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It was a dark and stormy night. The only light in my room is the soft glow of my PC monitor. The wind howls against the window sill as I wait for the auction to close. Suddenly an email pops up from my Outlook. I try to shut it but instead I accidentally open Windows Media Player.“Close! Close! Close!” I command, as press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Task Manager. End task on everything but Firefox!

And there they are, again—the perfect color, the perfect addition to my vast collection. I breathe out. Thirty seconds left. I move my cursor to the “Buy” button. “These Christian Louboutins will be mine,” I promise myself aloud. Suddenly a scream, a horrible, screeching scream. And it’s coming from my own mouth!

My PC crashed—another victim of the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.”

As much as I love my computer, I will never forget my horror when I saw that screen and lost those shoes at THAT price. Oh, the horror.

PCs are, of course, generally wonderful, but sometimes they can be absolutely frightening.

Viruses, malware and phish. Oh my. And then there’s the pop-ups, the bad links, the evil attachments.

If your PC is protected and you’re smarter than John, you can avoid nearly all of the dark spirits who want to haunt your PC. But still, even the best of us end up with our hands around the base of our monitor, attempting to choke it.

So in celebration of Halloween, we have to ask: What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on your PC?

Just read the rules and post your answer as a comment on this page for your chance to win a PlayStation 3 160 GB and F-Secure Internet Security 2011.

We’re about halfway to the number of entrants we need to complete our Facebook survey—so we’d appreciate if you’d let your friends and family know about this giveaway. If they win, they’ll almost definitely invite you over for some fun on the PlayStation 3.

Good luck,

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One day i got the famous BSOD (something about windows file), then i reset my computer after that my hd was dead i lost 160gb of very import info :/.

It was CHKDSK running after rebooting and showing lines after lines after lines of corrected indexes on a hard drive that had my most important files. Turns out the defrag application I used had caused it for some reason. Luckily nothing was lost, but it sure scared the cr** out of me.

I was typing out a report for school and about half-way through it I got the infamous BSOD (Blind Screen of Death). I had to physically shut down my computer via the power button, and when I finally booted up I had lost all of my work. Just goes to show – always save your work.

Oh – I ended up failing the assignment 😦

I was working with my high school teacher on a report for a school project when he suddenly called me in a voice I have never heard of him before. He pointed to his computer monitor and I saw the mouse cursor moving on its own. It got even freakier when it started typing our names followed by “DIE! DIE! DIE!” I quickly head out to the computer club to find anyone available to look into this issue just to hear hilarious laughter from the club room. Turns out, the president was pulling a prank on us via Backdoor Orifice. It was the era of Windows 98 and most of the machines were set up by the club.

Thanks to them, it got me interested in network security.

Kernal Panic, on my Mac. Apple has Mac users under the illusion that Macs don’t crash.

Survey Completed.

when all my usb ports malfunction at the same time, it was keyboard incompatibility problem i was not scare as much i was upset i cant print download my picture my game pad stopped but i solved the problem after short time

I scanned my computer with competent antivirus for the first time. I remember my brother saying that we didn’t have any viruses every time I complained that he shouldn’t download so much junk. 32000 instances of one virus. Uh-oh…

Scariest thing ever seen on my iMac was the boot-up “disk with blinking question mark” icon, indicating the OS had been lost or corrupted. It was paired up with an auditory treat — the ‘click-clunk-whir-click-clunk-whir’ of a hard disk that had gone very, very bad!
Thank goodness for Time Machine; one new hard disk installation and a restore and I was back on my feet.

The scariest thing I’ve seen is male on male porn site ads just before my 8 year old logged in to attend a class. Needless to say, she never made it that day.

BSOD:’A Clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval’

But it was because amd got too hot during the summer. 🙂

I was with my boyfriend for Skype, and he was “alone” but that is just like when someone accidentally was getting the picture, and then the machine went on tilt, and stopped to figure that someone else’s hand was visible, aaarggh Who was there?
Lue foneettisesti

Scariest thing was not any virus, but in fact the brand new 1 TB drive failing. I had just installed OS and migrated my data and after a few weeks of use it just died. Never a good time for such a massive data loss. Thankfully I was able to recover 90% of my data from the drive (it took a whole day because it was in its death throes) and the rest from backups. At least it made me take better care of my backups.

The scariest thing I´ve seen on my computer screen was white lines at the bottom of an otherwise black screen – my hard disc had committed suicide.

I tried to connect my Nokia N97 to my laptop with usb-cable..
It did not worked properly and I thinked that it was fail with that miniUSB connector. I modified that connector with my Leatherman, next time I connect that cable to laptop it killed it. Laptop where just dead.

I was that biggest virus to my laptop….

The scariest thing I’ve seen on my PC is a Virus and the dreaded Blue screen that came after it as i cant live without my pc. Gladly though the problem was resolved.

the scariest thing I have seen on my PC is a MAC user 😛
but on a serious note – when I execute something and more than I want happens .. eq a virus in the mainframe …

I keep my photos on external disks and sync them occasionally to another disk. A year ago I hadn’t copied my files for 3 months and primary photo disk had disappeared from list and Windows indicated that it’s file system was “raw”. Luckily TestDisk has managed to fix that problem so far.

Survey completed.

My scariest moment was the day, a malware took all my pictures and works. That was horrible, lost so much stuff, that i can never get back ;(

When my usb storage drive lost my all necessary informations..lots of pictures and school works.

Once i got a cd from my friend with some applications after copying it to the harddrive i executed some and after a week or so when i realised the pc was abit slow.. i checked taskmanger and saw a couple of new processes. after scanning the harddrive with an antivirus i found all my exe files being effected by paite virus. After the cleaning process my exe’s were rendered useless.. lost most of my data

When my friend child pushed all keyboards and system never worked again..i musted reinstall whole system again.

I think the worst of them has been coffee and coca-cola accidentally poured all over my laptop. Luckily i was able to clean it up nice and its still running smooth…yeah

Onece upon a time in my early years of coding I tried for fun to duplicate the Doom loading screen (loading done and level appears). This was before the protected mode was introduced (dos) and coding directly to graphic card was a breeze. After some lines of code and compiling I sat there with my exe file. I typed in its name and hit enter… Almost imediatly I was presented with a black screen saying “ not found”. Shock set in and I wondered what the h*** had I just done; this shuld NOT happen. In feer of what horrors I would find I restarted the computer… And the anticlimax for you readers and the reliefe for me; the reboot was uneventful. I wrote it off as an stack overflow and in the end abandoned the project.

the scariest thing i have seen on my pc was a “boot disk not found, press alt-ctrl-del to restart” error the day i was going to submit my assignment that i had taken almost 3 months to complete!

Scariest thing was my FF browser telling me that a something malicious was detected on a site and to exit immediately

The scariest thing I’ve ever seen was the bright red screen on my now ex-husband’s PC-screen… He used to download everything from anywhere allthough I told him not to. He got this malware that says *your computer is infected! download this FREE antivirusprogramme…’

The malware changed the wallpaper into bright red and you couldn’t remove it or the programme… Everytime after restart the red screen made ME see red… after many hours and trying many antimalware programmes I finally got it erased in safe mode.

my scariest experience was when my computer was taken over by a really nasty virus. i couldn’t even start it in safe mode and i lost thousands of pictures as a result. It truly was devastating. It was a hard lesson learned and now i back up my photos and run my anti-virus program very often

Seeing a picture of my boyfriend dressed as a woman from a Halloween night…

…but more relevant would be when my old computer was started to fail; I’d been working for a couple of hours on a project and stupidly forgot to save. The screen went multi-coloured, then blank, then streamed errors all over the place and then when blue with a little flashing _

Stomach. In. Mouth.

NB. *thinks* …That really is a horrid phrase…

For me the scariest thing was a porn video that came with my brand new computer! I guess someone was pulling a prank because I had just got the PC set up when I was checking out Windows media player. There was the link, I won’t write the title because it was gross, but it actually came with the PC. I removed it but that was not something I needed the kids to find. It may have been a joke, but it was in very poor taste.

I make mistakes all the time… e.g. just put my email as my name on here *facepalm*
(thanks for not posting)

In response to this competition however! I was working on a project, forgot to save, screen went multicoloured, errors streamed down my screen and then it went blue with a flashing _

You really do hold your breath when things like that happen… and when you send emails to the wrong person… and go underwater…

once i was trying to install OSx86 & ubuntu in my pc but failed cz my pc is bit older config , but ubuntu ll work well but instaling it is difficult in case of pertition, now my PC is without OS. later that day night i gotta go to my dads office in nearby state. the next day morning my sister called me & shouted “pc is not working what you did..!!” so i told her to use Ubuntu live CD but instead she installed it formatting full hard disk 😦 all data’s in my D:\ drive & E:\ drive was erased aaargh..!!!! 😦 i had lotta games , music , softwares& other stuffs in it 😥

finished survey

A few years ago I got an error message that went along the lines “Your computer will crash. There is nothing you can do to stop this from happening. I mean no ill will to any one person but just want to see how far I can go.”
Yes, it crashed. I had a backup then but still really scary.

Quite a lot of years ago when I changed from another anti virus to F-Secures and found I had 17 basic viruses and I was getting lots of BSOD’s. Once F-Secure had done it’s job, my laptop worked faster and never had another BSOD in 4 or 5 years in XP.

I was fixing the computer of our company’s financial director and after windows started there she was, what i assumed was his wife wearing absolutely nothing, after couple seconds of tracking the source of the picture I felt obligated to let the financial director to know the backup folder isn’t the best place for such pictures cause they will be uploaded to the company servers and afterwards transferred to tapes which will be held in company vault and afterwards to bank vault and kept there for 5-10 years 😀

Needless to say we were both bit embaressed, but then again if u use your computer the way it should be used these kinds of things are scariest memories you will have.

Scary part being that the poor guy’s wife wasn’t the most attractive humanbeing on the planet.

After my dad downloaded a printer “driver” from a sketchy website, a virus installed itself. The scariest thing was everytime I would try to open My Computer, the Control Panel, or any administrative program, it would instantly close it, like there was someone inside the computer Alt-F4’ing my actions. Good thing it went away though.

Downloading a large file from the internet and tried to run it only to find out the file is damaged.

I just waste many hours for it 😦

Wrong password or username.

This was given to me by my emailprogram, my steam account and ALOT of my diablo2 accounts, i didnt change any password and i cant reach my accounts 😦

Anti-virus and internetsecurity is my best buy! (after my awesome laptop ofcourse!)

OK, the scariest thing on my computer wasn’t really that scary, but one of those moments you really could live without: the little blinking question-marks on one of those yesteryear macs with the BIG consequences.

I once bought an SD card from ebay seller. I got a SanDisk that turned out to be fake and with tons of obscure chinese files and folders. That was scary.

Bluescreens are allways scary, but not allways dangerous, sometimes its only harware that causes the bluescreen, sometimes it´s drivers, and softwarefailure. So a bluescreen must not be dangerous at all. The most scary thing with my stationary PC is that it hasn´t been on for months, and it has been hidden more and more by things stapled on eachother. Luckyly I have my laptop.
Well my Stationary has crasched totaly sometimes, and it might been caused by viruses some of the times. I used to use my stationary to everything, but it´s managed out to play games on it.
I used to play some fpsgames, but for a year ago it crashed and I had to recover a lot of files, it took “ages” to do, and when I got it back reinstalled, I was online for gaming and after a day or two the graphiccard burnt. So I got tiered of it all, and as I didn´t had money for buy a new card at that time, I only used it for surfing, all other application beside gaming that used the card I had to end up doing.
At first it might have been a virus, but i think it was hardware as the main harddrive had crashed.
Anyway I have never been witout a good antivirus with aplications like Adaware.
And don´t play that game without it, as it´s stupid.

When i plug myUSB Flash Drive, suddenly BSOD happens.. Its scary me coz, some my document not saved yet.. so if i plug my USB Flash again, i always save my work first..

Well the most frightening thing is that I was using a computer with no antivirus and I was trying to install new software that came up to be virus. It erased half data in the computer before I realized that it was a virus.

Oh my gosh I would have to say the porn pop ups. I let a guy at work use my computer while I was at lunch. When I came back and got back on it, I saw some very nasty things. I had to call tech support for help. I did alot of blushing while my co-workers got a good laugh on my behalf!

The scariest thing I saw was on my father’s computer, when it couldn’t boot because he had unwittingly formatted his hard drive.

The scariest things I’ve seen are:
1. The frosen screen during the move of all my music from one disk to another. Had to reboot, and *POFF* the music got stuck in a cable or something – however, I didn’t find it again… 😉

2. The screen that told me that my computer was dead and lost beyond retrieval.

(Survey completed)

The scariest thing I can see on my computer is the “Sorry, You Didn’t Win” message. I love playing Instant Win and Sweeps games on the computer.

@swtthing3 on Twitter


Lets see the scariest thing i saw was when i turned on my computer and saw nothing oh fried MOB boooo! Survey complete!

The scariest thing I’ve seen was AV Security Suite telling me that my laptop was under attack and then it basically crippled my computer and tried to get me to shell out 70 bucks to fix it. Fortunately, I figured out that it was just ransomware and I was able to get it off my computer. Scary, stressful pain in the neck.

The Ultimate Virus
In my opinion viruses are by far the scariest PC problem hands down. I had what you could call a truly horrifying virus. My anti virus let in this problem,we won’t mention any names, and after many third party scans I had no choice but to reload my Operating System. Should of been using F-Secure they say hind site is 20/20. Now, normally you reload once and the problem is fixed. This evil parasite took 3 reloads and much prayer. Finally the exorcism was over and I was free. With a clean computer I installed F-Secure and have been problem free ever since, thanks F-Secure.

The scariest thing :
When I turn on my computer..and my user account has changed by someone. I dont know who.

The Click of Death
One day I was using my computer when all of the sudden it just stopped working. I’ve seen the notorious Blue Screen of Death but this was worse. All that was left of my computer was a case with a click, click, click coming from inside it. Not only was the computer dead but the hard drive was frozen solid. That click was the read/write head, broken. I had lost everything with no hope to get my information. Just a little piece of advice, if your computer starts to click at you, save everything fast and get it looked at.

The scariest thing I´ve ever seen on my PC (laptop) was a large vanilla milk shake that I somehow managed to tipp over…. In other words; the harddrive cooled down quickly!

I also completed the survey….
“Survey completed”

Memory test counter after accidential reboot when I realised that I typed a nice few pages of homework without saving it :O

The scariest thing you’ve ever seen on my PC was a cd with demo games, with no explanation, was between cdrom drive and the top case. And worst: the cd was borrowed and I could not return to the owner.

The scariest thing I’ve ever seen on my PC was nothing. Poor thing died, twice actually, but luckily she was brought back to life with a new motherboard, and all files intact.

The scariest thing by far was the first time F-secure warned me of a detected infection. It was over 10 years ago but I still remember the feeling.

The scariest thing I ever seen on my PC was when I logged in to windows & I didn’t realised that my antivirus program ( avira in that day ) had a problem loading up with the windows …… and I played a game quick………….(without protection) and in a few minutes all in my computer has changed……many pop-ups from fake alerts and many viruses in my PC……….I tryed to desinfect my sistem using kaspersky rescue disk ( booting from my USB ) but after it deleted them the infection was to big and when i booted into my windows the computer restarted ……………..I was wrong when I used my PC in that day without the antivirus loaded..

Scariest thing I saw, reloading windows onto a dell laptop, would get to 57%? done and would
then go black . . . Laptop would get exceptionally hot and shut down. Every time I tried to
reload windows . .same thing. Overheat and shut down. I put the laptop in the freezer to let
the cool air circulate through it. It finallly loaded and worked perfectly. Strangest thing.

the scariest thing was a cockroach that ran out of my computer when I wanted to clean it for dust

Survey completed

One day, I received a BSOD just after Windows 7 Install. It told me that my graphics card had crashed. Strange. My graphics card is Nvidia GTX 260.

The scariest thing have ever seen on my PC was this message: Catastrophic failure, when i was installing the operating system.

Survey completed.

To me it was not like “spectacular” event, like a thriller. But it was more painful …
Why? Because the computer is rebooted elsewhere. While I seek to verify components in so many ways, my famous (!!!) Antec decided to discontinue its work and not in any way, but melting a rail with floppy disk connector and doing a splendid short circuit and the entire case was blackened by smoke (free modding:)).

The scariest thing that ever happend to me was when i try to remove the thermal grease and put a new one and by accident i remove the heatsink with the processor :|, the thermal grease was very old, lucky for me that the processor din’t broke and after i clean it up and put the new thermal grease everything was ok.

My nightmare started when i was infected by a virus who delete my executable files from computer.

I was working on my pc with linux when, suddenly, all freeze, and the led from hdd was light, after reboot I see only a blackscreen(my time was stop), after some test I found that the hdd is gone with 4 months of my work…and now I make backup almost monthly…

i installed avira on my pc..after sometime have seen the scariest thing was a prompt message ” winlogon.exe ” is infected and it asked me for uninstalling it.. i click over yes.. (by mistake) and then .. everything was gone on the startup..
it never started until i format my PC..

i have also completed the survey..

[Quote]”It was a dark and stormy night. The only light in my room is the soft glow of my PC monitor. The wind howls against the window sill as I wait for the auction to close. Suddenly an email pops up from my Outlook. I try to shut it but instead I accidentally open Windows Media Player.“Close! Close! Close!” I command, as press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Task Manager. End task on everything but Firefox!”
Reminds me time, when i had F-Secure Internet Security 2010 :D(1 month ago)

And scariest moment (an Day)
1)pushing start button
2)waiting to start
3)”Welcome” screen appears and mouse indicates loading
4)Mouse freezing… everything freeezing…
5)Trying to restart(works only restart button)
6)Trying to start… freezed at manufactorer’s screen (bios time)
7)Trying to Restart…
9)No more monitor signal(but PC loaded)…
10)Trying to do something(with restarting)…
[And so on]

~42)Trying to start again
43)Signal to monitor came back…
44)Finally welcome screen
47)I’ve open Safari, read Twitter, came here…

And same situation happened many times(very many)(very)

Well, over about twenty years of computing, the scariest thing I’ve come across is definitely the Facebook.

And no, survey not completed, obviously. 🙂

For me, nothing was more creepy and scarry than the late evening when my Windows XP installed notebook gave a BSOD right before saving my precious work for college in Office World. My stupidity was that my entire work (the .doc and .xls document folder) where saved on primary partition (I was sure that my Windows system is secured). Luckily, I have had an Linux Live CD which partially saved my day. But not the entire work of that day. All I’ve worked that day was gone (approx. 30 A4 pages)…and I had to completed it on the next day (the deadline). That work was for college graduation. It was a crazy moment.

hard drive failure was one of the most terrible things seen on my computer because we have lost many family photos and documents, but the biggest scare was hoax with spooky video that asks you to give maximum volume and the display shows an ugly face. was terrifying!!!

My user on my windows xp pro computer was corrupted once and i lost all my passwords, emails, contacts and it was the office one not my home pc.Two days later it happened with my home pc again.
It was horrible.The last backup was done two month ago and I had to start it over again from flashbacks.
Survey Completed!

When i see picture about victim of pyroclastic flows (awan panas) on website in my computer screen..

The scariest thing I ever saw on my computer was a virus that looked so real it looked just like my folders and when I clicked it I received some crazy stuff going on and had to do a few things to get my computer back to normal. I also had a virus that took over my computer and I needed to reinstall my whole system which I didn’t have it backed up at the time and lost many things because of it.

Besides the BSOD? The original set up of my computer. I lost everything and when I rebooted, it was as if all my stuff never existed… sigh.

Obviously the message ‘disk not found’ at the boot up. There goes all my important stuffs.

I had my machine running at home while I was away, and it was a really stormy day with lightning strikes and thunder (naturally). I got home, and everything was shut down, as often happens during storms. When booting my main machine which I use for all my creative work… it reports on my raid. Two out of three disks in my raid 5 array are dead! Of course my heart was racing AND the blood was drained from my face (how is that combined?) and I started to frantically see if I could resurrect one of the broken disks, to no awail. While tearing up and realizing how much I had lost I got the brilliant idea to trade out the raid card, as I luckily had the same model card in two different machines. Salvation! With the other card two disks were alive! I immediately ordered two new disks (now a spare too) and rebuilt my raid when they arrived a few days later. Needless to say I now also have an off-site backup, I never want to experience that again.

Built my new computer and installed everything nicely. Hardware booting up, installing all my drivers and programs. Everything works like a charm. Some time later I plug in the headset in the front and the computer dies. Fast as I can I unplug the headset as fast as I can and see if I can get the computer to boot again to no avail. I had connected one cable wrongly that resulted in my motherboard being fried. Scary as always when suddenly your computer won’t start and you are worried that all the hardware need to be replaced.

Windows Vista which was launched with so much hype and game changer for Microsoft turned out to be such a dud. It was supposed to be stablest of all microsoft OS’es but never lived up to the hype.

I could confirm to this long before it was launched while I was testing the beta and this was something totally expected of Microsoft but…Here is the snapshot and the article I wrote on this subject

The scariest thing I’ve ever seen on my PC was Coca-cola…when I spilled it on my laptop keyboard and fried my motherboard!

I was talking to a girl on yahoo I get a message from a friend and I said to get on his page to give comments on pictures.Am clicked and asking me to install flash player an i have been infect.Send many message that girl who i liked gives me ignore.

Scariest thing is saw on my screen was these multi-colored lines all over it… i thought it was the end of my PC lol

I had replaced my PCs hard drive because it crashed on me, so I was devastated. All my college work was stored in there, another bitterness for not having used my external drive. Then, not even a month or so, the replaced hard drive had crashed on me! I was just mad at that point. I almost lost all of my stored personal pictures and videos. Good thing I used a back up this time, but I don’t often sync it regularly.

I had a motherboard short out and catch on fire once. That scared the hell out of me and smelled really bad.

The scariest thing that happened to me was after my computer crashed I couldn’t get it to reboot. I kept pressing the power button with no success. Thought my computer died. I unplugged the power cord from my pc and plugged it back after waiting for an hour. Finally that worked, but it sure had me worried for awhile

There’s always a sense of trepidation when I come across an unknown process in task manager and go through a bout of online research to figure out what random driver or program it belongs to. It’s usually followed by an hour of virus and spyware scans.

The scariest thing I ever saw on my computer was when my hard drive died while I was on our HP computer. Everything went really blurry, just like someone was slowly applying a Gaussian Blur to it in Photoshop. It freaked me out because I thought it was something wrong with my EYES until I looked around and noticed everything else was fine.

Survey completed.

Finding 54 Tai-Pan viruses on my machine, just because my f-prot was about 2 months to old, ah the days of 3.5″ floppies and no internet updates.

“Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us. “

once when i was searching for images on internet for my project.opening one out of few,i was drag into adult content site.that same time my elder brother arrived and started scolding me.suddenly my computer switched off..he complained it to parents i was again scolded.when i restarted my computer was stuck on BIOS setup..the most scariest time with my computer…..
finally my brother got it repaired..i think windows was replaced,thank god hard disk was not damaged and i explained every one the exact situation that i faced

It was around this time last year when I was writing a huge essay for Economics, it was a cold night and I had the Flu. I was working as hard as I could and I wouldn’t have let the slightest thing bother me. If my memory serves me well, I believe, as I was approaching the end of my 2000 word essay, the light of the room started to flicker yet I tried hard not to let it bother me from my work. I had just finished the essay and grabbed my mouse to propel it across the screen over to the Save icon in Microsoft Word and just as I clicked Save that very moment… the screen went blank. Oh the horror I remember, my heart was pounding… then turned up the blue “Dumping physical memory to disk” screen. I was thinking a million thoughts at once, was it a virus, a hack, a power cut, a computer crash? As the PC restarted I hurried to the location of where the Document was to be saved, yet the was no sight of it, I had to redo all that work all over again and I had already forgotten some of the great ideas I had put in first essay. The horror together with the shear frustration was a moment to forget though that day stuck with me. Now I save my work every 5 minutes and by the way I also still have that very essay – reminds me of that dark blue screen of horror whenever I come across it.

one night I thought I change the antivirus. I’ve uninstalled the previous one, I rushed to install it on other and I missed 20 minutes … I did something very important and I left turned on.When I came back blocked I gave a restart because my computer was blocked .When i had a surprise.I can’t open a aplication.I could move the mouse but just that.i change my windows but then i was very scaried

Because the PC was overclocked my friend, after a reboot I’ve started Windows and I got scared thinking that I broke myself.

Well, I was stuck at home, and always saw that says “press F1 to continue or F2 to setup” but I said that I failed myself, so I know so much about computers …. :)))

After a shock from the power supply voltage began to smoke increasingly louder because the source fan, and my room was filled with smoke as in Hollywood movies.

A neglected problem in OC: FSB frequency is set too high and my HDD is gone from BIOS. You can imagine the moments of horror that I went …

You know what happens if you do not backup regularly?
A whole life to live a drama if you lose family photos and movies, as had happened to me …

A mouse pointer “frozen” on the desktop while working on an unsaved project and I felt the blood freeze in my veins.
I do not want something like, ever.

A lot of letters and numbers on a screen background color … blue.
Solution?? There is only reset button!!

In FIFA 2010, in the midst of a thrilling match, I was preparing to give a cross. Suddenly millions of colored pinstriped fill the screen. I do not know what to do and jump to pull the plug. At the next reboot, after a few minutes, a scream extremely unpleasant for the user – that annoying beep – he told me that something snapped. In this case the video card…

I did a quick exchange of MP3 files on the drive of a friend who had installed a free antivirus installed, then I would write an audio CD to someone quickly, without scanning the USB flash. On the desktop appeared a message that I am virus and notify that I have to connect to the internet to download a no-name anti-virus (actually a malware). After “resume antivirus” infected system files were deleted and I had to reinstall windows (with the requisite madness and all the stuff).

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