3 Reasons That Online Backup Use Is Up 380%

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Here’s some good news: More people are backing up their irreplaceable data and media.

In 2009, an F-Secure survey revealed that 44% of Internet users failed to do any sort of backup whatsoever.  But times have changed. A new F-Secure poll of 609 Internet users finds that only 14% of users do not make regular backups—a 68% decrease in less than two years.

New methods of backup are catching on—especially online backup. (Full disclosure: Hopefully, you know that F-Secure offers a Online Backup solution.) In 2009, only 5% of those surveyed were using online backup. That number is now 24%—a 380% increase.

Why are so many people choosing to backing up their files in the “cloud”? Here are the three reasons why I’m one of the 19% who switched to online backup.

1. Online backup is easy and automatic.
Once installed and running, Online Backup doesn’t require the discipline that tape/disk/CD/DVD backups do. The backup occurs without interruption as you work. Most importantly, it doesn’t require me to remember to do it.

2. I can’t step on it, spill anything on it or leave it out in the sun.
Any backup system that works for you is better than no backup at all. But having backup disks and drives around always made me nervous. My concern wasn’t that external drives and discs can fail. That’s a fact of life. My problem is that these drives and discs were always potential victims of my lack of organization and/or clumsiness.  Online backup saves my files in a location that’s not on my computer and not anywhere in my office where I can mess it up. It also organizes my files in a way that makes sense—my important files, Office files, pictures and videos, music and E-mail are automatically saved in my own little corner of the cloud using the same file system as on my laptop.

3. New online threats require constant backups.
Have you heard of ransomware? It’s malware that encrypts your files and holds them hostage unless you pay a ransom for their release. If you’re hit by this obnoxious threat, you only hope is that you have your files backed up somewhere not on your computer recently. Online backup greatly increases my chances of having a current version of my files safe and sound if the worst case scenario becomes a reality.

Why do you think online backup is becoming so popular? Which method do you prefer?



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I use F-scures online backup. It’s easy, uploads new files immediately by itself and I don’t have to remember to backup to an external drive (which I never do reember…) And if my computer dies I can restore my files to a new computer.

This article is little more than an ad for f-secure’s solution. I’m sure OLB can be made easy to use, but is it secure? What about all the breach reports we read daily? These solutions require you to maintain a copy of your filesystem (in plaintext) on someone else’s machine. I would like to upload one big PGP encrypted file where the service doesn’t have the key. THAT makes security sense, but these “easy to use” solutions won’t let me do that. So I ignore them, as they seem to be traps for the unwise.

We’re definitely fans of our own service, Alex, and understand your concerns. As far as breaches, it comes down to whether you trust the provider. We do our best to offer that trust. Your solution is cautious and practical for you. We’re glad you have a system that works and in general, we just encourage regular backups.

Alex Burke makes some good points.
I am a strong supporter of F-Secure because they supply an internet and antivirus system that is way ahead of their competition. I remain to be convinced of the safety of OLB to a cloud system. I may be too cautious, but I have taken a step back from using WiFi to using a cable after the incidents with Google, newspapers and “private investigators” intercepting data, criminals will be next, unless they are allready doing so. Sending all your data without a really secure encryption system, before it leaves your computer is just foolish.
Come on F-Secure, produce a system that can provide such a solution.

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