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February 8th is Safer Internet Day. This annual event promotes safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. Internet safety is not a game. Do you know how to talk to your kids about online safety?

What’s special to us about this Safer Internet Day is that it comes almost exactly 25 years since the first computer virus emerged into the wild. From 1986 to 2011, the digital world–and the threats we face–have evolved with the speed of Moore’s law.

Think about the way the technology evolved since 1986 when a virus could only be spread by physically putting a 5.25-inch floppy disk into a PC that weighed as much a very healthy turkey. Today, the tiny computer/ smartphone you carry in your pocket is exponentially more powerful than those first PCs. Remember crossing your fingers as you tried to connect to the Internet through a modem? Today we go online wirelessly from almost anywhere, even at 30,000 feet in the air.

So, what do you think the next 25 years will bring? How will we use the Internet in 2036?

We’re inviting you to share your predictions for a chance to win an HP Pavilion dm1z series laptop protected by F-Secure Internet Security, AV-Comparatives Product of the Year for 2010. And you can enter to win up to three times.

Entry #1: In the comments of this post, answer the question: What do you think Internet will be like in 25 years? You can focus on the hardware or security or gaming or video any aspect of digital life in the future that interests you.

Entry #2: Make a video of your answer to the question “What do you think Internet will be like in 25 years?” Post the video on YouTube or any video sharing site then  link to your video in an ADDITIONAL comment on this post. (We’ll be featuring some of these videos. If we use yours, we’ll give you a 1-year license to F-Secure Internet Security.)

Entry #3: Change your Facebook or Twitter profile image to a picture from 1986 (or as close as you can get) to commemorate Internet Safety and the anniversary of Brain. If you’re younger than 25, you can use a picture of your parents from 1986. Then let us know you did posting an ADDITIONAL comment on this post. You can link your profile or just post the words “Changed my profile picture.”

Read the rules and enter up to three times now. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.




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I believe that the internet will change for the better in 25 years. I think there will be even more ways to share files, videos, information, and technology and that as a society we will be much smarter. In 25 years, most occupations will be run from homes and most sales will be done on the internet.

Instead of a user name and password, you’ll provide a fingerprint, voice, or retinal scan.

after 25 years network storage will be used instead of hard drives 🙂 gaming, social network & maps will mix together, we can watch live sports/matches via satelites cam 🙂 virtual calls in wch an person will be in vitually visible in front while making call to him..!! 1080p videos will be lowest quality online, flexible display will be used instead of newspapers & news will be received via worldwide wimax coverage at cheap rates & high speeds of 4GBps 🙂 🙂

I am thinking internet will be everywhere and in everything we do, not that it isnt now just on a bigger scale with retinal scanning to open almost anything.

we will all be overweight blobs of flesh having the computers do everything for us at a touch,

I think that Internet will be a public service in most developed nations, after 25 years. Most likely, desktops will fade and give way to phones and tablets. On the Internet security front, I think the problem will remain but, I think more governments will take steps to punish cybercriminals (or at least I hope so).

I think finding what you want on the internet will be exponentially easier – consider how hard it was even a decade ago to find something obscure, having to use a variety of search engines to do so – now Google knows everything, and the answer is usually on the first page if not the first entry on the page.

I think the vast majority of web-use will be via portable devices as the cost will have dropped & features improved over time.

I think people’s portable devices (phone/PDA/etc.) will be used as an entry point to the internet – your device is used instead of a user account/password & even if you “log in” to a PC somewhere (workplace/home/public place) you will do so via your device & will be able to access all of your data/preferences from your device.

I expect that you will also use your device much more to pay for things – instead of credit cards / bank cards, your device will be the preferred method of payment. I imagine this will be the case not just for online purchases but for day-to-day purchases in shops, etc. Obviously banks will have to have a much greater (and more secure) online presence for this to happen, but I think they’ll move with the times.

It MUST BE machines hooked to our brain! Second evolutionary step that man will take take. Cycle has already started, leaving everything natural behind. Machinae supremacy.

3D screens whit or without the glases. Advertises talks and uses your account name(like your first name). And there will be alot of hoax ads and more advanced viruses out there. But official sites are safest to use but they will have ads that funds wepsites security

I see the internet available to all for a small fee (wishful thinking) and by wearing internet glasses, you can surf the internet using your eyes.

I think internet will be part of our everyday life and possibly it’s not so easy to life without it. Like radio before, and tv or mobile phones today. All media and communication will be merged into personal devices that can stream any kind of information and sites like Wikipedia will be accessible like “pokedex” (pokemon, children series) as one part of our personal device.

Internet will be everywhere, globally – a true digital convergence. Western nations will most probably be seeing the rise of digital cybernetics with brain implants connecting to wireless internet. The net itself hasn’t evolved too much, because of the needs of the older technologies still actively used, especially in the developing countries. Viruses and spam are continuous problems, but different kinds of certifications and antivirus-firewall solutions will still be on the winning side – which is also a natural prerequisite for brain implants’ safe connection to the internet.

There will be no machines like now. It’s gonna be some kind of little device or microship in our hand or head and we will be able to see all information we want, in different places which are covered by somekind of new material where you can “release” the information.
Games will be with classes, so that you are part of the game.

Loved reading all of the predictions. All I can hope for is a way to do away with all scammers, spammers, viruses, worms, trojans etc. etc. etc. Lock them all up and throw away the key!

So Long the Internet grows and be more easy to use in the enviorments future. We need to take a look in our security and hope thats also does! It Can be advantages to disadvantages! So long these things don’t appear!

” More brain focus elektronal etc!”

Honestly? I think it’ll be highly commercialized. The internet is the only faucet of life that currently has not been tapped by the media and other major companies. I also question whether or not it will be free within the next 10 years, they may even make it so it’s more like your public cable companies. (Pay for the sites that you want to go to.) From there, the real boundary they are facing is the wireless. Getting rid of the so called hot spots and making it so that the internet is truly wireless will be a challenge.

I would venture to say, internet security will be alot more secure, allowing millions more to use the internet to shop.. Brick & Mortar stores will be closing their doors, as shopping the net will become more and more mainstream.. Having sa…id that, the states will be in it, wanting their sales taxes.. I think internet will become as important in a home as cable tv is today. I do believe one day people will have to pay for simple things, like news, information, sports, etc. The fiber optics that allow the net now to be wireless and all around, will improve to bemore reliable, and more attainable in most areas of the world..
Most everyday things will have to be done online, ie, filling out job apps, banking online, with charges for those who do not use the net,and use actual banks. Job Pools will continue to grow, to the point that classified ads will be cut down drastically.

I think computers all over home..there are own computers bathroom, wc, bedroom, kitchen etc. they are putted in wall and you can automatically configuration them do to food and laundring your wc, speaking when you are along, checking you healthy, eatings etc. lol :D.

Free internet acces for everyone; cheap devices; internet as primary support for education; web surf on any devices…. and many other surprises…

A thing that will become apparent as this all happens is the necessity for access for all people in all countries, at affordable rates. Once a medium goes so far with penetration of usage, it starts to become an economic necessity – and at the same time, a human right to have access. That’s starting to happen with the Internet, and growth won’t go away for a long time.

Hopefully world doesnt get any more nuts..hope someday we can say that is okay now. There are now bad influence and if this going any further..what happend then..i cannot imagine 25 years later.

In 25 years I think the internet will be free for everyone, everywhere and you will pay a fee to surf securely from remote hosts. Students will spend more time in a virtual classroom than in a physical classroom. Many service jobs will be lost as computer programs become more intuitive. Medical tests and common illness diagnosis will be from an at home tech gadget or analyzer.

“The internet will have developed into a “super combined web” which is always on and always connected. People, pets and trillions of inanimate objects will communicate wirelessly every second of the day, delivering 3D holographic experiences, tactile simulations, odours and tastes.”
Futurologist and author Ray Hammond

I believe that the internet will be integrated into our lives in virtually unimaginable ways, with internet integration everywhere and always on.

We won’t really think about “the internet” as a separate thing that’s on our computers or phones in the way that we do now. All devices in the home will be connected in some way, all television, telephony and other services will all be provided entirely exclusively via the ‘net. For consumers, physical media for games consoles, music or home video will be a relic. We’ll see the internet as an essential utility, in the same way as we see gas or water now. Of course whether someone will unleash a virus that crashes everyone’s fridge is another question…

In big picture – all devices that make life easier will be connected to each other wirelessly. Creditcards will change to NHC compatible devices – more RFID tags in shops then now. Computing is going into the cloud.

It’s hard to predict the future with todays fast growth of the IT technology and different research directions. In my opinion in 25 years from now we will have quantuum computers with quantuum memory (RAM, disks). The focus will not be on personal computers but on cloud computing where everyone will have their personal system, and on mobile devices. All the technologies will migrate to internet (television, radio etc) into all-in-one devices. Also the artificial intelligence will be at the level where we could use it as personal assistants in all areas of our lifes (work, home, traveling…). All our gadgets will be interconected into one system (home devices, mobile devices, cars, transportational computers) thus providing us remote control over all our systems. As for the security aspect, there will be a significant change in securing data, implementing quantuum cryptography, and other mechanizms that are in theory today. But also on the other hand there will be always people who will find holes in the software, systems, as some laws of information theory teach us. Security companies will have more computing power, intelligent algorithms and other means to fight against threats more efficiently and faster. And probably there will be a lot more opensource, then today.

Enterteinment as we know it today will be changed from a ground up. Movies where you can play a part (virtual reality), games with such reality you will think you are acctualy there (similar to movies). Only music will probably stay the same because this is almost a constant in ever changing world…..

I believe the internet will be amazing in 25 years.. we will all be able to access it anywhere and probably have a “portal” everywhere including the car… We will be able to access our kids schools, work and play with a touch of a button. Phones will be obsolete. I think it will be very Jetson like.


Around 2020 the World tech & security leaders realized that continously patching the old technology, that was never designed to be secure has no sense anymore. This was the begining of the fall of the human greatest invention.

Bilions were spent in the past for creation of the pseudo-secure overlay systems, which were all cracked with the advancement of chip production technology. Judging from the time perspective, we now know, it was a huge waste of money and resources.

Since the introduction of the Supernet in 2027 most of the threats of the past were neutralized. Today the quantum cryptography protects all our transactions.

But the real breakthrough was noted in 2031 upon introduction of the Brain Farm. The living, thinking organism, making it’s own decisions, which is able to detect threaths not based on an algorightm, but rather on premonition, like humans do. It turned out to be amazingly successful while it’s constantly learning & doesn’t forget anything.

I wonder how the future of the globalized network will look like. I put my hopes in the recently announced thought merging system, where we won’t be bound to any hardware anymore. The idea of being a part of the global community literaly 24/7, where only our own brain is the limit is very promising.

I’m very excited while thinking of the possibilities the future brings.

In the future the internet will be accessed by a chip implanted in your head. No need for pc or laptop. Just press your head button and there it is right in front of your eyes. Lol

The Internet in 25 years from now will have coverage everywhere. In subways and trains running underground, to ships that cast the oceans of the world. The workers of the future will not work for a single company, but multiple companies and they will have an associated internet connection/persona for each company they work.

In 25 years the internet will control every aspect of our lives and be
activated by voice recognition.

I believe the internet will be everywhere, it will be very cheap and many people will be working at home from the internet.

I think the internet will somehow incorporate telepathy or esp in the year 2036. Perhaps we’ll be able to think of a site and voila.

I changed my profile pic to an image of the twilight zone which was popular in 1986. For a bonus it could potentially describe the internet in 2036, lol

I hope the internet ion 25 years will be consist of free wi fi everywhere/anytime

Probably have more cool things like advanced 3D holograms and other neat imagery

he question: What do you think Internet will be like in 25 years? every business will be linked to the web one way or another. each business will have a computer that will send out signals to gps units and other places where ppl can look up menus, etc. the internet will be superfast and be the way of life. no more writing, no more books

The internet will be everywhere to the point of annoyance. Just a decade ago it seemed to be a better environment. Now everybody is connected an netiquette went down the crapper.

the Internet in 25 years? I think there would be another news about Duke Nukem Forever release date delayed once more.

I tend to be a bit pessimistic, what with censorship, the influence of “intellectual property” trolls claiming rights to everything, and government “kill switches”. I think todays Internet will become like a walled garden mall and a lot of the more important things moving to an “alternet” meshed of computers using a variety of connections.

In 25 years, I would hope that all internet capable devices will be totally wireless. I would be happy if that’s all that changed. I am so sick of wire tangles. I would love to think that computers would be unhackable and thus put to end all of the viruses,trojans and such.

I think it will be plug in…we will have ports or jacks in our heads that we plug into and will be transported into virtual world. People will need timers to tell them when to stop playing so they can eat or I.V food into themselves…if there a gamer 🙂

In 25 years I think the internet will be lightning speed and highly protected – possibly even virus free. Internet prices will go down, quality will go up – however, we may have to pay a price in other ways. Internet sites may start charging monthly fees and we will definitely be bombarded with endless ads that have been catered to our personal information, jobs, and hobbies.

In 25 years I think we will all have to take out an internet license, and pay insurance for it.
We’ll be fined for illegal activities, and will be subject to internet use removal. Fun times ahead! But maybe safer, huh?

In my opinion in 2035 there will not be any internet like nowadays. It will be a huge cloud with electronic devices from whole world. Even watches will be in this cloud. In these years will be first types of cyborgs, and they will use web to connect and share information betwen them and other devices. It will be a one platform for communication. GSM will be dead. Phones will be only for poor people, who don’t have wifi recivers under skin. Whole planet will be covered by huge amount of hot-spots(or even wifi will be broadcasted from orbit). Normal money? No way, it’s 2035, so everybody pays with using his thumb, even in small shops(we have no problem with internet coonection, so what’s the problem to do this?)

This web will be for these people like air for us. Only a handful of best specialists will work to maintain network. Other handful of specialists will be for programming for one big internet corporation. Other people will not have access and opportunities to programing, so viruses will be like old scary story. Whole network will run under one big operating system(It’s a clous as I said)

I think it’s possible.

maybe our comp will be in our shirt material and telepath what our brain wants to the shirt. a screen in our glasses will show the image. or project to a screen.

I think the internet will be more integrated into homes It will eliminate lots of printing and media forms and will eliminate lots of hardware

What is now considered a super computer will follow individuals everywhere they go in the form of a nanotech “utility fog”. It will have wireless connections to both the individual users implanted chip modem and the “interweb”.

The internet in 25 years will be connected to humans and computers through organic material, thus the internet will have gone Green! We will be able to tap into the internet simply by touching a tree or a small baby pigeon.

In 25 years I think the internet will be totally speech enabled no typing or touching at all and skype will be like a public utility.

I believe the Internet won’t be referred to as such – it will be so ingrained into daily use that it won’t be considered something separate – you’ll “watch vids”, but most won’t know or care about the workings behind it. “Phones” will use the “backbone” for communication (a phone won’t be a discrete unit, however, it will be whatever display unit you use, wirelessly coupled to whatever portable base unit you carry (which of course will be so small you won’t notice it).

Since most video will be immersive 3D, viruses will be more dangerous than ever, as they will mess with your optical input. But anti-viruses will also be more active and preemptive.

Overall, the hacking war won’t be much different than today, but the “casualties” will have the possibility of being more severe in the battles.

I can envision a few possibilities. If there are no setbacks, then the internet will be faster and more available everywhere. People will be able to use it more frequently regardless of where they are. But I think everything you do on the internet will be monitored more for advertising, marketing, political reasons, etc…. Whoever can, will. It seems to already be happening more and more.

There could also be setbacks to development of the internet (and computers) too. If we continue to make a pig’s breakfast of our environment and don’t find enough alternative environmentally friendly fuels, our energies could shift to everyday survival more than internet research. This may take longer than 25 years (who can say) or maybe sooner, so that could have an effect on the internet future.

I would also like to think that people will also be a touch more internet savvy and less likely to fall for scams and predators. But maybe not…. I feel like I am sort of savvy personally, but then I still find myself making mistakes I feel like I shouldn’t (as I ought to know better).

I know this is a mishmash of thoughts, but I don’t have a clear vision personally of the internet in 25 years. These are just a few of the things I could think of.

I think a computer will become much smaller, and I’m not sure even if we’ll be able to put it in our pocket – files and things will have smarter shape too. I’m a very old fashioned person – it’ll be weird.

there will probably be more automatic connections in every room of your house and at every public place you go

I think the internet gaming will be a totally new level, everything will be in real time and look exactly the way it does in real life. Viruses will be more severe and life impacting due to the fact as we slowly move into the future even now, our personal information becomes more and more integrated into computers and we are highly dependent on that.

I also believe almost everything will be speech enabled and anyone will be able to connect to the web instantly in all areas of the world and without cost.

you will have your own home page with streaming live links, there will be a lot more security measures like an eye scan or a finger print

I think the internet will be huge,most people will have a whole room dedicated to the “internet experience” You will virtually be able to shop”inside” stores and touch your friends.I think the majority of children will be home schooled by their internet teacher. Very interesting thought and possibilities. 🙂

I believe there will be wireless access everywhere, and that people will use individual, voice activated search engines, that are somehow connected to them at all times – whether through imbedded chips, or RFID cards that are worn at all times, or perhaps even jewelry, like a ring that has a chip under the stone.

I think that in another 25 years the internet will be such an intregal part of our daily lives, that we won’t even talk about it. You won’t say “I’m getting online”, because you will ALWAYS be online, in some way. I think that homes will become much more tech-y, with household systems like lights, heat, ac, all programmed on one system online with a on/off schedule, for convenience as well as energy efficiency… I think that we will see touchscreens everywhere…. I think that we will have a lot of really unique new technology that will help make life easier and more efficient, help us stay connected to loved ones, and give us loads of new ways to have fun and be creative 🙂

Not really sure, probably super fast and everywhere. I hope they can find ways to stop predators and such without infringing on everyones rights,or policing it but doubt it. And I believe kids/people need to be able to think on their own if computers go down. I’m finding stores can’t operate without them, cashiers can’t add on tax without, and kids getting lazier, not having to search libraries etc. for information. They should help us not hinder.

What do you think Internet will be like in 25 years?
I think the Internet will be obsolete. We would have come up with something better by then. There will be no viruses and no porn. We would simply need to ask the question and a screen with history and research will come up so that we could read it for ourselves. All the false information will have been deleted. No one will try to scam anyone else. There will be no advertisements. We will feel much less loaded down without the garbage.
We will scroll with our eyes; when we finish the last line of the page our eyes will notify it to scroll the page. We will navigate with our brain power. This will really help out when we are learning a new task that requires hands on experience.
Instead of using email all the time we will find joy in taking the journey to our loved ones house and talking to them face to face. Of course there would be some faster communication but it won’t be necessarily used all the time instead of talking with some one right there.
When something new comes up for us to remember to do it will be automatically added to our task list to remind us to get ready for it.
And if anyone chooses not to use it it won’t hurt anything. It won’t make that person “out of the loop” it won’t make the ones that do use it any better than the people that don’t use it or visa-versa. Perfect.

I think future computers for everyone will be designed more like computers are today for the disabled. By using voice commands or being able to use your eyes to move the cursor on the screen rather than a mouse. By using a touch screen system instead of a keyboard and mouse as well as voice recognition it could be faster to access information.

I believe that business forces will lobby to subvert the internet from its free and open roots. Like television’s transition to cable, the internet will increasing evolve into a paid media.

I believe that in 25 years, internet will be more realistic with smells and sounds that will feel real.

In 25 years, the internet will be everything. From buying tickets to a show to reserving lunch at the senior center. Baby Boomers will be well versed in communication through the internet keeping us informed. Yay internet!

I believe in 25 yrs the internet as we know it will a dinosaur,no laptops an no PCS for sure,everything will be so digital,just carry with you in a small compartment or phone so tiny you can take it anywhere


“Changed my profile picture.”

this is the youngest pic I have on my computer ,only from a few years ago,but I havent had a computer very long an am only a beginner


25 years into the future will probably have it embedded into our bodies some way with all the technologies combined and we just use thought. Pretty awesome, huh!!

I think one day we will be completely dependent on the internet for anything from news, clipping coupons, keeping in touch with everyone and of course business purposes. The main thing that might change is we might very well have chips implanted in us to completely verify our identity to avoid theft of what’s most important to us.

I think our interface devices will go back to the dumb terminal model with all the apps and processing being carried out on the ‘cloud’. The industry certainly supports this model for licensing reasons. The separation between devices will also be much more subtle with a more unified feel across the board. Instead of various OS’s on different platforms you’ll just have different physical incarnations of your primary UI.

Hmm. I’m sure kids will be doing whatever the next gen Facebook/AOL/Geocities thing and terrifying those of us who might be parents by then. Maybe we’ll have transitioned to IPv6. The Internet by then should pretty much be ubiquitous with wireless high-bandwidth coverage available everywhere so we’ll always be on. We’ll all be in terror of the new Y2K set to happen in 2038 and throwing tons of money at contractors to fix a glitch most don’t really understand. Teenagers will be playing Super Mario Bros because its Retro and cool. I’ll feel ancient.

I think the Internet will become much safer due to built in anti-hacking measures and methods of identifying viruses and their spreaders.

In 25 years we won’t even use wired internet anymore it’ll be completely wireless and you’ll be able to get a signal anywhere you go. We won’t even need routers anymore because everywhere you go will be saturated with wifi internet hotspots which you’ll pay for access to from your ISP.

I think we’ll all have a pass where our own personal information would be stored and we don’t need to show any ID as technology could possibly just identify us by facial recognition.

In 25 years I believe Computers will be obsolete as we know them. I envision a time when all each of us has to do is wear a band over our pulse. Then armed with put down glasses we can mentally watch and link to whatever. No virus, no trojans..just pure technology streaming with your body’s energy.

I think the internet will be the focal point of our communications with each other…always on and thought-driven.

In 25 years, I expect Internet will be integrated in the human body. Weird but social networking can be done through wrists, for instance. There will be a virtual screen that will pop out from the wrist and controls can be made by touching it. There will be no need for desktop, netbooks or smartphones to tweet or post statuses.

I also think we will “log in” to everything with retinal scans- or our verichip! Most computers will be like today’s I-pad- small, and everyone will take them everywhere.

The general population will have neurocranular implants, so that we will be “jacked” into Megabrain’s neurodigital reality. It gets too weird to describe after that.

I believe that internet over the next 25 yrs will be both better and worse. With the rise in technology there will be more security for the kids, but also more kids that are actively on the Internet. Which in turn will lead to more hackers and people who learn to get around the security. I can only hope for my 5 childrens sake that the better part will outweight the worst.

In 25 years the internet will be much, much faster. It will be faster than the Indy 500. We will activate the internet by voice or finger print. We will have much, much more space to accomodate our gaming, business, studies, social networking, etc. Security will be so advanced hackers will struggle to cause any damage. The internet will have the “IT FACTOR” and “WOW FACTOR.”

I think that 25 years into the future, the internet will be used as the primary source of education. I believe that classroom settings will be obsolete. Because education is suffering now as a result of budget deficits, it will become much more economically feasible for teaching to be done online instead of in classrooms.

In 25 years, gaming will be like getting stuck in the old movie Tron (I haven’t seen the new one yet) I think you will be in the game in your mind and with real physical actions so we can get fit while playing… the games will remind you when it’s time to eat and when someone wishes to talk to you and they will be able to do it in your game to. All the computers will be some sort of brain stimulus and reader that you wear on your head (and no you don’t need to have your eyes covered with glasses and the like).

Inevitably, the Internet is controlling more and more of our lives. It’s comparable to the government taking more freedom without ever giving any back. I believe the trend is that people who can adapt and protect themselves from the onslaught of malicious code and con-men will survive, whilst the masses will be tossed to and fro in the ravaging waves of the Internet and its skin-deep consumer protection laws. The Internet bridges social gaps, but also, in its own way, creates voids from reality. In 25 years, I think the Internet will be an all-knowing entity that is inseparable from our lives. I think it is similar to the Industrial revolution, it will bring great breakthroughs, but at a cost that people won’t realize until it’s possibly too late.

I believe it will be the major communication device thru very tiny hand-held devices. You talk into it and it will do what ever you want (look up email. – read it to you – eliminate spam – be the preferred way to shop, travel, etc.) It will be smarter, faster and more streamline.

Everything will be controlled by the internet in 25 years. You’ll be able to do anything and everything with the internet

I see the internet as our primary means of communication replacing mail and phones. It will always be on and at the ready.

It will be the start of using motion like gestures to use computers and data will be beam into our heads. Gaming will do w/o controllers and something similar but better than the Kinect will emerge.

I think they will write in-depth laws governing internet practices. This will be International as well. It will be a place where fraud will not be tolerated. There will be internet police where you can be fined directly to your bank account for certain infractions.
They will have it so that if you are on the internet, you are no longer cloaked. You can’t go on and pretend you are someone else, perhaps a thumb-print sign-on and a tracker to your exact location.
People will not be able to just do or say whatever they like or they could face severe punishment.
They are going to find ways to make the internet safer.

So sorry to post twice, I thought my last one got lost in cyberspace, hopefully that won’t happen 25 years from now either! LOL

The internet 25 years from now will be so much more than it is now. We will basically run our life from technology all focused from the internet. Anything from running out in home robots to groceries to appliances. Everything will be technology based 25 years from now.

First I think that everything will be wireless-and everyone connected-land line phones will no longer exist

I believe that in 25 years the internet will start to move away from the pc and laptop model to, implantable chips and all human beings will be able too buy an implantable chip which connects to Users in local area and access points (wifi) and creates a user wide connected network.

Also I predict the Internet to go more virtual Reality.

In 25 years time, the tech will be there for people (who want to that is) connect directly to the internet.
Folks will have implants fitted to allow this. Think I’ll be one of the last in the queue tho!

Resistance is futile…Borg

in 25 years, we will have portable Game Consoles with the size of few inches with strecthable screen, internet speed will be increased to Tera Bytes and Robotics will be at its best . . . .i can bet on this after 25 years the scene will be like the movie IRobot

The internet in 25 years will be integrated into clothing/headgear so you are never without it. It will be totally integral in everything – cooking, cleaning, etc.

I think the internet will haveprojector screens on the wall and you can use it anywhere and will have halobands like in Caprica and we will have vaatars and live in a virtual reality.

Much of the same, more of the same bandwidth-hungry, and some new and fantastic, but even more bandwidth-hungry technology will be the sum of the internet.
On a side note I think that the speed of witch broadband is deployed throughout the world still will be a sad sad tale.

In my opinion, Internet will evolve dramaticly, in good way, certainly. We will probably travel all around the world only sitting in a chair, or in bed, and having a 4D experience of the world, based on what Google has done till then with Google Earth.
When we will surf on the Internet we will probably do it with Google Chrome 108, that will have new functions, like: surfing the Internet with mental control, 5D experimental browsing and other stuff that we don’t even think about nowadays.

I think the future of the internet will be like in that Mission Impossible movie. No real screens, just holograms.

I believe it will control every aspect of our lives.It will be with us everywhere we go.I don’t even think there will be newspapers and magazines anymore.

“So, what do you think the next 25 years will bring?”

In 25 years, we will have a nowaday calculator sized “paper”, which is actually a computer / screen (yes, paper thin), that you can manually drag out horizontally and vertically with your own hands, into the size you wish.

The wanted size can be anything from the travel mode calculator size, up to ~80 inch size.

Additionally this computer & screen (same object), can be put to “meditate” in the air (no desk or other installation procedures needed), an internal gravity motor keeps it flying in air.

Future internet so to speak, will allow us to travel through teleportation, to an destination of choice. The destination cannot be back in time, and once you choose the location, you can fly around with your own body like an ghost or observer, people cannot see you at the locations you teleport into, and you cannot touch people. However everything that happends at the location is in real time, virtual guardians are however kept outside each house, and windows are blurred out, to prevent too private observation.

i think the internet will be in everything from bathroom to ur car. It going to get to the point were u do not have to type stuff just will just think it and it want show up on the computer.

In 25 years time , skynet will have mesh wi-max @100 gigabits , for a far more effective Terminator 🙂 the future ain’t what I used to be !

In 25 years time I believe the internet will have drastically changed. Keyboards and computer mice will be a thing of the past, data will be entered through speaking, and images will be transmitted via holographic imagery. Computers will be very secure, only accessible by specific fingerprints, technology will not allow for any form of hacking. It is probable that websites will load quicker than one can think up the web address.

In 25 years, I believe the internet will be intergrated into most everyday activities. Television, phone, etc will all be one.

In-home – applications will be on the t.v. screen and you will be able to touch the application by remote and order things. For example, a Pizza Hut application will be one of your favorite applications. You will press that application and be able to order a pizza and it will be delivered to your doorstep. The same with other applications.
Classroom and office – same as above and information will be shared that can be common knowledge without sharing trade secrets. For example, you want to have an unbiased opinion on an electronic device you are thinking about buying. Consumer Reports could offer an application that could be clicked specific to that model number along with repairs, recalls, honest testimonials, etc.

All data centeres will be the size of a match-box, all ads will be based on DNA, information will be downloaded directly to your brain, so there will be a real risk of manipulating people behaviour (buy suggested product, vote on a suggested candidate, no limit of imagination) by viruses of new generation – antyvirus will be installed by swallowing a pill. All information can be downloaded when we think about them (thinking about holidays in Span? – all offers will be injected into your thoughts) – this will addict people to “interbodynet”. Websites will be projected thoughts we can watch any time.

There’s really know way of knowing what amazing turns technology will take in the next 25 years. I’m a Computer Science major in college, so this is one of my interests, thinking of ways tech, gadgets, and the internet will change in the future. If I had to guess, I’d say the interface to use the internet would be either holographic or a virtual world, where you literally walk across the webs of the internet and in to your favorite sites such as virtual shops where you can actually try on clothes, cars you can virtually test drive, and amazing shows of fireworks and lights to get your attention for ads 😛 On dating sites, one will be able to go on a virtual date and be face to face with a potential partner, without ever running security risks, or worrying about kidnapping or other problems that could go wrong on a first date with someone they barely know. Social networking sites will allow you to have a face-to-face conversation with your friends, post real decorations and comments on a real (virtually real) wall. News sites will take you to the frontlines of Iraq to experience the chaotic war firsthand (with lengthy health forms first signed, of course :)). There’s no telling what turns the internet will take in the next 25 years. But, I can promise you the depth to which the user is immersed in the experience will be exponentially greater than sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen.

I think the internet will become interactive where we can buy something from amazon and take it from the screen and specialized computers based on our DNA.

everything will be in the cloud and go with you on a profile to your phone, tv, laptop, etc…

I think most machines and domestic appliances will have cameras/sensors to detect/recognize individuals and their movements. The xbox will be just one of the many things we can control with our body and/or our voice. Domotics will get a lot of attention and development in the comming years.

Advertising will be much more specialized according to the target audience/individual.

The vast majority of people will have high speed internet access at home and on their mobile devices, and it will be (almost) free.

The use of chips in humans will probably be needed to prevent identity theft on a completely networked world.

I believe in 25 years the internet will be more intuitive and firmly entrenched in our daily lives. Access will be available not only from our phones and tablets, but in our cars and all public centers. Access will be increased to rural and remote areas via newly acquired wireless bands. Biometric login will be the norm and we will prompt our computers with voice and thought commands. Our computers will be completely integrated into our homes and will control temp, environment, entertainment, utilities and manage our day to day activities with algorithms that anticipate our needs based on past activity.

There won’t be any personal intervention- everything done by the internet. People will lose all social skills.

Hopefully in 25 years the Internet will be completely secure and free of viruses. It will be free of charge to everyone, even in 3rd world countries where it will probably be sponsered by the governments. We will have complete global-wide wireless-access with no dead-zones. Desktops and laptops will be phased out in favor of smaller personal devices like phones and tablets, etc. We will access the Internet through these small personal devices (even a wrist-watch type device) or by a microchip implanted in our brains.

I think that all of our communication and entertainment will be through the internet (to a much greater extent than now). All of our communication and entertainment technology will simply be internet offshoots. Access to financial or secured functions would require retinal scans.

In 25 years the internet will be a thing of the past. so many things will change on the computer by that time. maybe we’ll be using wristband type computers.

The internet in 25 years will be synced in with every aspect of our lives. A network that will have your car, home and all electronic devices will be able to communicate with each other. Basically you will be able to control everything in the house and car from your phone with instant access. Each family will be there own network and able to control every electronic device they own from their cell phone.

to begin I believe the monitors will be virtual, and voice command, there wil be no need for any monitors and and keyboards, and when computers are in use it will appears in front of you and you give commands, and to changes sites, you just move it with your fingers, and when it closes down it all goes back into a tiny box, that you can carry in your pocket and/or purse.

I think that 25 years into the future, we will be able to put in these special contact lenses or glasses and be able to watch tv or surf the net that way or perhaps for a very adventurous few, they will have a chip implanted in their brain and they can give it voice commands, when to turn the internet on and off, what to search for, what to post on facebook, what to watch on t.v., etc. We’ll see what happens! 🙂

we almost live together family and friends. They are over the home big walls..over 200″ 3d tvs.
We live and speak them through hd picture. Nobody is lonely anymore. “connecting people” hopefully Nokia is one of those that makes live for easer 🙂

In 25 years the internet will be covering more of the earth with access at gas stations and stores. No longer will people be shopping in person, instead it will come in packages to your door like delivered groceries and prescriptions now. The delivery of goods industry will be bigger. Stores if you happen to wander in will match any price you can prove in order to complete the sale with you. More people will work from home and it will all be Wi-Fi from wall to wall. Free shipping will already be included in the cost so there will be no hidden charges at the end.

#1 In 25 years I think the internet will be accessible anywhere and everywhere – wireless and 3G (if not higher). I also believe all video games will be completely 3D, fully interactive, and wireless as well.

In 25 years everything thing will be done by the internet, no more television, schools, banks you name it. We are over half way there now.

Computing & Internet Speeds will Break the Time Barrier in 25 Years | Conventional Measurements of Computing & Internet Speeds will need an upgrade in accuracy. JILA’s strontium clocks are 50 percent more accurate, neither gaining nor losing 1 second in more than 300 million years

I think people will be walking around with a watch type connection to the internet at all times. I think this 3′ X 3″ square “watch” will contain your cell phone and internet all in one with a slide out keyboard.

I think in 25 years internet would be easier to access more of a world coverage rather then specific companies. So at anytime you can access the internet.

Let’s see… If we can apply the same growth rates for memory, speed and clock that we have achieved in the past 25 years, we will have:

* 3 Peta-byte storage devices equivalent to our current thumbdrives
* Clock speeds of around 2 Peta-Hertz
* Network Speeds of around 50 Gbps

I believe miniaturization will keep up with those rates, as well, which means we will be able to cram all that technology inside pill-sized devices, which will be implantable and interoperable with our brains. That will create the ultimate Web (if such an old notion is even around by then) interface. We will experience the Internet in our brains. Our Web pages will be constructed inside our heads, and will be the doing of our imagination, bounded only by it.

That, of course, until sentient malware turns us all into zombie slaves.

In 25 years, I believe the Internet will be accessible to everyone and very much a part of our everyday lives.

Hah, internet in 25 years? Probably surfing with your heard
Google reading your thoughts and intentions for a search
maybe the internet will even evolve into a virtual, digitized relm of imformation and creativity
or maybe itll stay exactly the same
Who knows, I guess all we can do is wait and see

In the next 25 years the internet will be a lot faster and much more widely available to people in remote areas.

In 25 years time the Internet will have been completely overrun by spammers . The Earth will be controlled by 6 guys from Nigeria who hold all our bank accounts. They will not release our funds unless we agree to E-mail each other penis enlargement ads . Or take a survey.

I see all electronic devices having a MAC address hence will be able to have connectivity to internet.eg when a refrigerater don’t have any eggs it will search on internet for the cheapest in the area.same goes for cars etc.

In 25 years, the Internet will be ubiquitous and pervasive. Nearly anything that runs on electricity will be connected in some way. Most people won’t think about it any more than they think about using something plugged into a power outlet, except when there’s an outage.

On March 13th, the World Wide Web will turn 22 years old. So I guess it’s very hard to predict where the Internet will be in 25 years. But if Moore’s law holds up, we’ll be carrying the computing power of IBM Watson’s in our pockets. I have no idea what an interconnected network of billions of people with IBM Watson’s would be like, especcially if you consider the rise of the Internet of things. But I do hope it will help a lot of people, and be a lot of fun!

I think that you are going to have more voice command available as well as maybe 3D. Thinner and less hard drive with more stuff on the internet.

Keyboards and mouse will be a thing of the past. Small devices we can carry with us will have everything we need to communicate and do our work. We may even be able to communicate with only our thought vibrations.


The internet in 25 yrs. will most likely not be called the internet but some type of Net where we will all just be a constant connect….a worldly connect. Perhaps we will become more adverse and averse in our communication, one could hope however that it would enhance in a more positive way instead.. Certainly our Psychological make up will have changed, as will the way we do business. In the details of Technology, we will probably be wearing it in a manner unseen as yet. I would like to believe that it may bring us back around to a more human connection, and the disconnect we are seeing now is a temporary trend in the process of progress, only if it does not go so far that we are unable to regain our human and Natural World as our living source. Still lovin it, and amazed at what I have seen, and eager to see what comes….

In 25 years everything will be done through internet. We will have wrist computers that will be multifunctional for cimunications and such. It will be accesible to all.It will predict what we need and meet that need and will contantly evolve

What do you think Internet will be like in 25 years? I think it will be lightning fast and available to anyone anywhere.

I believe that the internet will become a vast, sprawling NET of information from the billions of users it will serve. Very little will be the correct information and humanity will drown in the SURF from that misguided information. Or, the internet will becomer a much better filtered silver SERVER platter of correct info and usefulness. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

In the future I think it will be a DNA scan to access.. either skin cell or hair.
For work will probably be blood scan (finger prick)
Things will be allot different.
might even have a chip in our brains for complete integration of computer and brain.

The internet will be controlled by our thoughts; the computer screen will be in our head, no more manual typing; everything is virtual.

Entry #1: No more physical information storage (hard disk, disc , thumb drive ,even books, albums and pictures), everything is on the internet and we will able to access to these stuff through internet at anytime , anywhere. No more cash on hand and physical store, purchasing is done through internet banking with simple transactions and the things you bought will deliver to your doorstep.Thumb drive? thumb print is the key login the personal web drive/storage. we will able to access to our information and files through the thumb print or fingerprint devices. Physical guard become less desirable, web security such as antivirus and firewall is the main concern of everyone.

The Internet, or rather a collection of people’s thoughts, will be available by implanted hardware – retinal displays are a thing of the past, instead the content is injected straight into the brain. Everyone is connected all the time.

I’ll skip the implant part unless the content is a bit more diverse than a constant flow of Vi@gr@ ads 🙂

Wow as far as technology has come, I think anything that can possibly be imagined can come about in 25 years!

next 25 year? no more notebook screen and keyboard, a computer maybe a watch and project a screen and keyboard, using air (to generate screen), and security are much-much more secure because every pc are using dna as a password, so no virus and security breach can tempered a personal device. and avery packet using dna as aheader.

in 25 years we will all be walking around with an extremely slim and light version of the IPAD. It will be involved in every aspect of daily life. For example, going to a restaurant, you will no longer be handed a menu. you will bring the menu up on your mobile computer and place your order. your order will be sent directly to the kitchen. your food will be prepared in the order it was received. a food runner will bring your plates out. Your bill will show up on your computer and you will pay automatically, electronically.

I believe that the internet will change for the better in 25 years. All gadget and media will conected to internet. All people will conected to internet too. Technology will be better exactly. And every people will have risk about their privacy security, but not if you get a F-secure who will be leading and leading now on the real security. 🙂

The next 25 years of the internet and laptops is going to be awesome! The ‘net will be lightning fast and easy to connect to – driving laptop hardware to be smaller and better integrated into our daily lives. Much thinner and smaller, I think the portable PC will be the size of a diary with touch screen, but also including 3D holographic technology and possibly augmented reality through wearable glasses. Power consumption will be minuscule with phenomenal battery life.
Something that’d be really cool is the laptop as a friend / colleague with speech interaction and an awareness of its own environment – hopefully even with the ability to help its owner out! Whatever happens, I know big names like F-Secure and HP will be there keeping people safe from viruses and kitted out with the coolest tech!

the net will be a bunch of monkeys and carrier pigeons and dogs that carry us notes in their pouches.


In the future I can imagine the internet having to be speeded-up, because information will go through that many scans and checks, that things would feel like you you where back in the day of modems.
I can also see TV not being sent using cable or satalite, but they will be all through internet based TV, which will be pay as you use.

Mobile internet will also be provided at 10 or 20mbps and more viruses on mobile devices than home computers, so ISP’s for both mobile or home will insist on proof that some form of internet security is installed or your connection will be blocked for security risks.

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I think viruses will evolve to be more like biological viruses in that they can be spread through minute particles in the air and land on whatever device you have. Internet will still be around, but you will be able to virtually walk to stores online and browse in 3d.

The world will become as a disney land with the use of easy, less costs and effective high speed internet access that will be used by small sized gadgets such as smartphone, net book, laptop etc. run by air or light.
There will be no area which is free of high speed internet access as well as people still do not know what is internet. Mammoth changes will take place, for example, hand held gadgets will be used for most of the common hard works, laptops will become as a super computer, storage will be depended on both strong huge spaced hard drives and online with a very low cost, and RAMs will act as a rocket. Most of the programmes including hardware will be operated by voice commands and fingers will take rest. DVD, VCD, CD, Blue-ray drives & disks will be vanished and ultra new such accessories will be invented. A fighting will be continued against high risk viruses by the anti-virus applications with no restriction to use. Furthermore, we will celebrate farewell of the gadgets like current telephone, 2G/3G networks, TVs even dishes. People will communicate live via internet at a very low cost, and watch TV programmes with 8G/9G 8D/9D TV online & satellite for free. No hawker will knock on the door in the morning to deliver newspaper.

Overall, it will be one of our common commodities and people will live in an entertaining environment with the disturb of computer viruses/hackers.

—– Khan——

I feel that in 25 years, the internet will be mostly the same, but webpages will have more capabilities, and different kind of ways to view, download and edit webpages. The internet will be easier to use, faster and more efficient, which is the way all technology has been going for years now.

In 25 years computers people will have computer chips implanted into their brains eliminating the need for a computer because people will be able to remember more and think much faster.

I think that in 25 years the internet will be even more pervasive into our lives as it is now, and be available in every corner of the globe (… I’ve often wondered, how can you have corners in a globe, when a globe is spherical? LOL).

i believe that in the next 25 years of internetting we will see smaller, faster, and smarter computers. you will be able to get them in 3D. Security will be to the extreme. Computers will only work on voice or retnal identity. The anti-virus will be able to morph itself against any viral infections to at least keep up with the worms, bugs and virsus that will abound. On a more personal note, i have not yet been able to phatom why someone who is smart enough to create a virus and cause financial problems and frustation to someone they dont even know could not use it to the greater good instead of messing up the lives of their victims.

I think in 25 years the internet will be far more interactive. First, I think that broadband will cover the earth, and be free, and be ten times faster than today. Also, I think it will encompass different sensations that now. All we have now is viewing and audio. I think in 25 years in will include smell and possibly touch. If you go to a page with flowers, for instance, you will have a flowery smell come out of the computer. And think of the possibilities if touch were part of the internet, but I’m not sure how that would happen.
Mostly I think that internet will be everywhere, from NYC to the most remote village on an island in the South Pacific, coverage will be strong and free. I hope this happens.

I think the internet will be in everything, from our TV’s, to our car’s, to the very walls of our houses. Everything will run on the internet!

That is a hard question…will it be contorlled by the governemnt? will it be free to all everywhere?

Aloha Friend,Thanks for this opportunity. 25 yrs from now our total lives will be on computers..no more paper..no more waste!!! We will have our Dr. Appointments Online w/ help from new apps., from any location, emergency assistance faster than the speed of light, The elderly (which I will be.. I’m 57 now) will have more Security protecting them from Crime! All of our business done remotely,, which translates to using less gas, les traffic, repairing our environment!


I am not good in any predictions. I think that future of interent will be based on better malware and spyware engines, cause safety of private data will be crucial. I believe much more people will use mobile internet.

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