Quick tip: How to hide your Facebook friends list


Recently Chloe, a commenter on “How to Save Face: 6 Tips for Safer Facebooking“, asked, “How do I hide my friends to everyone?”

To hide your friends list on Facebook, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Go to the “Account” tab and select “Privacy Settings”

2. Under “Basic Directory Information” click “View Settings”

3. In the “See my friends” setting select “Customize”

4.Below “Make this visible to” select “Only Me”

You can also go to your “Profile” and click on the little pencil above your friends.  You can select how many friends to show. But you can’t select 0.

To hide your list entirely you have to click “Change Visibility Settings” and end up at step 3 above.

Facebook makes it far too difficult to hide your friends. In the site’s defense, it’s not as hard to find as some of the site’s other opt-in features. And you’re probably not going on a social network to be anti-social. And if you need to hide your friends from even your friends, you’re adding the wrong people as friends.

But still, Facebook, c’mon! Put 0 as an option right on my profile. I may want to be social in different ways than the 550,000,000 other people on your site. Or maybe I want to protect my friends with intriguing politics. Or maybe I’m neurotic about the karma in connecting the wrong people. But give me the choice.

I admit it: I just can’t quit you, Facebook. But if you keep pushing me away, you’re eventually going to succeed. So every once in a while, surprise me! Error on the side of making it easy to control my privacy.

Still your friend,



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