Be smarter than John: How to protect yourself against Credit Card fraud


Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing our concerns regarding our friend John’s carelessness.  He may as well have just given his credit card away – which in fact in Stockholm and Helsinki, is exactly what he did. (Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to spot John and receive a voucher? If so these can be redeemed over on our Facebook page.)

In addition to updated internet security, there are a number of simple methods you can use to protect yourself from credit card fraud, and avoid others using your details for their own benefit. Keep your card in a secure place, don’t forget it at every bar you go to, don’t shout out your number while waiting for a subway. Basically, think of everything John does, and do the opposite.

Here are three credit card safety tips that John would definitely ignore.

  1. Only make online purchases when you’re on a protected PC in a secure network. And only enter your credit card info at reputable, secured websites. (Look for the “s” in the https://.)
  2. Ask your card provider or bank if they offer one-time use credit card numbers for online purchases.
  3. Review your credit card monthly statements and check your account online sporadically. Contact your provider immediately if you notice any purchases you did not make.

To help protect your credit history and your peace of mind, you can try F-Secure Internet Security 2011 for free today.

Tell us about your experience! How do you prevent your precious card information getting into the wrong hands?


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since I don’t use my credit card that often, I call to the back after I had made a purchase and close the card temporarily, I when I need to make a purchase again I just call to the back to open it up again..

I went at this problem from a different angle.
I applied to my bank for a second credit card with a much lower credit limit
and a guarantee that they would NOT increase that limit under ANY
Therefore if anything went wrong, I could live with the loss, even if I didn’t
like it !!!
So far it has worked for me, over several years, mainly on the Internet

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