You don’t have to be a parent to use parental control

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The internet is full information, but how many of us want access to all of it? There are some things online that we can live without seeing. There are also certain categories of website that are used more often by spammers and scammers and sometimes you might find yourself too easily distracted by browsing the web when you should be working.

This is when using parental control on yourself can be useful.

When you have our internet security product with parental control installed you can get a little help with your self-discipline, if you want it, or provide an extra layer between yourself and internet content that you do not want to see.

Parental control has two blocking methods, one of them time-based and the other category based. If there are types of website that you do not wish to see you can set up a category based block for yourself:

Picture of F-Secure parental control categories

If you tend to lose track of the time and browse past your ideal bed time then you can use the time limits in parental control to make a warning page appear if you try to access a new page after, say, 1am:

F-Secure parental control time block settings

If you set it up for yourself you still know the password and retain control over your browsing. You can extend the time limit in half hour chunks if you want a little longer. You won’t find yourself blocked from the internet if you don’t really want to be as you can either whitelist specific sites or override the block by entering the password.

It’s a nice way to give yourself a little reminder and to ask yourself the question “Do I really want to surf here?”


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Great feature and well implemented! With all the junk you can find on the Internet nowadays, parental control is a MUST on everybody’s PC! I want to see more of these protections!

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