Has Your Mom Ever Given You Tech Support?

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As a somewhat geeky mom, I cherish this brief period in my daughter’s life when I know more about technology than my daughter does. For now, she mostly pretends to use my cell phone.  But I imagine by the time she hits ten or eleven, I’ll be asking her which app is best for sharing photos. And before long, those of us who grew up with the Internet will be just another generation in awe of the digital technology of the future.

Offering mom tech support is one way to thank her all she did and does for us. And helping mom on the PC is almost as popular as sending her flowers for Mother’s Day.

71% of those surveyed in a recent F-Secure poll of 142 Internet users conducted tech support for their moms. 25% of those who offer mom support do it often.

And moms do need help. 43.5% have experienced some security issues on their PCs. Meanwhile, 62% percent worry about their moms’ online security. Either children are more aware of security threats than their parents or they worry about their parents even more than necessary.

The many moms at F-Secure appreciate the irreplaceable relationships that our products help protect. And we hope you and your mom are aware of the free tools we offer to help keep PCs healthy and moms worry-free.

Health Check makes sure that a PC is patched and protected with the latest software updates. Microsoft, Apple and Adobe are always releasing fresh security fixes for their software. Keeping up with each update is a challenge. Health Check makes it easy.

If your Mom’s computer is acting strangely and she’s experience lots of pop-ups and system slowdown, have her try our Online Scanner. It can help her get rid of the viruses and spyware causing the problems.

And here’s an article I found very useful:  Shop savvy: 7 practices to shop safely online.

Best to you and your mother as you enjoy another safe year together.




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