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I’m still worried about my friend John. Everywhere he goes, he leaves a little bit of himself for strangers to find and exploit.  Take John’s recent trip to Stockholm, for instance.

Why am I so afraid for John? Identity Theft.  I’m afraid someone is going to pretend to be John and get him in a lot of trouble. And frankly, John does enough of that himself.

But John won’t listen. Maybe it’s because the term “Identity Theft” is vague. The whole reason you worry about someone damaging your identity is because unless you have surgery or access to incredible forgeries, you will always be you.

When most people talk aboutIdentity Theft, they usually mean simple credit card fraud—someone using your financial details to illegally buy property. But there are many kinds of Identity Theft. Someone can pose as you to commit a crime or to get prescription. Your online identity could be hijacked to harm your personal brand. Loans can be applied for in your name. The possibilities are only limited by a criminal’s imagination.

So, we want to know: What does Identity Theft mean to you? What is the most irreplaceable aspect of your identity?

Read the rules and post your answer on the comments below for your chance to win Flip Ultra HD 8 GBcamera and F-Secure Internet Security 2011, which will help protect your identity.



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according to me identity theft means imitating me by creating fake profile in facebook & other social network.
Imitating my girlfriend & pranking me asking me to clear her bills & debts
imitating as my girlfriend via mobile & asking me to recharge her mobile account.
Sending messages like my girl friend & intruding into my personal life.

Identity theft any unlawful use or the use without permission of a person’s personal information by another person or company for personal or financial gain. Actually, I guess it’s narrower than that, because that just about covers any type of data mining, Identity theft is limited to using data obtained as above for the purpose of emulating someone else for one’s own ends. Credit card fraud, use of Soc Sec numbers for illegal immigrants, as you mentioned obtaining prescriptions, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, underage drinking, totally new identities, emptying bank accounts. And of course while you are cleaning up the mess, other things the thieves never messed with can go to hell in a handcart.

Justin Bieber stole my 16yr-old boyish charm and bowl haircut. To prove this, I could link to my Facebook page with my date of birth and a photo of me as the original underground Bieber, but that would be like candy to criminals… and I would rather not give Justin any further pointers.

Identity theft is very dangerous
It will be change your login name & pasword, your name, addrees, phone number to someone else

Identity theft is when someone pretends to be you, usually to try to gain something, but sometimes to harm you. It’s most often done for financial gain, but can also be for reasons such as trying to hurt your reputation.

Identity theft to me is unknown entities knowing my name and address. My name together with my address are the most irreplaceable aspect of my identity. I’m not planning on moving or changing my name anytime soon, makes me think of stalkers.

I.D. theft can be mildly annoying to very costly. It’s mildly annoying when someone steals your youtube account, like what happened to me, and mosts horrible comment on your friend’s video pretending to be you. Thank God, it hasn’t been costly to me where someone has gotten hold of my bank account info and made purchases unbeknowst to me., The most irreplacable part of my ID is probably the social security number. With that, you can open anything anywhere

When someone steals my password for several accounts I have – web based mail, Facebook, Twitter and so – and pretending is me.

“Identity thief” .. if someone pretends to be me so (s)he can ruin my credit information. Have my personal “image”, trust to the people ruined or that I can’t visit some countries because of their paranoia laws. Spoil my chances with job or school. Have me arrested from something that I did not do. Have my life to be harassed by media. And any followup what comes from this.

I don’t find it impossible to have local goverment thinking I’m dead and have any granted right to be revoked until I fix everything back.

Sounds like movies..

For me it’s future personal finance catastrophe. Right now, the absence of control in France’s credit company makes it easy to have multiple card – even in the same credit company. And this doesn’t require much info on the victim, there’s already have been fraudulous impersonation affairs.

Identity theft is very dangerous!
My name with my address are the most irreplaceable aspect of my identity.
Identity theft is illegal and use any of my data of identification by another person or company for personal or financial gain without permission .
Identity theft can destroy a person’s life both financially and socially and emotionally on down to the finest detail. I do not agree that other people know about my situation at all levels than I want to communicate!

Identity theft means losing your credit score in a blink of an eye, and having to battle the consequences for years to come.

To me it means that someone have my id-information and using them for all kind of fraud, and all the harm comes to me.

my big fear would be what it could do to my credit rating, it could have a terrible impact on my ability to get a mortgage or loans.

I think the people who posted before me identified personal identity theft as I would. What scares me are those who hijack legitimate sites and duplicate their layouts so that I would think I was somewhere I felt comfortable, and thus more likely to give some information. I’m thinking of online banks or large Cormporations’ sites.

ID Theft to me would be devastating. After many years of building a optimum credit score,.everything would come crashing down around me. That would be the most irreplaceable aspect for me, trying to rebuild my credit. I would be totally stressed out about this if it happened.
I am careful about protecting my information but everyone I deal with is not.
My biggest pet peeve is the state,local and federal government including personal info such as social security numbers on correspondence. When paying my personal taxes I am required to write my SS# on the check, This really ticks me off. Now my info is floating around the bank as well.

Identity Theft is a high level of knowledge about a person, full social signature information, which is needed for bank loans or other very personally related things. It is the highest level of personal information.

Identity theft happened to my brother! It took him OVER 2 years to finally be done with the agony of restoring his old accounts, new accounts created by the criminal, and more! I’m super careful with information as a result of his painful experience.

Identity theft can be both annoying and costly, anything from hacked passwords, spam email all the way to bogus purchases, stolen credit card numbers and fraudulent loans. Everyone needs to protect their personal information

For me Identity Theft means that someone makes on my behalf any action.My irreplaceable aspect of my identity would be my account details.

Identity theft to me is running around using my virtual “me” and using it illegally. The worst of this is having shopping bills, hospital bills, any bills paid, withdrawals done and left the real “me” with at times impossible tasks left to get the mess fixed. Just imagine explaining to officials that is wasn’t me, i.e. ME, who got that face-lift done, that colon inspected or who had given birth to that baby … Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

Hi Team from F-Secure!

Identity theft is definitely a very serious issues nowadays especially concerning the younger generation. A lot of teenagers give their personally data easily to websites and publish them for everybody on the entire internet. If this data is taken, scrubbed or collected by somebody or a group of people in order to misuse them for spamming or even committing a crime, or use somebody’s identity to for example purchase something on the internet under somebody else’s identity this would be an identity theft for me.

Sometimes I even have to push myself not to publish to much about myself on the internet. My address and telephone number is most probably the most valuable criteria about my identity. I wouldn’t want anybody to know about these things unless I actively want somebody to know about it. I am old enough know to know this but I think an important issue is to educate especially the younger generation not to publish too much private information on the internet. It has shown in the past that this information can be use for an evil purpose, so especially kids and teenagers need to be made aware of this problem!

By the way, thank you very much for such a cool raffle – a Flip Ultra HD 8 GB camera and F-Secure Internet Security 2011 – what a cool prize!!! I would be sooooo happy to win it! I’d jump to the moon and back because of joy :-).

Thank you very much to make aware of the problem of identity theft via this discussion!

Cheers, Anja

Identity theft is not just that someone uses our information for their use but also our ignorance of being published where the identity is no longer on our control.

The aspects of identity that is not replaceable are home address or security number.

The most important part of my identity that I wouldn’t want stolen or exploited are the relationships I have with people.

By my meaning, identity theft is miss-using my name
That explains everything..
And i don’t know what’s my most irreplaceable…(maybe nothing)

The most irreplacable to me when it comes to identity teft is to loose, or rather having other gaining access to, the ability to take out loans. But also looing controll over, or others gaining access to, for example email.

All in all any form of identity loss or controll over own identity is irreplacable.
All publicity is good publicity they say, but would rather not be in the spotlight if someone proxies through my computer “posing as me” doing dirty deeds on the net.

Identity theft reminds me of “The Sixth Day”.
it would suck… even in a not so mindblowing way it would.

anyways, i a couple of keyloggers installed in a couple of university campus public PC’s…
i’ts so easy and yet dangerous. :S

Identify theft means to me that some else is pretending to be me and that is not good at all

Identity theft is the ultimate crime in virtual space! The worst thing that can happen is to have two John Does in the virtual world. That makes John Doe inexistent!

At mildest identity theft could be used in some “OK” practical jokes amongst friends, but of course nobody should do that 🙂 Especially don’t go too far with it. Anyway, at worst identity theft can even ruin your entire life.

I don’t use internet for banking. So I’m only concerned about bad guys who could log in to my accounts I have on social network services and compromise me.

Indentity theft is one of the most growing coincerns on the internet today, it will ruin every aspect of your life if you get caught up in it.

Besides identity thieves harming people financially, they can harm credit scores, reputations, criminal records, and relationships. They can steal your money..but they can also steal your sense of security. I know several people who had their email accounts closed after these were taken over and used by spammers…who then knew everything about them. Just this week in the news, there were two cases of songs (bad music really) supposedly sung by celebrities that were later revealed to be fakes.
I think the penalties for this type of crime should be harsher! I suppose loss of your S.S.# would be most harmful today. To think it wasn’t long ago that we used them for college I.D.s and they were printed on our checks!

Identity theft is someone who claims to be me in all aspects of life, regardless of whether there is a financial impact or not. I had a family member who suffered identity theft a few years back – and she is still cleaning up the mess after many years. Watch your information, check your credit reports, make sure that your addresses are correctly registered with the authorities – all good ways to protect yourself.

my identify has stoled couples times. Biggest was when someone stoled my neteller and email passwords and taked all my moneys. I founded keylogger my computer. Good was that i get all moneys back. but is very scary when you use lot of online never know when someone is trying to attack.

when someone gets our identity without our knowledge..the most irreplaceable aspect of my identity is my address..

if somebody stole my credit card.

Irreplaceable aspect if some one steal my social security number.

It means that someone find out information about my identity, trying to use them without my permission in order to commit fraud.

Identity theft for me is exploiting my pi data for malicious use. Most irreplaceble aspects of my identiy are not shared online and will not likely be at risk – and therefore I am not going to share this here 🙂

My biggest issue aside from the traditional identity theft, would be people utilizing my image online. I use the same avatar globally, and if someone else began using it, I would have some serious problems on my hands.

i think identity theft is when someone stole my personal information without my permission. the most irreplaceable aspect is email password

Identity Theft, for me, is posing as someone else for malicious purposes through stealing one’s personal information. What is most important to me is the safety and security of my loved ones could be compromised. For example, if my email got hacked then the hacker could contact everybody with the same last name as mine, asking for financial help or worse, setting them up to be kidnapped, etc.

The scariest thing that could ever happen to you since it’s pretty much taking your whole identity. This is how most of us are being recognized, our own fingerprint.

The most irreplaceable aspect of identity has to be a good reputation.Worst case scenario: getting arrested 40 times in fifteen years, (sometimes by a SWAT team), being flagged in countless national and international databases, being unable to clear your name in spite of formal apologies of the Ministry of Justice etc. Case in point: (Dutch), (Google Translated to English) A nightmare…

Identity theft to me is to steal my personal information for their own gain. It was quite disturbing when my former email was hacked into, and was used to gain access to my ebay account setting up fraudulent auctions under my user name. Also, being charged for items that I did npt order from a merchant. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. The scariest thing would be for someone to get my SS # or information about my family that would jeopardize their safety.

to me, identity theft means that is pretending to be me without my knowledge. most irreplaceable aspect of your identity would be my social security number

To me identity means having my private information stolen by unscrupulous lowlifes.There’s a special place in hell for these dirt-bags.

Identity theft is someone taking over your life for personal gain. The most irreplaceable aspect in my life would be my passport. Do you know how hard it is to travel these days?!

Identity theft is a form of fraud or cheating of another person’s identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person’s identity.

The most irreplaceable aspect of my identity would be my name. I don’t want to have to change my name for what some other person did, pretending to be me. I like my name!

The crime of stealing someone’s personal, identifying information for the purpose of using that information fraudulently. Personal, identifying information includes: Social Security Numbers, credit card and banking account numbers, usernames, passwords, and patient records. Fraudulent uses for that information can often include: opening new credit accounts, taking out loans in the victim’s name, stealing money from financial accounts, or using available credit.

The crime of identity theft is most often committed by organized crime rings or desperate individuals with opportunity.

Identity theft is what happened to my niece, someone highjacked her e-mail and set up a facebook account in her name contacting her friends in her name.

The most frightening aspect of identity theft is the loss of control. What evidence do you have to prove who you are if the other person has exactly the same documentation?

It is hard, but not impossible, to forge physical characteristics, such as finger prints or iris scans. Systems using physical identification have led to some reports of bizarre identity theft, such as chopping off fingers and cauterising finger tips.

This physical data is certainly the most irreplaceable part of my identity, but my passport and driving licence come a close second. These are the keys to applying for all the secondary documentation that makes it possible for the criminal fraternity to access my financial details.

It is not the small scale theft that worries me, but the widespread industry that has sprung up around the sale of data such as credit card numbers.

What does Identity Theft mean to you? What is the most irreplaceable aspect of your identity?

To me, Identity Theft, means someone has posed as another person illegally for the gain of goods or services of which all monetary and legal responsibility will be traced back to the victim and not the impostor.

In my opinion the most irreplaceable aspect of my identity is my personnummer (in Sweden) and my Social Security Number (in the USA). Once someone has gotten a hold of this number they can use it to open credit cards, obtain loans, purchase items, etc. In the US, if your SSN is stolen and you are subjected to Identity Theft, you can’t get a new SSN. So any detrimental affects from the theft are something you will have to live with forever. It becomes a constant hardship to explain to creditors, banks, etc. what happened and how you are not responsible. In many instances creditors/banks will not extend credit to a victim because of the risk involved. The damage from Identity Theft of an SSN or personnummer is almost irreparable.

Not only can Identity Theft cause financial troubles, it can also damage one’s reputation. For instance, if someone were to gain access to my email, website or Facebook, they could send or post messages that are completely untrue and potentially harmful or hurtful to myself and others.

Identity theft is any incident where someone other than me uses my personal information to gain some personal profit, cause harm to me or my family/close ones and trying to gain access to information that is not ment for anyone except me.

Identity theft to me, is any attempt someone might make to pose as me, online or IRL, regardless of wheter they’re up to no good or trying to save the world… Even just commenting on some web forum using a nickname they know I frequently use.

The most irreplacable aspect of my identity, to me, is who I am as a person: my views & values, opinions etc. The worst consequence of identity theft would be having “my good name” tainted by words & actions not my own. Though economic loss would be pretty darn bad too.

most irreplacable think if someone used my mastercard shopping. I change often my email password..hope that helps.

The most damaging part of identity theft is the loss of your reputation. This could be your credit score which will hurt you financially or your social persona.

Identity theft? I heard about many cases happened to various people and I personally know a guy with his yahoo account hacked. He had big problems because the stealer changed his e-mail account password… In my opinion Identity theft means to lose your most valuable asset in both virtual and real life.

Identity theft is a form of fraud or cheating of another person’s identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person’s identity, typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person’s name
my ATM pin is the most irreplaceable.

Identity Theft is stealing ur identity to do anything illegal or buying stuff using my credit card or uploading indecent pics on my facebook account or even worse when they Advertise “penis enlargement pills” on my facebook account.(this happend to my friend ,who is soo similar to jhon)

most irreplaceable part of my identity is the reputation i have with my FB friends , if anything of that sort happens its permanently damaged

scariest thing that someone use my identify over the world. Irreplacabble if somone stole my credit card.

Identity theft to me means attaining my identity and using it for your own personal gain. I think the most irreplaceable aspect of my identity would be my reputation as an aspiring entrepreneur.

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