Wow…Mikko received a standing ovation for his TED talk

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The TED conference brings together some of the most prestigious thinkers in the world to share “Ideas Worth Spreading”. It’s an honor just to be selected to participate in the conference and even greater honor to be asked to give a talk. Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Richard Dawkins, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and several Nobel Prize winners are among those who have given a TED Talk – each of which is 18 minutes in length.

At last week’s TED Global my colleague Mikko Hyppönen, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer, gave an awesome  talk on computer crime issues. He became only the second presenter to give a TED Talk about computer security. The first one was Ralph Langner, who spoke about Stuxnet in TED at Long Beach in February 2011.

Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED

Mikko has been described in US government documents leaked by Wikileaks as an “infosec rock star” and in his talk he highlighted our collective role as the first generation that got online. He described his journey to find and meet the creators of the first PC virus. Defeating the next global virus outbreaks depend on international cooperation to track down and stop cybercriminals. That’s why Mikko is calling for the creation of an international collective of law enforcement to fight online crime.

To understand why Mikko received a standing ovation, you have to see the talk itself. It’s now live at


After you watch Mikko’s talk, be sure to check out his journey to meet the creators of the PC virus:




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