebook concerns are not security concerns. Asides from managing my settings and photos, my reasons for quitting Facebook are of a more social nature.  I’d also like to point out that all of the good things about having quit Facebook have far more value than the petty annoyances, even though the list is a bit shorter. The fact that I don’t have to worry about one more aspect of my internet security is an added bonus.

If I were a celebrity, perhaps I would have to make myself a placeholder account like that of Mikko Hypponen, who probably has completely different reasons for not being on Facebook than I.


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I like your reasons for removing yourself from Facebook. The more I think about it the more people tend to give up so much of their life to Facebook and telling the whole world useless information.

I think many times if you want to get a hold of me, pick up the phone. What happened to that?

Good for you.

I agree 100/% Many years ago at the beginning of Facebook Social Place to be In touch with family and friends,was very nice,but recently has become an unsafe place,and I decided to close my acct,and If for any reason you or anyone decides to open one acct again,they’re even asking for an Id,so I decided not to try anymore for a new Facebook page,Is not a safe place.Is like been seating down on a side walk restaurant on any street with lots of strangers,that you dont even know who they are 😦 sad,but truth!
ps: Is a lots of members fault to be describing,what they’re doing,where they having dinner lunch etc etc and also to share what their kids are doing and where they are,finally,Is truth that we are living In a very advanced time where technology Is taking “hostages”those who are not careful regarding their private Information,I agree with the previous comment. What happen with a phone call to see how you’re doing etc etc. Finally, not too long ago my family went to a Restaurant,and there were “couple” on front of our table texting the entire time,when the gentleman went to give them their bill,they hardy touch their dinner.I have to admit, that Is not the social page fault,It Is our faults not to use these Social pages with common sence.Have a good family Saturday night 🙂

If you feel that way then giving up facebook was definitely the right choice for you. I mainly use facebook as a way to keep in touch with family and friends back in the States so I don’t think I could ever give it up. It’s a great and inexpensive way to stay connected.

It was a tough choice to let go of the friends in other countries who do not try to keep in touch, but in the end I have plenty of close friends in Finland, which is my permanent place of residence.
My family I take the time to call, but it is expensive for them to call me, it’s true. We’re not so big on Skype and messenger use.

For a serious dialog with unknown people, yes, this FB is not an easy place. I find something happens to us while on the internet — we seem to believe that we have acquired unusual (destructive ego-centric) powers. Thus we say anything. We believe we have an open mind, which in reality cannot take the heat generated in some discussions.

At any rate, I owe a lot to this medium for more self-learning.

While far too time-consuming, since de-activating FB three months ago, I feel out of touch. Like there is a big club out there from which I am excluded. Computer life is not nearly as exciting!
In spite of this, I’m not willing to re-activate.

In the weeks leading up to my deactivation I realized that while I was not actually ON Facebook a lot, I was THINKING about it too much throughout the day. One of the determiners for me was when something happened during the day and I thought, “I should put that as my FB status!” I was also thinking about my friends’ posts, which was cluttering my mind and not letting me work on my personal and spiritual growth.

I can relate to all of the above comments, and I’m happy with my decision too. It’s been 3 weeks, and I have been much more focused and productive on meaningful tasks! I may go back at some point, but this is good for me now. Glad to hear there are others out there–the only friends of mine who kind of understand my choice are those who have never had an account.

I feel EXACTLY the same as you!!!
It felt like facebook robbed me from doing things genuinely, I thought too much of what I would say to have others ‘like’ it, how I wanted to loose weight to put up a picture, how I wanted to get into a good phD program to brag… it felt like my motivation was all wrong which is why I was left so unhappy in general.Facebook is like any other addiction!! Especially for those that have other addictions, and low self-esteem- It gives us instant gratification in approval or feeling like/loved by others, but when it goes away, we then are just searching for more. It does unable us to take a step back and work on our spiritual growth, meeting people, facing fears… etc.

i completely agree. i deactivate mine last nite. The final straw to me :it becomes too hurtful for me. Most of my fb friend are married/ going to to get married/couple. they post everything there. i cant take it anymore, i am single (they did not take any effort to keep in touch at all, and most importantly they are not “there” in times when its really matters) instead they continue showing off every single happiness/bliss in every moment all the time.

I too deleted my facebook today, i just had enough of people complaining about stupid things. I like reading positive things about people’s days but some people just write angry status after status. Another thing was listing members of family, it might sound a bit childish but none of my family listed me as a somebody, when they listed every other, more distant relative. So i decided to step back before things got to me, and i’ll enjoy real life. Having said that i do have twitter, so if i want to say how my day has been i write it out to a bunch of strangers, and make new friends.

Hi good post. I also quite facebook and feel much better for it. In short, I simply don’t want to be contacted and stay in contact with certain individuals from my past. Facebook is NOT the world’s social networking standard. I disliked the idea that some people from the past can come poking around and assume they have the low down on you from one cursory conversation. And what if you didn’t particularly like that person, you stuck denying them virtual rakes and you need to be updated about the sort of nonsense they had been up to that particular weekend.
I will stick to good old fashion emails and phone calls.

I got rid of my original facebook because every other joe who looked me up from work or where ever else they knew me started to ask me to accept them as friends. Naively I accepted someone from work and found out that she belonged to a “cult” and then I started to get her silly stuff with her lot and worst of all getting very odd photos mixed in with general everyday beach, park, and home, photos – I’m talking about their family gatherings around open funeral casket. So I started to delete stuff immediately from my page so she didn’t know so much about me, my family and who my friends were – this was one pushy lady – in the end I thought hey I’ll start all over again and deactivated the account now i am really really careful.

I deactivated my facebook and now I wantt it back and it says that it has sent an email to my old address and I. Need it sent to my new email address

The reason why I want to deactivated my facebook cuz I can’t get pictures of friends and my profile picture is not there so what am I surpose to do I have call my company where I have brought my cell from and they had stated that the service going to be fix I have a blackberry smart phone I will never buy another blackberry again

I deactivated my account couple of months back and it was because of the same reason. I dont have to know everything about everybody in this world.. Got annoyingly out of hand.. I want to be able to enjoy a nice vacation with my friends and family without worrying about what status to update, which photos to upload and checking the likes and comments.

I deactivated my fb account yesterday after realizing I get on there and look to all of my 300 plus “friends” for affirmation. Seriously? In the 24 hrs that I have not been on there none of my “friends” have seemed to notice or care.

My best friend who I go jogging with and have coffee with weekly has never had a fb account and she is the most interesting, kind, honestly the best friend I have ever had.

It is interesting to see who will actually take the effort to cultivate a friendship in real life now that I am not so easily accessible.

I love this article, it makes me I made the right choice in deactivating my account. Of course it was the temporary one, but now might just kill it completely. If u really think about it Facebook is a dumb game, a game like sims. And the points are counted by the # of friends comments on your status and pics, i mean really, its stupid! Its a popularity contest I am 31 im too old for this “fitting in” world I leave that to my kids. Me, i have more important things to do like talk to the people that really do look for me, call me on my phone, email me and invite me places, i dont need to comment on someones stupid status update like “i had burgers for lunch….mmm!” To keep a friend. I like to talk to people face to face, because even a dumb remark like that, when youre face to face, youll rract differently, more interested and actually give feedback.

Wow, I’m 18 and I deactivated my FB in May 2011 for many reasons, one being like you said, that fb is a huge game, a popularity contest.
But I thought, since I’m a teenager in high school, maybe I
l’ll get a new facebook when I get older and people start to mature…. I guess not….

I deactivated my account quite literally just now. Out of curiosity, I did a google search “why I deactivated Facebook” and here I am. I’m a guilty serial deactivator – this definitely isn’t my frist time. The first time I deactivated, maybe two years ago, I sent out a private message to my “closest” Facebook friends, explaining my departure. I wrote to these friends, providing (and reminding of) my email and mobile number. Initially, I received a couple emails and texts, that was nice. As the the months progressed, sadly, I was forgotten by the majority of friends I so selectively messaged. Since then, I’ve reactivated, deactivated, reactivated, deactivated – I have no clue how many times. For a person who enjoys real quality friendships, conversations and life experiences, Facebook has definitely messed with me psychologically. There was even a time I was managing two separate accounts; “real” friends and family, then the “others”; co-workers, old school peers, networking contacts. Looking back, I realise that was ridiculous. I eventually scrapped the two separate accounts, went back to the one and did some serious culling. But even having removed close to 100 friends – insane, I know, I still found myself having to do a seasonal clean every so often. This time around, I’d like to go back to how life was, pre-Facebook days. Back when I wasn’t criticizing people for their negative status updates and drama. Back when a personal monologue still existed. Knowing who my real friends were, doing proactive things in my spare time, especially online. I’ve never bought a gossip magazine in my life. I hate that celebrity crap. So why should I care what the latest newsfeed headlines are? Rant complete.

I deactivated my FB account today and it feels good, pleasurable and back to life.
I used to waste my time there every day reading nonsense crap and now I’m reading something useful for my life 🙂 ( I am 25 )
I dont want to tell my children that I did not read anything interesting & helpful because I was fucking busy in reading nonsense crap of somebody Else’s lives.
Now I understand who are real close to me. Real life is much better. ;p
Happy Surfing

I loved your reasons actually i felt like youre talking about me lol
i deactivated my facebook two days ago and i looked for that in google so i got to here haha … well id say that i love my life now without facebook although i have too much time i even keep clicking on facebook on my browser!! haha .
i am really missing the days that i used to have, chat and talk with friends online via the email and msn .. 🙂
well in short i deactivated it and i am still alive!!! 🙂


Hi…Thank you for all those comments… they are really helpful. I’ve just deactivated my account and probably will go and hit the big ‘D’ delete button in the following days. I was pretty well popular I think and posted many interesting photos, notes etc. Basically I got fed up with some of the foul language and crude non funny jokes, I felt like I was being dragged down into the gutter of it all. Sadly I’ll miss some of the people there and I wonder how they’ll get on and if they’ll give up like I have. I’m going to miss it I know but I guess I’ll be better without it. (male age 53)

I deleted mine just now. I read several studies on depression, anxiety and other mental issues related to FB use. I just got back from a week of vacation overseas where I had no internet access and therefore didn’t use FB. It felt liberating. I have decided that Facebook is bad for one’s health. Too much gossip and BS but also “behaviors” that people (or supposedly friends) won’t show you in your face. It’s also nice to have privacy and to remain somewhat of a mystery to others. 🙂

When I was in the process of deactivating (Wow, now this feels like an addiction meeting)(which, I suppose it essentially is), I knew that if I just deactivated, I’d be back. The next day, next week, next month, whenever it might happen, but it would undoubtedly happen.
So, after hearing about it from peers and professionals, I did a few things:
I went through my entire account and deleted everything: photos, posts, friends, etc., until it was a blank account,
I then changed my name to something like “Phasebuk Noe Moore”,
and then, before deactivating, I changed my password:
I opened a word document, pounded my keyboard until I had a few nice lines of “efvbiegfuoq38” then copied the whole thing into the “new password” and “confirm new password lines”.
I then deactivated, and without saving it, closed the document!!
It felt very nice…. 😀

wow drastic measures B Grrrr, no going back there then?

I can say that I have successfully resisted the temptation to go back and log in the last three weeks. Friends whom I have met since then have enquired why I had deleted THEM and had to explain that It was myself deleting myself. lol. I have been much happier with out it and I think there is a lot of truth in jungianism post up above.

Great post!!
I deactivated mine around 2 months ago after a bad break up.
I can’t lie, sometimes I would sneak back on in the middle of the night, hoping none of my friends ( specifically my ex really would see I am signed on) but I did it for really quickly just to feed my curiousity. In all honesty, it felt like an addict that kind of wants to just pass by the alcohol store one more time.
I did feel more free though, and one of the greatest times was a vacation I took at my parents in Florida during spring break, I just remembered the last time I was there constantly checking facebook and being unhappy. This time I left my phone at home! I enjoyed everything!
But when I came home…just in a few weeks I felt lonely and sad, rough days- we all go through it. Yet like any addiction, you sometimes forget that the bad, and think” maybe I can do it but this time different!”
So yesterday, I took my profile picture down, I deleted a bunch of “friends” and just tried to keep the ones I really care about. This in itself was a headache! I felt myself obsessing over everything again, constantly feeling the need to check it. Felt unsure about the friends I was deleting, what to post, how to set privacy. So much so, I just had to say THIS IS NOT FOR ME. Deactivated again!
you are on point when you said the advantages, people seemed genuinely surprised but happy when I called. Many friends did still try to keep in touch, and of course there were the ones that did not, but then it is okay. Sometimes the only ones you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.
I did have to start being less shy and speak to others, it was a transition but a growing experience.
For me, that is what life is about. Finding out what works for you and what doesn’t and staying true to what is working for you, without caring so much of what others think or say. At the end of the day they are going to think and say what they want anyway, so might as well stay true to yourself!

I just realized breaking up with “virtual society” was the right thing when I noticed that doing so was not going to be easy. Downloaded all my pictures, deleted the albums, saved all pictures of my friends were I was tagged from my childhood and “voila”, got free. I had in FaceBook close to 400 friends…???? btw before FB I thought I only had 1 friend in Pre-K, 2 friends in Elementary and Middle School, 3 friends in High School, 2 friends in College, 1 friend at work and my 4 ex-girfriends (best friends in and out of “cyberlife”) and of course my best friend of all never wrote me a letter, just barked all day long) Now I have no more “friends” and strange enough I feel soooo good. Peace out people.

Very nice write-up. I deactivated my Facebook account around the same time as you did if not earlier and my thoughts are very close to yours on the issue. I mean security concerns were not the catalyst in my case either! The social angle of quitting Facebook was what drove me to do it. I mean yes the cons of deactivating you have listed are very much true and I do get a lot of “I still don’t know why you quit” or “how could you/why would you deactivate” but if one is ready to live with that, the pros FAR outweigh the cons. And next time I hear someone ask the how could you/why would you, I’ll send them a link of this post, if you don’t mind! 🙂

Oh yes and the 2-3 months I have not been there very very few of people on my Friends List have noticed I am not on there. I mean i met a guy yesterday and he said “you must have seen that pic on Facebook about the footballer,right? Its hilarious I shared it you should check it out!” I couldn’t help but smile. I was not even on Facebook for 2 months!

Dear all, same case happened to me. I just de-activated my FB account a week ago. Just want to share my stories with you guys, its a bit long…sorry =)

I’ve been thinking to delete FB few times before, but afraid that I might lost contact with my friends there. But to tell you the truth, they doesn’t really a true friends..maybe few of them only.

Having 600++ friends, but only 10-20 who still keep in touch with me through telephone, e-mail or sms. How sad is that.

Few days before I deactivated my account, I saw my parents, my brothers and my sisters, whenever they were online, the page they were surfing is always FB. Where is the quality time with the family? This is so sad T__T

Another time is when I was driving to my office in the morning, while waiting in a long que at a roundabout, I was looking at the passengers in the car beside me. The father and the mother who sits in front is holding their smartphone, while at the back is their 5 year old son, alone which I expect their parents didn’t talk or chat with him. 30 seconds later, I look at them again, the parents is still with their telephone. I look at them 2-3 times again, still the same.

I felt so pity with the boy, as we knows that kids normally like to ask so many things and we as a parents should chat and spend time with them so that when they grow up they won’t share their stories with unknown people in the internet.

I dont want to do that to my children when I become a parents one day, as my parents also didnt chat and spend time with me when I was a kid. Then when I grow up, it felt awkward to tell them about my feelings and problems so I just tell it to my boyfriend and my friends.

I also refuse to buy a smart phone, because I’m afraid I will spend most of my time with the phone rather spend my time with the real people, in this real world.

As our friend said here, I deactivated my account and I’m still alive!! ^__^

God bless us =)

Just deleted my Facebook for good. I never used it much anyway, but every time I logged on my newsfeed was full of these type of posts:

– Pictures of peoples’ lunches/meals
– Pictures of girls I use to know holding the camera up to their faces with goofy expressions
– Pictures of peoples’ babies or pets
– The occasional wedding photos (yawn)
– Political posts, asking for my support
– Meme pictures from 9gag
– Some old friend’s piece of crap project car
– People saying “10 more sleeps until I go to x”
– Famous quotes from some dead celebrity

Yes, you could say it’s my fault for not removing these people from my friends list – but I just couldn’t bring myself to remove any of them, as these people are good, normal people who I enjoy socialising with (in real life).

I’ve concluded that somehow, the nature of Facebook is restricting people from expressing their true personalaties and opinions and so they just conform and post boring trivial nonsense like everybody else. Hence, why it’s so fake and I can’t be bothered with it.

Cameron, I know what you mean. I’ve decided that even some of my “normal” friends get goofy on Facebook. There are things I would NEVER have known about some people if it weren’t for this social media. I reactivated my account when we moved cross country last year, but I have hidden almost everyone and I only log in periodically. I didn’t have the heart to unfriend anyone, but I don’t see their posts and I don’t communicate with them. Only a handful of good friends who are of a similar FB mind 🙂

I deactivated today. My reasons – many. One, I was spending way too much time on it. I am a mother to four little ones and really have no excuse to be spending any time away from them reading dirt about other people’s lifes. Two, I was getting way too involved in the postings of pictures and accomplishments of my children. The fact of the matter is that it is bragging. It’s one thing to feel proud of your child – it’s another thing to spend hours a day sending out glorifying “look at my child” messages to a bunch of people on a computer that don’t even know the child personally. Three, I got worried for a family member after she deactivated, thought something had happened to her or to the baby she is carrying. Tried to get in touch with family who might know via PM on FB and it lead to a mass panic attack and no real information of substance. Realized that a real converstation with a live person over the phone might have been a bit more productive. And lastly, I began to realize what I should have known all along – FB isn’t real. It’s a bunch of people posting things that may or may not be true that they want you to think about them. It’s not real information – just what someone wants you to think is real. With that said I think I’d rather watch a movie. When it comes to comunication – I’d like to keep it a little more real – I’ll pick up the phone.

I just deactivated my FB page because some ex-borderline personality disordered friend found a way to hack onto my site always accidentally and posted a link to her page. I was horrified. All my information if anyone wanted to look. That was the last straw though I was thinking of deactivating for a while anyway.

I’m just sick of it for the reasons you stated as well. And there’s a lot of people on my friend’s list I never liked anyway and just remind me of things I don’t need to focus on anymore.

It’s too much of a time suck and a distraction. I recently got on a more serious yogic path and
also on a solitude trend of sorts after an entire year of dealing with a lot of crappy people. FB did not help in these situations – the passive aggressive stuff, etc. etc.

And besides, I am tired of all the email coming to my inbox over one thing or another.

I want to get to know people in a more real way and I’m not so sure being on facebook has helped me get to know quality people – just party people, ravers, and scenesters.

I like falling off the face of the earth to these people – including a few ex’s and especially this ex-borderline friend who recently found a way to humiliate me by hacking my account.

There are some real losers on there.

I searched for this, because i am thinking about doing the same.

I feel as many others. All the worrying, and thinking about facebook. likes.. pictures.. comments.. who my friends are.. why dont i have more friends on facebook.. feel less, forgetting to live life myself.. who are my real friends really. knowing what everyone does, and finding myself wanting to share stuff about myself. Many things.
The chat part is great. But cant help but to look at status updates.

But my biggest thought is.. I am now 26. Am i going to use facebook until the day i die?. Am i ever going to … so to speak.. escape all these people from my past.

I deleted facebook because I got sick of it, when I look back I realised I spent 3 years of my life logging in everyday updating my status about my life when it should have no real interest to other people,My life is my life and I realised I was spending to much time on it,At one time I had like 250 odd facebook friends 30 of which I would probably call associates and about 3 or 4 true friends who I would actually see in person time to time again the rest where just family members aunties uncles cousins,I realise there is to much bullshit on it people always posting stupid statuses to get attention or backstabbing other people or internet rumours starting because you haven’t logged in in a couple of days or people even asking you and ringing you saying like “Why aren’t you on facebook no more?”,People also posting pictures of food and everyday pics of themselves or their babies,I miss the days when facebook was just for your true friends and family,Then you get old school class mates adding you who you never talked to at school but then next thing they are on your facebook knowing your personal life,People also take things to heart on there and don’t understand cyber humour,In the end I just had enough of it so got rid of it,I’ve been off it a week now and feel good and better and I don’t think I really want to go back to that facebook world,I’m glad I found this article and comments section to now know I’m not the only one with the same feelings 🙂

I’m so happy that I made the decision to deactivate my account. I only got on facebook because I was so bored and thought well if I look and see what everyone else is up to, maybe I won’t be so bored. But by doing that It made me even more bored. It actualy started to make me feel depressed and lonely logging on every semi hour of the day, because that’s when I realized I really do not have any friends at all. I always have thought facebook was a big competition. I have like over 3 thousand friends on there….ridiculous right?? out of all the people on there only like maybe two of my cousins actually talk to me every once in a while. It really use to make me feel so bad because when people posted pics they got so many likes, and comments, and whenever I would post a pic, I got 0 likes and 0 comments. It makes me feel so left out to know that noone really even cares about me at all. I’ve graduated from high school like a year ago, and have never been popular. I was always the quiet shy girl that got teased alot for being not so pretty… and now that I have well had a facebook I thought maybe I could change that. But nothing has changed people still ignore me on there, and people still think I’m not pretty, and I still don’t have any friends….NOONE CARES! and it makes me feel so depressed…I am a loner in life always have been and always will be, and by having a fb will not change anything, heck! I might even delete the darn thing. I hate it….It really brings my self esteem down even more. If anyone actually cared about my the would make an effort to come talk to me face to face or atleast call, but if not the hell with it!

Just deactivated and like most of you felt the need to google something like ” how will i survive without FB.” I deactivated for the same reasons as you all. For the last year, I would get so annoyed with all of the meaningless updates, political rants, negativity, etc. It really hit home when my grandfather died whom I was very very close with, and I was tagged in his online obituary from my grandmother and no one really cared or commented. Nice.

I want to have a real life again and real friends. I also was one of those obsessing about what to share and what not to share and the whole time I would be out with friends, I would be trying to remember to use my camera so we would have pictures to put up right away. I will miss all my family on there who I keep in touch with and all the videos of my niece but my brother can email those to me now. Im free!

Im free!!! Ready for a real life with real friends again. Was so sick of the political rants and mindless status updates. What hit home for me was when my very special grandfather passed away and no one really cared. Nice. Im free!!

I cannot understnd why we can deactivate our facebook account, being told we can reactivate BUT we have to use the same username.

I loved my fb page, but it was not used for the purpose I clearly stated, hearing from others who had the same interests as the ones I listed.

Why does anyone one scads of ads, photos of who are they, on and on?

If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it as I want to use fb with another username.

Anyone have this same problem?

Thanks for reading.

I deactivated my facebook a few minutes ago and i cant tell you how good i already feel. I was being teased by a woman that i had/have feelings for because i said something offensive to her about 4 months ago,. FOUR MONTHS. MY FATHER was dying on me, i was handling all the tasks at home, i was getting no family support, and the girl that i thought could be there for me was just in her own world..but she is a professional person in entertainment and i can understand the big responsibility behind that. But if you were making time to chit-chat with me then, then why be put on total “ignore” when i need you in hard times? I was remorseful of what i said to her back then, and i thought we were getting over it and moving on, but then she took my hard times as a tool to get back at me the hard way, by ignoring me. Couldnt take it. My dad eventually died 2 mionths later, and still, the cold shoulder. A guy could only feel so sorry for hurting a girl’s feelings so much..I found myself writing to her every day three four five long letters to show how much i felt bad for offending her..but hey, i already forgot what i said because that’s how minute the thng has then become. So it was like she’s getting a kick out of this.. And here i am kissing her behind? Nahh man,. move on…DONE!! i just deactivated the whole facebook thing altogether and i feel sorry for my true friends who normally keep in touch with me that they’re wondering why I just left their world.. My friends need me too. I’m a good hearted person and i cheer people up when they’re down and that makes me feel good. Now they have to suffer? Yo this facebook is dangerous. At least to me. I’ll someday get back on.. just dont kniow when, i just know i dont wanna see this girl’s face anywhere.. it’ll make me nautious. I’m nautious now.

I was on FB from 2009-2011, and had 317 friends, most of whom I never got the time of day from in the past….. actually about 3/4 of them. I got tired of the dramatic passive aggressive people, the fake posts and the stupid “likes.” I felt I had to check it 3-4 times a day just to make sure I answered all my messages so I didn’t hurt somebody’s feelings and get the cold shoulder or a rude comment thrown my way. It was all right at first seeing how some of the people were doing after all these years, but it lost it’s luster and in fact became a burden. I haven’t been on FB in 18 months and love it. I know I pissed a few people off because they took it personally that I deleted my account but that’s their problem. I am back to doing what I used to do and that is read a good book in my spare time or get outside and live! If people want to put their entire lives out there for the whole world to see that’s their choice…me? I choose to be private and be free of “fakebook.”

Hello everyone ,
–I cant but agree with all what you have said. Actually, reaching for this page means that I am lost somewhere and I needed a “push” for the right direction ==> DELETE (just a min ago).
—Why having to read about your friends getting married and engaged when you are single and lonely, why having to see their cars and babies and pets and bla bla . why having to watch their honeymoon craziness and beautiful places maybe you cant afford to go to..
—Why exposing your private life (friends, chats , pictures) to everyone. why having to accept invitations from people you dont like . and not accepting them will result in enmity . why having to see your ex’s photos with “girls and you cant delete him or he will think you are jealous

I feel good about deleting my account. I want to go to the REAL life. chatting live, calling each other, taking pictures Not worrying about how many likes it gets ..
I feel really RELEASED , guys .. 🙂

I have deactivated my account before for certain reasons but then my account didn’t last long under it and was reactivated mainly because I was getting messages from someone. (I didn’t know you could still be messaged when deactivated.) Well now I’m deactivating it again… like everyone said, it seemed like an addiction. I’m going through depression now and I found that FB wasn’t really helping with it, it just made it worse. Lots of your newsfeed is filled with bs and you are also left wondering who you’re real friends are and who really cares about you. You have a lot of whiny complainers, the attention whores, and the braggers. Whenever I was on FB I was fighting to say anything negative that was going on with my life…instead I was posting things to compete with other’s happiness which made me seem like a bragger also… while even though I felt like I was bragging I was also feeling down. Yeah, FB can be pretty fake. You only see what’s on the surface most of the time but there’s also people that post way too much info about their life. Besides, I should be spending time on other things going on with my life. When you are unemployed it’s easy to get caught up in social media. The only downside is I would need to keep being on FB if I were to start my own business and networking…which I was thinking about doing… and was going to create a page for my business. So I’ll probably be reactivating it again soon. Blah. Unless anyone has any advice with that?

I deactivated my account in a huff and because of an argument I had with my kids. I kept getting slighted by the “EX” and his followers and even my kids because they didn’t want to hurt the EX’s feelings. It also bothered me to see some of my family posting to the EX’s page. The Ex would “in code” post messages and I felt they were intended for me or other members of my family. or his intended comments.

I am having a tough time because I liked being on FB so I could keep up with my kid’s lives…at least that was the excuse I gave myself. My daughter-in-law would post pictures of my grandkids so I’d be able to see things they were doing. I think if they want to see me, they will have to come visit. I’m not going to go on FB to find out what my grandkids or kids are up to.

I was never one to share too much personally about myself. I was more a voyeur and liked to see what others were doing. Really this is nosey. It would also be weird…I’d run into someone I rarely see and there would be this elephant in the room in terms of what we would talk about….I found myself saying “yes, I saw on FB that your kids did this or that”. Almost like there was nothing to talk about….I already summed them up because of my knowledge through FB.

This is so crazy. Anyways, I need to get away from the craziness. Writing this is starting to make me think, this might be the same thing. But truly I am writing it to give people some insight, if they are contemplating.

Thanks for listening….

I’m leaving FB for 3 months, because I have an accounting job for horse shows of all things!! But it’s a job, and I need more activity and less sitting!!! I need to feel wind on my face, and see real wildlife, sky and sea!!! Some people , I know, will be angry with me, but I have to watch out for my life!!! I’m only going to keep certain friends, when I get back on FB, and some I met on there!!! Very nice folks!!! The real problems came , from high school friends arguing about politics and religion. My new friends, are the loyal friends, along with some really old friends, I’ve known in Palo Alto , since I was 9 years old!!!! Most of all, I want a life!!! There’s tons of resentment , when you leave, people think you’re deserting them, but if they really care about you, they’ll understand!!!

I’m not going to take any iPhone photos , of my whereabouts, because I really need privacy in my life, at this time!!!. I had a problem with an ex’s friend hacking my FB ,so I want to be extra careful!!

Hope things go well for everyone here!!! 🙂 FREEDOM!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!!!


The first cousins on my mother’s side that I grew up knowing as a child all ignored my friend requests when I tried to reconnect as an adult. Very painful and illuminating.

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