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Earlier this summer, my friend’s husband was enjoying the Helsinki nightlife. He had a good time, such a good time that he didn’t notice that he’d lost his phone till the next day. Unfortunately, he never got his phone back. But he did find an extra 100 Euros in calls on his bill made by whoever was lucky enough to find his lost phone.

When you’re out and about enjoying your summer, it’s much easier to lose track of your phone. That’s why our Free Anti-Theft for Mobile makes it easy to lock most Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile phones from wherever you are.

So we have a question for you: Where would be the worst place in the world to lose your phone?

You answer could be one word. It could be based on a true story or a fictional situation. By answering this question in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win an HTC Sensation with F-Secure Mobile Security.

Just read the rules and post your answer.

ADDITIONAL CHANCE TO WIN: Once you’ve entered this sweepstakes, you can take this one-minute survey on Online Safety. Once you’ve complete the survey, post one ADDITIONAL COMMENT with the words “Survey completed”.



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I lost my phone while I was fixing computers at a nudeist resort…. I got it back though and someone left pictures on it lol

during a good powder run in a snowy mountain maybe :I
(almost lost my phone once like this)

Loosing it down the side of the cockpit chair in the space shuttle prior to launch!

For me the worst possible scenario will be in the hand of individual who have a bad motive with the data in my phone. I rather lose the phone than having to deal with the mess that this individual will cause.

I forgot to take out my phone inside a grocery bag which happen to be the one that I threw down the rubbish chute.

Survey completed!

I would say the airport would be the worst place because it could be on a plane to just about anywhere within minutes of losing it.

doing a sky dive and phone falling out of my pocket at 1000ft in the air not good because it was not on the group where i landed grrrr lost all my numbers for my work contacts

Probly worst would be when being abroad. I’d hate to lose my phone now that going abroad as exchange student.. 😐

I lost my phone once at a Jimmy Buffet concert at Alpine Valley Music Theatre. Sicne all you do basically is walk around and around, you really cannot retrace your steps with 60,000 people in the same area….Since I kept my address under the “return if found” contact (my PO box), I surprisingly rec’d a package about 3 weeks later in the mail saying…”Thanks for the use of your phone, we had 2 other Jimmy Concerts after Alpine and now we are home so I thought you would want your phone back” Enjoy the pictures….” The pictures were of our Concert at Alpine and they actually took a picture of me walking away…LOLOLOL and also many other cool pics of the 3 concerts combined, with the last pic being them holding a sign saying, “thanks for the phone”…LOLOL at least I got it back!

On any kind of public transportation vehicle, you name it, subway, tram, train, bus (long-distance ones will get you a headache if you lose your phone on one of those). The reason why this is the worst place to lose your phone is because your phone can easily slip out of your pocket and chances are, the next time you’ll see your beloved (smart)phone/PDA will be in a pawn or GSM shop, up for sale.

This is based on my personal experience, I lost my Samsung Galaxy S on a long distance bus, never seen it again. 😦

“Survey Completed”

Worst location? Would be left on restaurant or any public areas such as LRT station or other public transportation areas.

I think the worst possible place to lose one would be a cracker/hacker meeting. I can’t imagine what they’d do to a phone they found laying around.

Losing it on a submarine only to get it back on your next deployment. several months of bored submariners having played with it in the mean time.

gone out for fishing, slipped phone into the river or sea.no chance for getting back precious contents & working phone off-course.

The worst place to lose your phone would have been be the offices of the News of the World

In a pig – & if that pig ate your phone – & then if that pig became bacon – only to be rediscovered in the stomach of epicmealtime… as bacon

waking up after a party somewhere strange place with strangers, finding out you´ve lost your phone and having no idea where you are…

The worse place to loose my phone would be during vacation in a non-English speaking country! Although chances are that you will not find your phone anywhere you loose it…

Defcon19: The one place I could almost gurantee bad stuff or at least embarrasing stuff to happen if you lost your phone.www.defcon.org

Yövesi, Lake Saimaa district, Finland; Approximate location 61°24’16.20″N 27°38’2.00″E; just off the south coast of island Suuri Riuttasaari.


The vertical distance from the summit of the island (28 meters above water level) to the bottom of the lake (depth: 87 meters) is 116 meters.
Climb the hill, drop the phone from your hands – and you’ll never see it again…

A worst place should be in a jungle. For surely, I will lost my way, my friends, and of course my personal datas stored in my phone. Which probably I wont get back! Quite offensive 😦

In the moshpit of a heave metal concert. Don’t bother calling your phone with another one. You CAN’T hear it ring. Don’t go down on your knees and try finding it: that’s SUICIDE! The phone is probably trampled into a thousant pieces as soon as it hits the ground.

On the third day of a two week vacation abroad… I didn’t realise how dependent on it I am until I lost it! Luckily I had a friend with me whose smart phone I could borrow from time to time 😉

The worst place to lose it would be in the theme park with lots of people. You will never get back your phone.

Survey completed.

At your inlaws and have your mother inlaw find the phone. Be very afraid if she knows how to use…

At an evil Apple-hacker convention. (They’d have no trouble getting past my pass code & wreaking havoc at my expense…)

In the moshpit of a heavy metal concert. Don’t bother calling your own phone with another one. You can’t hear it! Don’t go down on your knees and try finding it. That would be suicide! It’s probably trampled into a thousant pieces as soon as it hits the ground.

najgorzej zgubić telefon na meczu Legia Warszawa – Lech Poznań, bedąc z Legii zgubic go po stronie Lecha 😛

Worst place to lost phone is when you are visiting in some new place and all your information about the place and navigation details are just saved into your phone.

worst match to lose the phone for Legia Warszawa – Lech Poznan, Legia get lost being with him on the Lech

Anywhere with lots of young kinds around…just imagine the pranks they’ll pull…

Worst place to lost a phone is a place where you will not immediately notice that the phone is gone, like in a bus, train, crowd.. So you don’t know where the phone exactly lost and someone will have more time to do nasty stuff with it.

I can’t imagine a place that would be worse than any other. It would be a catastrophy regardless though having the device completely destroyed would reduce the impact and give time to change passwords and other account information.

A seashore in a foreign country while we are in a picnic is the worst place to lose my phone

May Be I Lost my Mobile In Very Crowded Place and where our Concentration Covered by Others.
I Lost Mobile in Crowded Place Like Markets or others.

In a basement where there’s no cellular or wifi reception. Even worse if you’re in Austria…

On the public bus is the worst place to lose my cellphone especially if the bus is crowded with people.

In a shallow sea so that someone for example on a pedalo or swimming could see it, reach in and pull it out. The phone is likely to be dead but the sim card would still be active as would any sd cards full of my photos and data.

I would definitely say abroad; it is needed just in case something goes awry, so it’s best not to lose it.

Losing your phone in any public area in Malaysia. Guaranteed if you forgot your phone and tried calling for it, chances are it’s already turned off. Forget recovery.

My record was recovery attempt was 5 minutes. Left it at a family restaurant on the table. Was turned off when I tried calling my phone. Never saw it again. And it’s a basic Nokia 5510.

@home: You don’t have to lose it. Your wife will clean the house and all your stuff will be lost!

Worst place would be from open hood car. If you forgot it there and some one steals it from there.

Survey complete

The worst place in the world to lose your phone is in the hotel, restaurant or school WC.

So…. when i get my HTC Sensation? 🙂

I think any place is the worst to lose one’s phone when one needs it. But if I had to pick one, I’d say somewhere where you shouldn’t be in the first place.

Worst place imaginable would be if you forgot it inside your best friends parents secret stash containing sexual equipment, and you were not able to go back and remove it before they get home. Absolute death scenario.

I’ve lost my phone in my GF’s handbag once, well, forgot to take it out.
She told me she was going to school, and i was at home, missing my phone, tracked it down via the GPS.. and found out my phone was with an old “friend” of my ex-GF..

Drove there.. found my phone, together with something else.. nothing good.

Worst case scenario would be to forget the phone on a car roof and remember it again when accelerating to highway

In a bar. You finally get the phone number of that cute guy you’ve been flirting with the whole evening. Of course you save the number in your phone (we’re way past the number-on-napkin era). The next morning, when you finally muster the courage to call the guy, you find your phone is missing!!! Aaaaaarrghh

2nd entry:

Where i would think it would s*ck to lose my phone is at a jailbreak conference/meeting.
No chance of getting it back, since everyone there can jailbreak/unlock/crack you’re phone, even if it has an passcode on it 😦

Survey completed. However, my number one concern for my kids online was not one of the options. My biggest concern is exposure to adult images and content. It’s almost impossible to filter everything out without blocking everything we use everyday.

Guess the worst place would be to loose the phone while travelling. In the most other places you are not that much distracted by all the new things you see and at least would have a chance to reconstruct where you might have lost it.

I go fishing a lot and have ofcourse been close to dropping my phone in the water a few times. I could only imagine looking on, feeling so helpless and dejected as it sinks into the depths. Horrbile!

Survey completed.

The worst place I could think of losing my mobile in would be my place of employment. I cannot imagine the consequences of having work mates reading text messages about themselves, let alone the fact that they would also find out the personas I use online on various social networks.

Survey completed. My grandson knows more about the computer than I do but I have to worry about my granddaughters as they get older and use it more.

During a fishing trip. Actually it is not lost. You know where it is but you can’t get it 😀

Worst place to loss is in other country or state where you don’t know the local language

Survey Completed

I think that the the worst moment to lose a phone is during a roller coaster ride, do not make me remember the flight of my phone…

I’ve always gotten my phone back when I’ve lost it so I say that in the woods where nobody would find it.

The worst place where I have lost my phone was the bus, when I noticed I lost it, it was already too late, and apparently the person who found/stole it had done some paid purchases in the Android Market, luckily I was able to get the money refunded, but never got to see my phone again, now as I am low on cash I am stuck with this Nokia dumbphone, in need of some smartness 🙂

Also: Survey Completed

Losing a phone in Area 51, and Aliens hacking into my phone and retrieve my personal data 😦 😀

The worst place to lose it is at Six Flags..true story ..my son just bought a palm pre when it came out and had gone on a couple wild rides…yep..end of that !! lost out on a lot of money and it was never recovered..bad!

worst place would be desert island #castaway. There you have to talk to your volleyball and you can´t even play angry birds

plane of which you just came out and then You come to know “ITS LOST” . Losing it in a marriage ceremony is also a bad place.

In the metro in Paris. You maybe retrieve it at the Objets Trouvés. When if so, play the lottery, it’s a very very lucky day

Worst place would be one of those disgusting public toilets, or perhaps losing it on a security conference and then get it back. Would I dare to use it again? 😉 But I guess the toilet takes the price here, security people can be nice, some of them anyway 🙂

I lost my Blackberry…in an irretrievable location….down the ugly hole of a porti-potty at the Uncle Uncanny’s Music Festival in Heber, Utah. I watched it sink into the slimy ugliness….sad and disgusting….what I learned…wear a headlamp, do not use your cell phone to light up the inside of a festi toilet. Lesson learned.

Just in time! My Norton Anti Virus expires tomorrow, strongly considering F-Secure as a replacement! c”,

Anyways, best place to loss a phone? At the croc’s belly! A true to life story reported months back.

On a departing plane with its next destination bieng an international one! Once I had a layover in JFK arriving from Europe. Forgot my wallet in the plane and when i realized a couple hours later I had to make a mad dash in the airport. Was running to terminal, tsa stopped me to ask questions and I couldn’t answer well in my state of panic. One guy ended up caring and radioed in right when they were closing the planes doors and called one of the golf carts. Next I was in a tsa golf cart speeding past people to the terminal . Got on the plane (escorted by tsa 😀 ) and thankfully it was still in the seat pocket!

Either that or leaving it behind at your significant other’s place after a bad break up!

In the engineroom of your boat. In the middle of the sea. While trying to figure out why the engine is smoking…

Worst place.. definitely own home (with battery draining-fast and eventually died) 🙂
“Survey Completed”

Simply put… the worst place to lose your phone is ANYWHERE. Same rules apply to your personal credentials.

You just cant afford to lose it. Weather it’s at a bar, department store, gas station, hospital, police station, ect.. Untrustworthy and unethical people exist across every domain in life. Keep you phone close to the vest and accept the fact that ANYWHERE you misplace your phone it will be compromised.


I don’t matter where. Losing it is worst. Losing phone is personal disaster and there is no way of recovering from it.

If the phone is accidentally lost, somewhere where there is no connectivity will make it hard to find. If maliciously lost, anywhere is bad because of the availability of connectivity and the fact that most phones cannot guarantee protection for any user assets (passwords etc) stored on the device. Otherwise, losing it when it goes off in the cinema or theatre is pretty embarassing.

one of my employee’s house when my employee deliberately stole my phone during a huge company gathering then kept denying it…

When trying to find a place that you’ve never visited before and are using it for navigation.

Once I lost it in the snow. One week later when the snow melted I found it and it actually still worked.

On the space station, after the space shuttle has departed… What? Maybe he wanted to play Angry Birds on his iPhone.

Losing my mobile phone in public transportation system would be the worst place in the world to lose your phone.

Dropped it 85 feet from the catwalks above the stage at the Target Center in Minneapolis, narrowly missing the night’s headliner.

accidentally leaving it in the office just before a long holiday.
not only is your phone lost, but you know someone in your office took it,just not who exactly.

Survey Completed

Survey completed.
Worst Place to lose phone is any busy public transport place like Bus, Railway Station or Airport.
As you cant check with so many people.

I’d have to say on a vacation somewhere abroad. Very small chance of ever getting it back.
Survey completed.

I’d imagine the worst place to be @ airport. If someone takes it it’s hard to evrr get it back + now you have to travel without your phone 😦

I lost my first phone ever in an eatery. That, according to me, would be the worst place as well as time to lose a phone.

And, survey completed.

In a public phone booth, because then I would need to use the public phone and I wouldn’t even know how to operate those!

The worst place where a mobile can be lost is at ur girl friend’s place, cause when she finds it, she can read all your messages, contacts, files etc. which you might not want her to see 😉 😀

At home one evening, hear Bonnie Tyler singing from nowhere, I need a Hero. Turns out, Guy who installed my oven earlier had lost phone behind new oven. And had to un/reinstall to to get it back. If I’d switched on the cooker, it would have melted. Bad enough thinking I’d gone mad, doomed to hearing Bonnie Tyler for ever

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