New Facebook privacy settings: 3 things to do now

Security & Privacy

1. Check out what’s coming.
On August 23, Facebook announced big changes are coming to the site’s privacy settings over the next week. We’ve identified the following changes. Even more changes are hinted at in the accompanying videos.

  •  For adults, “Friends”, “Public”, or “Customize” are now the three standard privacy settings for sharing. “Friends of Friends” is no longer an upfront option.
  • “Everyone” is now “Public”, which is the maximum audience for any adult post.
  •  For minors, “Friends of Friends” is still the maximum audience for a post.
  • Inline profile controls will now allow adults to choose share status updates with “Friends”, “Public”, or “Customize”.
  • You can now set the privacy levels of the elements on your profile through settings actually located on your profile.
  • You can change the privacy setting of a status update after it has been posted.
  • You can now choose to approve all posts or a photos you are tagged before they appear on your profile with Profile Review.
  •  It’s a little easier to check how others see your profile with a prominent button on your profile.
  • You can now tag anyone on Facebook. If a non-friend tags you, it will only appear on your profile if you approve it.
  •  You can tag a location on “anything” you post to Facebook.
  • Places is gone—Facebook is no longer in the Foursquare business.
  • You can now remove a tag of yourself on a photo, remove a tag and ask a friend to take it down or remove a tag and block the person who tagged you.

If you think that list is long, check out Facebook’s Dig Into the Details chart to get a sense of how much these changes will affect your Facebook experience . Yep. Much is changing.

Some say that these changes are a response to Google+. However Larry Magid, who works with Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board, says these changes have been in the works for months.

2. Make sure you are comfortable with your current settings.

This grid thing is going away.

It’s always a good time to check your Facebook privacy settings. The settings you have now will be converted into the new settings. You shouldn’t end up being shocked by what you’re sharing, unless you’re not aware of what you share now. Keep in mind that ‘Friends only’ will still exist in the new settings. Assuming you know your friends—which Facebook does, as stated in its recent Guide to Security (PDF)—“Friends Only” should be a safe route for most of what you share on Facebook.

 3. Be ready to opt-in into Profile Review
For  F-Secure Labs Security Advisor Sean Sullivan, the most promising new privacy feature is Profile Review. This feature allows you to approve of every photo or post that includes a tag of you before it appears on your profile. As you probably know, Facebook tends to opt you into any new feature, except if it prevents your from sharing. Hopefully as the changes go live, you’ll be asked to opt in to Profile Review.

If not, you’ll have to go to your Privacy Settings> Manage How Tags Work and click on “Change Settings”> Next to Profile Review click “Edit” > Click Turn On Profile Review. Note: This will not be available to you until all the changes have been completely rolled out to you.

We’re still investigating these changes and looking forward to bringing you more insight on the evolving Facebook privacy situation in the near future




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So basically, you have to lie about your age, to be a child in order to get maximum security.
Well…. that just makes it easier for Paedophile scum!!

Nothing’s stopping you from locking down your account in exactly the same way as a minor’s profile. Only difference is that minor’s can’t open theirs up as much as an adult’s. Children simply have ‘public’ options disabled.


Other people can now see your privacy settings for each photo/ post/ status update!! How is that “privacy”?? Previously, only the account owner could see how they customised what they shared- which is how it should be! This is a serious problem. I have been onto friends walls and I can now see who they have included/ excluded from seeing content by hovering over the icon. BAD- BAD- BAD!!! I have left Facebook for this reason.

I believe that the new ability shows who can see YOUR comments to your friends’ fb-activity. Nevertheless, it shows if your friend posts things publicly.

Has anyone come across posts that are excluded from a group? How does that show in your friends’ updates? Does it show as “Shared with ‘s friends, except ” or does it show at all?

hi, how come i can’t see manage how tag works in my privacy settings? that’s so weird. i still have the old privacy setting grid. Haven’t been logged in to facebook in my desktop for months since I always use my phone.

Hi, I have a question for you, maybe you caan help cause I cannot figured out a solution.
Did you know how can I disable comments from friends on my status updates?

Untill last night was all ok, but after the last privacy updates the “who can comment on your post” option is disappeared.

Thanks a lot.

I don’t think you get it.
Before the last update I was able to make all my post non commentable by default, now not only i can’t do this anymore but in the options there is no way to make this again. Any idea?

I changed some old posts setting individually to public, but still they do not appear to the “public”. Only those posted after the whole new privacy settings update are public. The ones posted before that date stick to their old state even if I change it. Is that true or am I missing something?

I would, but I want it the other way around. I don’t want to limit old posts. I want to “open them up to public”. That doesn’t seem to work except for posts made after I updated to the new privacy settings.

Thank you.

Well, once more fb has removed privacy options while telling us that we now have more control…. I HATE THEM.
Now if you tag someone, ALL the people in his/her friendlist can see the post, photo, or whatever. You can hide the post in your wall, but it will still show up in your friends’ newsfeed.
“Facebook now lets you tag people in photos and posts even if you are NOT Facebook friends with them—and vice versa.”
By the way, be AWARE people! “IGNORING” the tag, is NOT deleting the tag. The tag is still there. You have to look for the photo, and take the long tour to delete the tag.
This is SO mischievous. Fb is EVIL. Did anyone try to remove an unwanted tag from a picture? TRY! If you are not savy, you won’t. And if you do, you will still have to ADMIT that the photo is of you, unless you report your friend as a stalker… The process is long and you have to be able to find the almost hidden option “delete tag” and DARE to click on it afraid that you may report your friend as a stalker o spammer.
Following fb privacy settings history, we can assume that very soon that “delete tag” option will be lost (as the one who let you decide if you want to share your photo with your tagged friend).
They pay a lot of publicity to make these changes look as “good” for users… You can find articles like this in the most important papers in the same day they made the change in settings:

This is the heart of the whole problem:
“The company has struggled to find a balance between giving users too little control over privacy and giving them too much, for fear they won’t share much at all.”

So, in simple words, they don’t want you to share your stuff only with those you want to share. They want you to share everything with everyone.


Your frustrations all make sense.

Can I ask you to clarify something? If you turn on Profile Review, tags still automatically show up in your friends feeds if even if the person who posted the picture isn’t a mutual friend?


I think these changes are made because they’re starting to loose customers.. approving posts and untagging pictures manually one by one?.. f*ck you facebook!!.. why can’t we just HIDE pictures which we’re tagged like we could before?.. with that option, i myself could care less if i get thousand tags.. I JUST CAN HIDE THEM ALL!.. so yeah, F you facebook, may you have the same fate as the old forgotten friendster.. Amen x 10.

If a friend tagged me in a photo, and I rejected the photo tag, I know it wont appear on my profile, but I believe that photo tag could still show up in the news feeds of people who we share friends with….. I want to know will that photo tag show up in news feeds of people with whom we share no mutual friends.


I’m still looking into this but there seems as if there is no way to stop this now. The mutual friends will be able to see this in your feed no matter what you do.

Will update if I get more information.


In old settings, when we update status (as everyone) then anyone was able to like or comment but In new settings public cant like/comment if I update as public. Besides this I am not receving any like/comment of friends of friends in case of status visible as friends of friends.

Hi Jason….if I change the audience selection after my post from friends only to friends of friends – will the comments previously made be now potentially made in my friends of friends newsfeeds or only comments made after I make the change in selection? Thanks

If you do a global change, the previous posts should be affected. You can go back and change the setting on each post. But that would be a hassle.

Hi, do you know when a post/tag/like etc is added to your wall and you remove it straight away if it will also be removed from other people’s news feeds?


Hi, I’ve just found out my lovely ex-stalker-partner is reading posts on my wall. Previously, all my posts were ‘private’ or ‘friends only’, as a default, but this option doesn’t seem to be available any more. I know I can use the inline thingy to make posts ‘friends only’ as I post them, but this is a real pain in the arse, especially if i’m posting ‘on the fly’, and I forget. Surely, it shouldn’t be MY responsibility to prevent myself being stalked, should it?

i m govind.. And i wanna know that how to tag post on facebook to maximum friend with smartphone ???
I m using nokia s60v2. For net surfing i use opera 6.5 and uc browser 7.4… So can i tag my post to maximum facebook friends ??

Thanks in advance…

I’m so confused. I’d like to change the privacy of my old photos to restrict certain groups (i.e., I don’t mind if my college friends see my old photos, but I don’t want my colleagues to see them!) but I just cannot figure out how to do this. I see that I can restrict NEW posts and pictures and tags – but how can I control the old ones? Is it not possible anymore?

I really hate that facebook has changed so much. I hate the new timeline. I wish you could still basically still hide everything about you like your b day, relationship,home town,your pictures, your profile, your current city ect. Whats the reason behind all these facebook changes?

Since a couple of weeks ago, my friend posted some pictures of me and I cannot tag myself. It gives me the following error: Insufficient permissions. You do not have permission to perform this action.

Sorry, not sure what the problem is here. You should be able to tag anything. Perhaps you’re blocked by this friend?

HellO frnds!!1
I have a prOblem…
I have made a new facebOOk Id .. When I m pOstIng Or sharIng pIcs ,,I dOn’t have OptIOn tO share wIth everyOne just have “frIends”, “frIends Of frIeds ” Or custOm etc but dOnt have “everyOne”… hOw can I dO …Please help me frIends

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