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Have you ever searched for own name using Google Images?

You may be surprised what you find.

If you are on Facebook (and haven’t opted out of public search; see #6 here), or other web communities, your profile pictures may appear in the Images search results.

And there will probably be other pictures you’ve forgotten, or would like to forget.  Maybe your name appeared in a newspaper once, or on the website of your sports club, or you used to play in a band that you’d very much like to forget… The photos might still be there just waiting to be seen by everyone who knows your name.

Some call searching your own name “egosurfing”. But in a world where employers often check your online presence before making hiring decisions (except in Finland where Googling job applicants or employees is illegal), knowing what Google thinks about you is important. You can’t do much to influence these search results, but there are a few things you can do to get Google out of your life—including un-Googling yourself.

That leads to this week’s question:
What’s the most horrible picture of yourself you ever found online? You don’t have to link it here, of course ;-). But describe in which situation it was taken.

Read the rules and post your answer in the comments below for your chance to an iPod touch and  F-Secure Internet Security 2011.

BONUS ENTRY: You’re eligible for an extra entry. Complete this quick survey about online shopping Safety and then post “Survey completed” in an ADDITIONAL comment for another chance to win. If you completed the shopping survey last, you’re still eligible for an extra entry this week.


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I found myself in the background of a friend of a friend’s photo on Facebook that was taken at an “anything but clothes” party about 10 years ago. This particular photo was publicly available to anyone on Facebook and luckily I was not tagged.

I’m really lucky in that I have the same name as a few quite famous people so when searching they come up. Also, I hate having my picture taken so there aren’t too many tagged photos of me in other people’s albums either.

Survey completed

*I read the rules and I’m afraid rules no. 2 is not quite accurate (time interval)

Once I found a dumb pic of myself on a smaller social site. Let’s just say we shouldn’t have had the last few beers 🙂

(My god. Talking about googling employers, I hope it’s been taken down since then.)

Monday morning, in my office. a child was crying in my office dont know why. I tried to calm him by giving him a lollipop. I always keep some in my desk as lot of children come in my office. when i was about to give the lollipop to the child, a guy from the office clicked a photo and posted it on facebook without asking me and tagged me. But in the picture taken, situation looks different. It looks like the child is crying bcos i am trying to snatch his lollipop from him. lollz it looks so funny. i still smiles whenever i see the pic

pic taken near my friend who was smokin, i won smoke but. What will my parents think about me when they saw my photo with him 😉

We hard party pictures of us taken in a festival called ‘Full Moon’ Festival in Thailand. Its a wild party at the island on every Full-Moon~. Things was wild and a picture of me and my friends ‘getting wild’ on the beach was posted on a blog of a tourist-cum-traveller. I got to know that i was on the photo when one of my work colleague told me he saw my picture when he googled for information on the Full moon part. Me and my friends, were very clear in the pics.
We managed to ask kind blogger to remove it. Fhewww~ Thank god.

Until now, i have only heard from one person who claimed to have seen me. I hope that is the last i hear :P~

The worst photo taken of me has to be the one where there was a picture of bird droppings in my afro while i was eating a burger which also had a slight bit of bird droppings luckily I deleted it quickly. However there where quite a few friends that saw it. Till this day i still get reminded of this incident lool

in the background of friend picture where someone might think me as retarded (judging from facial expression) 😀

Luckily, I have never found my pictures in internet which wouldnt be controled by me. Though one day I found a profile which I never made with a picture of my best friend, but my information…

Probably a photo where I’m tumbling with a couple of other guys and during a cartwheel I had a so-called wardrobe malfunction.

I haven’t found any horrible pictures of myself online, because there aren’t many pictures of me online.

I didn’t see any pictures of myself online, but I do know a friend tagged me in a pic on facebook that I am not too fond of from when we went camping last year.

I haven’t found anythng embarrassing. Also if I google my name, google showed other people who have the same name as me in the top of the list.

Most horrible picture of me online is of me receiving the losing blow from the incredible hulk after a two hour even match… I wish…

I had a bad photo taken of me once which was posted on a site as a joke, and no one realized that Google Images cached it. Anytime you searched under my name in Google Images, the photo showed up. It took over two years for that photo to go away. It was that pervasive!

My worst picture was taken at a family gathering and is on facebook, where I am not looking good at all. Now I make sure to look my best just in case a camera is around.

my gamer magazine site account, my facebook image o.O
So google is bit shokking to find things. Also I have found my old school photos from there

Surevey completed

To be honest, I’ve never posted a profile picture of myself. My friends have, but I try to cover up or avoid the camera knowing they will post it online.

I’m quite sure there are no pictures of me online, so don’t really have a problem with embarrassing ones.

when we post the pictures on facebook it mean we are trying to show our frinds to know all our activity n it also feel good that we also can find our old friends on facebook n see their activity:) .it great we also find something new on facebook or other website eg: shopping online, watch the hot news………..

one more thing is when we post the pictures sometimes afraid that bad person gonna take our pictures to do sth in a bad way.but it is cool that we can blow our pictures around the world:)

My cousin uploaded an old photo of me on facebook when i was still wearing braces and had mushroom-like hair with baggy clothes on! I almost fainted!

A picture taken years ago when I wasn’t looking my best. I don’t need employers and the world to see me not looking professional.

Found a picture of me on vacation, on an elephant, with a spear in my hand. Not culturally
sensitive and kinda odd.

My Grandma always manages to find the worst pictures of me as an ugly, awkward teenager and posts them on facebook.

Hmmmm it would have to be when I was dying my hair and had it wrapped. BF snapped a pic and put it up lol

My worst picture on the internet, must be when im sleeping on the bus, and the worst part is, there is 5 of them or so, i like sleeping,

My friend was looking at some photos that were taken at a house warming party which we both attended. She asked me to come look at one of them. And there I was wasted as ever, looking sooo “beautiful”. First I removed the tag from the photo and then called this friend and asked her to delete the photo – which she luckily was willing to do…

kinda paranoid about pictures getting online, so no horrible pictures of me at all (as far as I know)

Actually all photos of me or by me are rather perfect. 😉
Those that are bad are usually someone else with a same name. 😀

A friend of mine put a photo of me on Facebook with some guy, he and I had our arms around each other……. I have NEVER seen him before in my whole life! My friend said that I introduced this guy to him and he even told me his name! I still have no idea who he is!

There isn’t any starge pictures of me on the net. But once I foud a picture taken in crime seminar and I was in the audience.

It won’t really look horrible others, but I just saw my image profile before where I was wearing the shirt I hate to see again in my whole life! Whew….

The worst picture I found was me taking sun in the beach. I do not want to show my muscles publicly.

No, I do not have pictures of myself online. My Facebook account is also locked down so nobody can see them.

Survey Completed.

A picture of me in Gothic-Clothes (party) and totaly wasted…. took month before it finaly disapered 😉

Well, there’s not much pics of me online. Luckily the worst one is not too bad. I just smile, eyes half closed. I look quite dumb that way. Otherwise the photo is quite alright, so whatever.

Well i used to be fat as a kid, so any pic showing my rounded cheeks is considered horrible in my books lol. Also a photo taken while i’m asleep is definitely gonna be horrible haha 🙂

I rarely take pictures for that VERY reason. I slightly worry, but for the most part, I avoid cameras 😉

After hiking all day & getting completely sweaty & dirty, a “friend” posted my pic on her Facebook page and identified me in the pic! Ugh!

The worst photo I found online of myself was a photo uploaded by a friend, from our graduation trip. I was at a disco totally out (asleep), and they abused of me putting me a cigar and beer on my hands 😛


Most of the pictures taken of me when I’m not expecting someone to capture the moment, turn out pretty bad.

Im am a full figured lady,an I took my 2 yr old grandson to a amusement park,I had no idea he wouldnt ride alone,so i put my self behind him in a rolling pig an my husband thought it was so funny looking that he took a picture of it,it was awful an nothing I want anyone to see

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