Facebook’s Profile Review and Tag Review: Turn Them On

Security & Privacy

Facebook is quietly rolling out the most dramatic updates to its privacy settings in a year. While critics have quickly dismissed the updates as typically lacking in user control, there are two new features that we believe you should turn as soon as they are available to you: Profile Review and Tag Review.

Profile Review keeps photos and posts tagged with your name from showing up on your profile without your approval. Tag Review gives you the ability to approve tags that are added to your pictures.

Here’s how to activate Profile Review:

A. Go to Account> Privacy Settings.
B. Next to “How Tags Work” click “Edit Settings”.
C. In the “How Tags Work” pop-up, click “Edit” next to “Profile Review”.
D. In the next pop-up, click “Turn on Profile Review”.

Now, whenever you are tagged in a photo or a post, you’ll have to approve it before it appears on your wall. Tagged posts and photos will appear in your profile wall in a new section called “Pending posts.”

This feature is important because it gives you control over your profile. If a potential employer or an organization considering you for a scholarship is viewing your profile, you don’t want to give others the ability to post questionable images directly on your wall. And even if you aren’t worried about looking professional (or you’ve locked down your profile effectively), there are just some pictures of you that you may not want to help your mom or your friends see.

Photos or posts tagged with your name will still appear on your friend’s wall and feed, so your mutual friends will see them. But Facebook now gives you the option to ask your friend to take down photos of you that you don’t like. And you can always block a friend who refuses to consider your opinions.

Tag Review gives you the power to approve tags from your friends as they are as added to pictures or posts. Facebook is now in the process of allowing any Facebook user to tag any Facebook user in a post or a picture. You’ll be asked to review any tag by a non-friend before it shows up on your wall and feed. Tag Review extends that approval function to your friends’ tags.

Here’s how to Activate Tag Review:

A. Go to Account> Privacy Settings.
B. Next to “How Tags Work” click “Edit Settings”.
C. In the “How Tags Work” pop-up, click “Edit” next to “Tag Review”.
D. In the next pop-up, click “Turn on Tag Review”.

Why is Facebook finally improving its tagging systems?

Clearly, Facebook is obsessed with making it so easy to tag others.  It has even put together what could be the largest facial recognition database ever to make it easy to tag your friends.

Tagging creates feed and wall activity even when you’re not logged in while encouraging the one feature probably most responsible for Facebook’s success: photo sharing. Unfortunately, tagging is also one of the most problematic identity/privacy issues that Facebook users face.

While these privacy updates do include some potentially troubling changes, especially in how your information is shared through apps, Facebook has given you a tool to make it a little less easy for others to tag you. We say: turn them on.

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(Thanks to Andreas on our Facebook page who pointed out Tag Review.)


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It’s still having some teething problems – it’s currently asking me to approve a tag I made of myself in a recent photo.

Also,everytime I approve a tag, it asks me if I want to turn on auto-approval, which will also turn on friends being able to check me into places – which is what I specifically want to avoid; and have no wish to be reminded about every time I approve a tag.

Might be worth noting that, at least on my settings, enabling tag review also enabled:

‘Tag Suggestions’ and
‘Friends Can Check You Into Places’

automatically. Tag Suggestions is a scary one.

Hi Just wondered since you answered this if it is possible yet to tag someone you forgot after post has already been posted? Thank you so much

You can tag photos. Just go to edit photo. You cannot add tags to status updates, as far as I can tell.

[…] Sullivan says, “Most people will just get over it.” Facebook changes tend to trigger a backlash that quickly abates. Generally, the privacy concerns of the new Facebook in mirror the new Facebook. And there are some privacy tools that you can take advantage of including the “reset” button along with Profile Review and Tag Review. […]

I went click-happy this morning. Big mistake. How do I put everything back? But especially all my tagged photos are gone. It was NEVER my intention to hide the family photos, I just wanted to remove the comments. Bummer.

If you go back to the content you want to share, you can always change the privacy setting. But you’ll need to do this one piece of content at a time. Sorry.

i want to change my facebook profilepicture but i dint know how to change it . so please review my profile picture on facebook ..

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Does anybody know the reason why in the photos section in my profile, only the tagged pictures appear? I have seen profiles where ALL pictures appear in that section including pictures they shared on their timeline. But in my profile, only the tagged pictures are appearing it’s so frustrating.

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