Stay safe, discover stuff and earn rewards with ShareSafe

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We’re proud to introduce the beta of our first Facebook application F-Secure ShareSafe.

ShareSafe helps you share better. Win rewards for sharing great links while protecting your friends from spam and malicious links. This video shows you how it works:

You earn 10 points whenever you share a link with ShareSafe. Earn even more points when your links are clicked or liked. If a friend of yours accept your invitation to join ShareSafe, you earn 50 points plus bonuses as more and of your friends join. And these points will help you win prizes picked out just for you.

This is the beginning of a movement to make Facebook an even better place for connecting with your loved ones. Thanks for checking it out and sharing it with the people you want to protect most.




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ShareSafe wants access to my profile and list of friends. What is it going to do with that information? How do I know this doesn’t “hack” into the system and send ShareSafe or F-Secure emails to my friends list?

Hi Lynn,

The access to your friends list is to share ShareSafe and know how well your friends are doing. The access to the wall is to post safe links. It does not access you or your friends emails.



Is it possible to use the points earned during the beta phase to redeem prizes later (when it comes possible)?

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