Why free Anti-Theft for Mobile should be the first app you put on your new phone


Winter Solstice has passed. Now the days are getting longer again and Christmas is almost here. Hopefully your holiday will be filled with love, joy and a nice gift or two.

If you find an Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile phone under your tree, we have a gift for you: free Anti-Theft for Mobile.

This app protects your information locates your lost phone. Some have called it a “must have” application and over a million people have already downloaded it from Nokia’s Ovi store.

Right now, for a very limited time, you can get our Mobile Security suite for free. It includes Anti-Theft and is our special Christmas gift to 5,000 of our fans and followers.

There’s no reason not to install Anti-Theft right away. In fact, here are several reasons why you should install it right away:

  • It will help you find your phone under that wrapping paper
  • You can locate your kid, who secretly took your brand-new phone to play around with it
  • Anti-Theft will help you easily locate your mobile if you lose it during New Year’s Eve party – and you might be surprised where you have been
  • If your grandma gets a hold of your phone and starts going through your messages, you can lock it with one text
  • You can tell the mountain rescue service exactly where to find it if you get lost while skiing

We think everyone should have Anti-Theft—especially Santa. How else will he know which chimney he lost his phone in?

Of course, Anti-Theft is the kind of gift we hope you never have to use. But we hope it brings you a some peace of mind as you celebrate with the ones you love.

And if you have any other reasons why Anti-Theft should be the first app you put on your phone, please post them in the comments.




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