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I recently laid out my Digital Resolutions for 2011. But I didn’t mention our resolution for this blog and our Twitter and Facebook pages.

F-Secure is all about the freedom to feel safe so that you can do what you need to do online. Most importantly, we want to help protect the irreplaceable time, effort and money you’ve invested in your digital content.  That’s why our New Year’s Resolution is to be more useful to you.

And to help you protect what matters to you most, we need your input. That’s the why we’re inviting you to enter our “How Long?” Sweepstakes.

For your chance to win a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS, all you need to do is to read the rules and post your answer to the following question in the comments of this post: How long have you been following F-Secure?

You could have found about us through F-Secure through the work of Mikko and the Labs. Or maybe you found us on Facebook or Twitter or through this blog. Or this could be your first interaction with us — if so, welcome! We’d just like to know how long you’ve been following F-Secure.

Thank you for following us and thank you for your time.



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F-Secure Internet Security 2011

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1. The sponsor of this promotion is F-Secure Corporation, located at Tammasaarenkatu 7, Po. Box 24, 00181 Helsinki, Finland (“Sponsor”).
2. The promotion will begin at 8:15  AM PDT on January 18, 2011 and end at 12:00 PM PDT February 1, 2011.
3. This promotion is void where prohibited or restricted by law. No purchase is necessary to enter.
4. 2 prizes — 1   Canon PowerShot SX130 IS with a retail value of $249.99 and 1 F-Secure Internet Security license with a retail value of $59.99 — will be given as prizes in this promotion at the close of the competition.
5. Only two one (2) entries per person per Sweepstakes will be accepted.  Each comment posted constitutes an entry. Further attempts made by the same person and entries generated by a script, computer programs, macro, programmed, robotic or other automated means will be disqualified.
6. The winner will be chosen randomly from the people who participated in the competition by commenting on the “How Long? Sweepstakes”. Sponsor will notify the winner via email. If the winner does not respond within seven (7) days, he or she will forfeit the prize and another winner will be randomly chosen. This prize is shipped to the winner within 45 days of the making successful contact with the winner.
7. The winners are responsible for any taxes associated with receipt of the prizes. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute the prizes with other prizes of equal or greater value if the prize is not available for any reason.
8. Odds of winning the prizes depend upon the total number of eligible entries received.
9. No purchase or software download is necessary to enter or win. Purchase or software download will not increase your chances of winning.
10. To enter, visit https://safeandsavvy.f-secure.com/2011/01/18/how-long-sweepstakes/ and comment on the post once or twice. To comment you must provide your email address, which will not be made public. Entries are the property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned. Comments made be edited by F-Secure without explanation.
11. Any entrant who attempts to cheat or tamper with the Get Real Sweepstakes shall be disqualified by the Sponsor’s sole discretion.
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13. By entering, entrants agree to release and hold harmless Sponsor and all of its representatives from and against any and all costs, expenses, claims, demands, proceedings, suits, actions and/or liabilities for any injuries, death, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with i) the distribution of any prize, ii) entrants’ participation in and/or entry into the campaign, acceptance or use of any prize or unavailability of any prize. Prizes are provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind from the sponsor.
14.  Employees of Sponsor and family members of such employees are not eligible to enter.




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I have used F-secure Internet security and followed information of the website, ever since I received a free 6-month licence on one of the computer magazine cover CD’s or DVD’s.

Due to this working well at home, I suggested the local residents group (all volantairy, we just received grants for running costs) purchased it for all of us admin. staff, due to us holding information about properties/residents and neighbourhood watch members. This was about 7 or 8 years ago and I left the group, as I moved from the area, but I know they still swear by F-secure and so do I. I love the idea of it now being on facebook, as it’s easier to keep upto date and if needed I just search the site for any Information I might need. Due to my being disabled and interested in computers, I normally get contacted to by people, if they have problems and if I notice things on her that might help others I inform them.

Keep up the great work.

I have been following F-Secure since early 2010 or so. I found you through Twitter and been happy about that ever since.
You ROCK ! ! ! !

I just took your survey as well. Very awesome of you once again to prove you care for the consumers input !

I have been following F-Secure for almost half a year already since I have found its facebook fan page.

I found you through facebook and have been following you since late spring of 2010. Cheers to a new year of security!

survey completed and fb rocking like helll ……. but my luck is horrible lol.. try with vain………. but i keep trying booyah

I have been following F-Secure (and Mikko Hypponen) for 2 years now. I’m going to school for a masters in Information Assurance so, I enjoy the “techie” posts from Mikko. I like that F-Secure is trying to post more “understandable” information about computer security for the everyday user. It’s very important that they understand what’s going on, as they are the vast majority of computer users. Keep up the great work and tell Mikko hi for me.

Survey completed.

I have taken a keen interest since F-Secure was the first anti-virus company to discover that Sony CDs were implanting spyware on user’s machines. Since then, I started using F-Secure and then recommended this to my friends.

I’ve had your blog bookmarked on delicious.com since 24 Sept 2007. I’ve looked at it more days than not since then. I probably found it just looking around at security topics; I don’t remember.

I have been using the internet security more than 3 years and I’ve recently tried the Mobile Security and Anti Theft…

F-Secure was arranging course on our school in 2004. I attented the course and been following F-secure since. Survey completed.

Quite a long time I think, starting from the first years of comprehensive school, when I saw your software running on a P2-machines with Windows 95 😉

Since the dawn of my work history. Mostly got to know F-secure because it was used there and people always blocked their software from accessing internet. hehe 🙂

and hey: Survey Completed

I’ve been following f-secure for about one year; since when I moved to Finland.

I’ve been following for about a year and a half. Thanks for all the great content and the fun contests!

it’s soon long that I dont’ even remember. It’s part of my facebook and I would not like my facebook with out f-secure.
Probably would have all the privacy issues in the world with FB if it were not for F-secure

Survey completed: “Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us.”

Shortly after I started on Facebook, I searched for.. (and found) you.
So nearly seven months is the answer I guess.

I will take this opportunity to say that I think that one of your handiest free services is your “Browsing Protection Portal” –
..which I frequently have open in a seperate tab when searching the web on my computer.
I’d recommend that other people use it also to check some pages before opening them.

I started following you on twitter, Nov or Dec 2009. Shortly thereafter, I found you on Facebook.

I’ve been following F-Secure on Facebook since last year, June of 2010, when I was looking for an alternative online virus scanner. I’m also a follower on Twitter now. 🙂

I started following a couple of months ago after a friend recommended.
I also completed the survey.

Rss reader shows blog posts back to Sept 2009, have been following F-secure in one way or another for more than 5 years.

13 years lol. I’ve been following f-secure evolution since it was named “data fellows” and used their anti-virus to help clean the computer lab of chernobyl virus in highschool. I’ve been a user and f-secure evangelist ever since

Well i also commented on Facebook. And then F-Secure Admin directed me here.
I am Rooman from Pakistan,living in Quetta,Balochistan(Pakistan).
I know about F-secure since 4years,have installed it on my PC so many times but today for the 1st time i installed it on my Nokia6720c.
And started following F-secure on Facebook just 20mins ago… 🙂 This timing,i gave when i was on facebook but now itz been 12hours since i commented on Facebook. So technically and logically,I have started using it since 12hours. Hehee.

One month(Dec 2010). since I started following F-Secure, I got a lot of info which helped me a lot to securely using my PC.

beginning of 2010 year via twitter – then your phone hunt started. Later I started to follow your FB – thanks for many great articles!

Over ten years.

survey complete.

There has been alot of other anti-virus software that has disapointed me

Been using F-Secure AV/IS/OB for about 3 years, and following on Twitter for about a year. I did ‘Like’ on Facebook for about the same time, but you’ve encouraged me to totally delete my FB account! Thanks!

I have been using F-Secure CS for almost 2.5 years and have been following F-Secure weblog for almost two years.

I’ve been following since the early of 2010 through Twitter account and Facebook. Start reading the weblog since 2009 🙂 And Survey completed. Thanks

Followed for around a month or so after I started using Twitter. Got a lot of useful information from you guys. 🙂

Survey completed.

About 5 months from now. Our housing area got a contract with it and lend out information about getting F-Secure. So I went to FB and started following F-Secure there. News, articles, etc.

Survey completed! Following fb page – a year or so! Been using F-Secure IS from 2008 (at work). Could use something new at home 😛

Estimated at around six months, but passively I’ve known about F-Secure since the early 2000’s. Hyvä Suomi!

I’ve been with f-secure for a few year, between 3-4 years, I:ve been very happy with the service they provide, I’ve had no problems with the software, I have, still recondmend them to any one who asks me what software to use on their PC’s and will use them myself again. Well done f-secure.

I’m fairly new to F-Secure ran across it listed as one the best antivirus products on google about 2 months ago. I repair computers and recycle them for cheap pc’s to sell and i had used another product that i installed on every pc i fix but wanted something better as it wasn’t that good at catching virus that was found on a lot pc’s i fix so ever since i put F-Secure on along with a trial license and my friends have made commets that its the best they have used and some never heard of F-Secure at all !

I’ve been following F-secure via facebook for some 6 months, before that I had F-Secure on my mobile phone for 2 years.

Robert Thomas i’m new follower on fb but found f-Secure about 2 months ago through a google search for the top 10 best antivirus programs and i install it on every pc i repair or build !
Repost from Facebook

I’ve been using F-Secure for quite a few years now …… I use the free online scanner a LOT!! it has saved my ass on more than 1 occasion, as well as being referred by me to many of my friends/clients!!!!


Started using F-Secure in 1995 in my earlier place of employment. Now I have been sellilng and usiing F-Secure Protection Service for business sins 2008 when i started my own business (auviset.fi). Why I’m selling F-secure? Because it is best in the World.

I know since I started working in the area of computer security. and recently on Twitter

as long as i knew it.usin- online scanner -n- PC health.couple years.
i m from russia.we ve got kaspersky and dr web, but f-secure pretty good too.
f-secure rescue disc is powerful, althouth sligtly slow. a wish to build in virus database into it.
anyway anyhow f-secure always top 5 rated.

p s visit my site about PC security

passed survey but results were lost )::
russian say – free cheese could be only in mouse-trap.)::
so waitin- for the cam… hm.

Switched to F-Secure in 2004 and been using it ever since. (Before this we were using Norton.) First found F-Secure after a thorough and exhaustive comparison, using computing magazines and subsequently on the comparison site http://www.CNET.co.uk. Having children meant we were using a filtering program as well, but now F-Secure Internet Security does that too. Now have F-Secure on the smart phone, and so does my son at Uni.

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