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UPDATE: This sweepstakes is now closed. For our latest activities follow our Facebook page.

We’re getting ready to launch an update to our Mobile Security suite, which has protected mobiles for more than a decade now.

What we’re wondering is what kind of phone do you use?

By answering this question in the comments of this page, you’ll be entered to win an HTC Desire A8181 and F-Secure Mobile Security. So just read the rules and let us know what device you use to stay in touch when you’re on the go.

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Hi I had a basic Nokia It tore up and I am wanting to get a new phone especially one like the one your giving away. Thank you for the chance to win.

I am using Nokia N8 and Nokia N82.Both of my smartphones are protected by F-Secure Mobile Security. Mobile Security is required and must for all N8 and E7 users because the option to connect USB drives to these handsets make them more vulnerable to Viruses.

Hi, am using a Nokia N8, ok phone, however Ovi store is abit dated and limited , would prefer the HTC smartphone by far.

I love F-Secure, i use it on PC from year 2000… F-PROT 🙂

I want a Desire!

My phone is very old in the terms of technology. I could sure move into 2011.

I had the Nokia N95 8Gb and now have the Nokia C6 and use F-secure Mobile security on it. Mobiles do need this kind of protection software these days, due to the devices having so much information on them, EG. Contacts (names, addresses, Home numbers, Mobile Numbers and sometimes Date of Birth and other information), Internet Banking, General internet use, photo’s and masses of other data that could be used in identity theft or other things. Our daughter had her mobile stolen and over £300 of calls made and she’d only had it on contract for 2 weeks. It turned out the person was also using her facebook to insult people also and had to explain to people what had happened. We also got the bill for the £300+ of calls and 17.5 months of the contract, as the phone did not have PIN activated. If F-secure mobile was installed it could have been wiped and locked. Take care with mobiles.


I’m currently using a BlackBerry Curve 8520 with no type of Mobile Security Antivirus. I chose this hpone because of the BBM facility and qwerty keyboard. However, once BBM expands to Android, I guess I’ll switch to a higher tech phone. It’s just a matter of time I guess. Technology gets old pretty quickly.

I am using Nokia 3120 Classic but it always felt “limited” on my end when I use this phone so I just want to thank F secure and HTC for this chance of winning a handset and security software that I desire.

Currently I have Nokia E55 of my own and my work phone is 6120c (not using it, anyway, everything is in my personal phone).
And the survey is completed.

I am using a Samsung GravityTM 2. It has a side-slider that features a QWERTY keyboard, 2 MP camera, Bluetooth®, music player and microSDTM slot for more memory.

Currently I’m using Nokia E71. It is old, but I like it because of great battery life and real keyboard.

I am the owner of a Nokia 6300.
I use a BlackBerry 9600 for work.

I tend to be partial to Finnish products, as such I’m waiting for Nokia to release the Anna update for Symbian, at which point I’ll be purchasing a high-end Nokia model and use that for a few more years.

I am using an old, almost broken Nokia 5000. I got it from my girlfriend because the phone I had before got broken (it was Nokia 3110).

I’m using a Samsung Star II, the Desire is a great device and a lot better than mine.
Fingers crossed.
Survey Complete.


I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S and a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. I do have a Motorola Milestone too, but don’t use it anymore. Android only, as you can see.

BlackBerry Torch 9800, before that a Samsung Blackjack 2, before that aa AudioVox SMT 5600 (smallest smartphone – loved it) before that a Motorola v65…none of which were able to run F-Secure Mobile….such is my luck.

Right now, I have a Blackberry ‘Torch’ 9800, before that I had a Samsung Blackjack 2, before that I had an AudioVox SMT 5600 (loved it), and before that I had a Motorola v65……none of which would run F-Secure Mobile Security…such is my luck

Basic cheap phone, nothing fancy, but I use my phone only for talking/sms.
So Nokia 3110 classic is enough for me at the moment.

What we’re wondering is what kind of phone do you use?

I’m using a Sony Ericsson W205

Just did the survey .
I use Sonera and DNA carrier in FInland .
I use Blackberry Bold 9000 and Samsung 1080i for backup 😀

Wanna try HTC too !

I will always stick with Nokia and or Ericsson. These are the originators of mobile technology and have done many great things for mobile technology.

I am using Nokia C7 Smartphone, but i would be very happy if i get the HTC Desire phone in my hand, toooo good.


I like to be different. That’s one of the reasons I use a Simvalley Mobile RX-80 V.4. It’s extremely small, light and dumb – the exact opposite of a smartphone.

I’m using Sony ericsson k800i. Getting quite bored with all of it’s flaws and so called battery eventhough it’s okay for calling and messaging.

A Conair phone, black, with a line that plugs into the wall. It rings, I answer 🙂

Also have a cell phone old Motorola V171 that my much younger sister gave to me but buttons are so tiny I use it infrequently…

I have a piece of junk EnV Touch!!! Please help me with a new phone!!! Thanks!!! YOU ROCK 🙂

i use blackberry and need a phone that i can use antivirus to protect the phone with. currently blackberry has none. Please i need the phone! thanks

I’m using a Nokia 6233 and a Nokia 1620. I must buy a smartphone in the near future since I have to develop a Java application for Android for my diploma.

blackberry. but my phone cannot be protected by any antivirus so ii need htc. it can be protected by fsecure.

Personal use, iPhone 3GS 32GB
Business use (employer provided), Nokia E7-00 /w F-Sec MS for Business

Right now- I guess my Blackberry should be what I say… To be honest though, the ipod is a little more reliable & consistently working my email sadly!

i use sony ericsson java based phone for which i can never find any antivirus software available.

I use a pre-paid Samsung. I’m not too sure the model, but it flips; and I have to have the back of it taped on, because it broke, haha.

Right now I’m using NOKIA 5230, with over 90 apps. Without F-secure mobile security, I won’t be able to distinguish between misleading apps. It protects me over malicious link while on web and net banking. And one of the uber cool thing, Anti-theft feature which I loved most, to lock or track my phone in emergency. As people making mobile phone their lives, like extensive use of social networking sites, its very compulsory to everyone to get protected from Identity & data theft.
Bcoz if your privacy gets lost, everything thing lost.

I use Samsung’s basic telephone. It can’t beat old Nokia’s, but todays Nokia’s yes.
I got also Nokia 3310

I am using a Nokia 6121c personally and an iPhone 4 for work. I used to have an HTC Desire Z for personal use but apparently dropping into water is not such a hot idea.

Im using Nokia E72-1. Its a good smart phone. Wanted to have a antivirus that realy works

I have no properties but I have ambitions . I Like to have the future and the technology … I have no phone don’t be surprised of that !! I would like to be the winner of your HTC …. thanks alot

I am currently using Nokia N95 . This phone can access Internet, and I am worried because I dont have any antivirus. I hope for antivirus that will not lag my headphone.

I’m actually using a Desire right now complete with the Mobile Security suite and loving it. Unfortunately the phone belongs to my work which I’ll be leaving soon. See my need? 😉

Survey completed. Palm Pre plus and I love it. Too bad there isn’t F-Secure for it, but then again, there are not many security threats to WebOS.

Survey Complete.
I currently use Nokia N8 Symbia 3 and also have had Nokia N95 8G and N97mini

I still use a Sony Ericcson (Walkman) Very basic, phone and radio. But then I do have my old palm PDA and I am always close to a computer for other needs. A windows phone would be my preference. Mike

i use a SAGEM NY600V, I would really like a new phone but at todays prices that is unlikely. So will have to hope i am lucky for a change .

I’m currently using (for business) Nokia 3110 classic and (for private) a Samsung SGH-M150.

I have a Blackberry Tour. it is the best cell phone that I have ever had. Love it.

Survey Complete I have to say that the questionnaire does make one think about adding security to your phone just like we do our PC.

Survey Complete. Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us.


I’ve been using a Nokia 5800 Music edition phone since the time it was launched and also have a protection software installed in it.
My phone has been stolen once and also got it back through the IEMI number and got all my back up data via internet.So this protection software actually helps.

im using nokia 2626 but i know HTC is a good phone…………………
but iam finding a phone which is (1) stylish
(2)slider mobile
(3)mp3,mp4,wav,AND OTHER PLAYERS
(5)Dual Sim
(22)JAVA MIDP 2.0


I’m using Nokia E71.
Apps that I used: to-do list, calendar appointment, notes, browser, snaptu and whatsapp

My mobile is ZTE Blade with Android 2.1 (waiting for update to 2.2). I have AVG antivirus on my mobile.

Nokia E71 – a good phone, but sometimes slow. I guess Nokia Maps and GPS built in were the main reasons for buying it.

Survey Complete, using iPhone 3GS :). I’m hoping my next smartphone will be Android based.

I’m using a ZTE Blade, 3 of them actually. They’re my first ever Android phones and I’m happy to say I’ve left Nokia phones behind, a phone that costs 120 euros was a LOT better than my expensive, abandoned flagship phone Nokia N97 Mini, that was just way too sluggish to use for it’s price.

sadly i dont have a smart phone.. i have a generic LG VX5300 flip model with talk text and camera..
smartphone would be awesome!

zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

survey complete
i found the survey on twitter and did that first
zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

Hello, i´m using an HTC Wildfire and it´s has been very slow, some strange stuff happening sometimes. I wouldn´t mind to have a new HTC Desire, yes please… 🙂

I have a two-year-old Samsung dumbphone, so I use my iPod Touch for keeping in contact on the go. I’d much rather have a Droid, though.

iPhone 4 for most things, Nokia E75 for work calls (thats about all its good for).

i use a nokia s40 phone but i have made to work as more than android or powerful os mobile phone phone can do thing.. i do want to buy a windows phone since itz mine fav. but i cant afford to buy that..

I am currently using Sony Ericsson P1i and its been more than 3 years now. Winning HTC Desire with F-Secure Mobile Security will be a nice upgrade. 😀
& “Survey Complete.”

I use HTC Dezire Z (android) – because of backups and everything… I used to be on nokia all the time, but not anymore, because it started to work really slow for me 😦

Hi. I am Daniel from Ghana and use a Blackberry Bold 9000and a Sony Ericsson xperia x1 because of their security options. The blackberry uses encrypted data and users don’t usually have to worry about viruses and the compromising of their data because of its high end security platform. Also my Sony x1 is a good phone which i have f-secure installed on it to keep me protected all the time since for me my data is very important and i usually carry out business transactions from both phones. In my opinion and years of usage of antiviruses on mobile platforms, i believe f-secure is a sure guaranteed protector and does the job extremely well. Thanks for the privilege given to me to share my comments. Survey Complete!

I Nokia E52 and N8, both having F secure Anti Theft, really useful apps. must have.
Survey complete.

I’m using a Windows Mobile Phone. (Samsung GT-B7610) Need it for my business and for my personal things. And I have FS Mobile Security installed. For me it’s important to protect the data on this phone.

Survey Complete,

I do have a nokia E63, and its running slow and I would want to have a new phone for college and work, that would really help me a lot on reading PDF’s and word report formats. Thanks F-Secure!

A Nokia N95 and a Nokia 6600 as a secondary one. Both equipped with F-Secure protection, of course.
Survey completed.

Hi there! I am using Nokia N95. But no Internet Security (AntiVirus) 😦

Therefore, always worried of getting mobile hacked or effected by Viruses!

i m using nokia x6 and now since many months looking fordward for a new phone highly equpited and best brands like HTC with f-secure protection like my X6 has.!!!

I use Nokia-E63 And HTC Wildfire… I have also used Android OS mobiles which is bit of lacking on the battery back up… I hope Android 2.3 will be the best suited and best OS i have researched.. Its a new launch of android 2.3 here in India…but satisfied with both of my phones capabilities

Survey complete.

I use both as official and personal phone the same device, nokia e52. It is protected by Mobile Security from F-Secure.

I’m using an LG tu500 from 2004. If I take a phonecall the battery lasts for literally 10 minutes. I think I need an upgrade!

I use a Sony Ericsson Cybershot C902 which my daughter gave me when she upgraded to an i-Phone, but she has had problems with the latter and I suspect the HTC Desire may be a better bet!

I’m using a Samsung galaxy pro and I’m going to protect it with antivirus now!

“Survey complete”

Hi there
I am currently trying to use the samsung wave…would love to try the HTC Desire especially with the f-secure on It works great on my laptops so i imagine it will be great on the mobile… Keep up the good work F-Secure you are worth every penny!

I’m using a Nokia C5 – very reliable phone (even when it went down the toilet!
Not yet able to afford or try a touch phone…

I keep it simple to maintain security with a basic Nokia with no web capability, but fancy being able to connect safely on the move instead of using a netbook and Wi-Fi

I had use Nokia N73 with F-Secure Antivirus. It’s really helps me alot in Anti-Theft, Firewall, and the virus Protection. Thank You F-Secure to giving me chance to win HTC Desire.

I use a Nokia N8, mainly because I use 2 e mail addresses for business, also browsing to keep up to date with whats going on

I use a old Nokia E61i that I’ve had since 2007. I tried a free trial of F-secure, but realized the security inherent with it the Symbian OS was all that was needed. If someone found my phone, it could be embarrassing, and some recorded conversations could be risky. I have a remote memory wipe in case I lose it, but I keep such close tabs on it, I know where it is at all times. I doubt anyone but the police could hack into it. Maybe with a newer phone, I’d need security software.

I use Skyfire browser with my Nokia E61i. The chances of being hacked are slim. If I had a new phone there might be a risk.

i have never won anything in my life, and being that i am 63 years old i think it,s about time i did.

I have been using a Sony Ericson Vivaz, but have reverted back to my old Samsung as the Vivaz has major software issues, would love to get hold of a Desire.

My current phone is a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and all my phones have been nokias.
Nokia runs on symbian, however due to the reviews i have read , heard and seen about the HTC desire from my friends i have decided my next phone is going to be a HTC – desire which runs on Andriod.
So I hope this survey gives me the chance to win the HTC phone as well as the F-secure mobile security software.

I use an iPhone 3GS and feel a little restricted with the idea I am stuck to the Apple world. I would love a phone with greater flexibility.

Survey complete.

I used a coupe of Motorola analog phones, then a couple of Nokia digital phones. I bought a Motorola digital but it didn’t work propperly and currently have an LG digital.

i am using Apple’s iphone 3G and i really dont feel it is secured without any mobile security protection. i wish f-secure have a solution for my daily mobile usage as i use my phone not only for connecting to social forums but also on mobile banking. Perhaps the HTC android platform with F-secure mobile protection is the solution for me

Help me f-secure!

I have been using Nokia mobiles for over 16 years. I usually replace them about every 2 years. I am currently using a Nokia E71 which I will be replacing in about 2 months. I have been looking to replace it with a Smartphone of some type but I will look at this idea closer to the time.

I am currently using: HUAWEI Android (Model #M860). Thanks for the opportunity!!!

I am using a HP iPAQ 610c Business Navigator. It’s a good 4 years old smart phone. But I would be very happy if I win the HTC Desire phone. Best Regards.
Survey Complete

I have the Samsung 480 touch phone and its a shocking phone to use would never get another, it has been back 3 times to be fixed within the 24month contract and contract still not finished.
Would dearly love the new smart phone

I am using Micromax Q5.
For the price & the facilities that are in the Phone…it is amazing…
I may change the brand if need arises.

HTC HD mini T5555 is my cell.
I enjoy browsing the options.
It is my palmtop. i love its options.
Its touch sense is very accurate.

I use Nokia N97. It does the job pretty well. However, I’d like to try Android phone since I had no experience with the system.

i had a n70 phone with F-Secure security. The mobile is now lost display and difficult to use. afterall the mobile threat is high in this times. in future,i’ll get a new phone surely am install a mobile anti-virus in it.

i had a n70 phone with F-Secure security. The mobile is now lost display and difficult to use. afterall,the virus hacking mobile threat is high in this times. in future,i’ll get a new phone surely am install a mobile anti-virus in it.

I am currently using an HTC Droid Eris. I love this phone and use fsecure to keep it virus free. That’s for all your great work.

Servey complete

I use an LG Viewty Snap GM360 mobile phone (Tesco) to view videos, listen to my music and to make and receive phone messages.

I’ve used an hp ipaq with windows for mobile for several years and it’s great for business and personal use. I can easily interface with MS office applications and best of all it’s not an iphone/pad or any other “i”

i am a semipensioner (ritered on health ground) i have lost my phone, and now i am using a spare phone i kept in emergency a very old nokia a brick so i do hope to win

Survey Complete
Great service I have F-Secure on all my Business computers as well at home.

I love Nokia’s interface, so could never have an iPhone, so next best thing is the HTC.

I have a Nokia E72. When I bought it the phone was pre-loaded with F-Secure. I purchased a full years protection because F-Secure is a trusted company I am secure in the knowledge that my phone is protected.

Have got a Samsung X460 clamshell, a smashing little phone but unfortunately some of the buttons have stopped working which make it a bit difficult to use.

Use Nokia N95 with Kaspersky mobile security as it was the only mobile security I could find when I wanted to buy it.

I’ve been using a Sony Ericsson K550 for nearly 3 years, and have recently been thinking of upgrading to a smartphone.

I have a samsung phone which has been very good, but is now ready for replacement!

I’m currently using a Blackberry Curve, it’s old but has done it’s job well. Definitely time for an update!

A non-touch Nokia S60 “smart”phone at the moment. But hope to change soon to one of the better OSs.

I’m using a blackberry curve 8520. i’ve had it 16 months now but I’d like something new & snazzy now.

Awaiting the smartest smart phone …..
Now using a blackberry curve & a nokia E63. A lil bit hangign problem is there wirh the both above

I am an advanced Paramedic and tried numerous times to use my Nokia to inform my Control when on a particular severe incident,My oh my I wish i had been lucky enough to have had the HTC phone.

I use the HTC Wildfire, had a Nokia E71 as well. Both were good for navigation on the move in London, Manchester and Edinburgh but wouldn’t trust them in the wilderness. Thanks for the opportunity to win an HTC Desire.

i have a an LG ks360 and i’m looking to upgrade to a smart phone and i would be concerned if i felt my data wasn’t properly protected

I have a nokia 2630. Can you also give me free tutorials on how to use the htc desire if I win?!

I have a more than 4 years old Sony Cyber Shot with a broken button so I’m in desperate need of an update!

I got an error message when trying to read the privacy policy, don’t know why….:

“An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #97.2ee70cc3.1305020564.776bcb10 ”

Would love the new phone (and probably use it for another 5 years or so!)

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