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The holidays are coming and so are great online deals along with traditional online scams. To celebrate the even better protection of Internet Security 2012, we thought now would be a good time to talk about safer online shopping. We know it’s early. But better savvy than sorry.

We’ve discussed the basic guidelines for safe online shopping and we’re wondering how online shopping fits into your life.

So we have a question for you: Do you plan on doing more shopping online or offline/ in actual stores this holiday season?

By answering this question in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win an Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab Tablet with F-Secure Mobile Security.

Just read the rules and post your answer.

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Online deals rock, so definitely more of online shopping than offline at a brick-and-mortar store.

i might make enquiries online…but depending on d security of the site….i’l stick wit offline shopping

Online and having my orders shipped to work so that the wife and kids can’t snoop, of course.

Holiday season per-se doesn’t really factor for me, though I do shop online semi-regularly.

Most shopping done in person (going on hollyday to Asia so gifts will mostly be from there), but generally also doing most of the gift shopping in person. There will also the occasional gift purchased online (from trusted online sites).

I’ll do my shopping online, offline, onsite – whatever happens to be the best way at that particular case.

I will definitely do more shopping online this year. I think that’s the future, and we must not fear, but just be careful and take internet security very seriously.

I use your guidelines and software to keep me safe. Online shopping is easier than fighting the crowds for a savings.

I do alot of online shopping as most of the stuff i look for aren’t available in my country. Hence, the online experience.

I will be buying more online this year. My knowledge of safely making purchases and the fact I’ll save money and not have to deal with the regular mall hassles is so appealing 🙂

I actually Love to shop, but with all the kids and work, I just don’t have much time, so I will be doing MOST of it online- but cyber shopping in my pj’s isn’t terrible, lol.

I only buy such things online which are not related with holidays. Online means saving time and thiat benefit fits my everyday life.

I think that I will end up with a combination of the two but I do like shopping online… And so does my wife 🙂

I get the best prices online so I plan on doing more shopping online in actual stores this holiday season.

I would prefer offline shopping, as I can physically touch, see and judge the thing before I can buy it.

I am starting to like online shopping more just have to do safely but I also enjoy shopping rush at Christmas I know crazy lol

I do my Holiday Shopping Research online but shop mostly offline. I compare prices etc. That way I don’t have to run from store to store to store… If I buy online, I favour domestic shops or buy immaterial goods (such as music, movies, software…) Returning wrong/defective products abroad is expensive and time consuming.

I buy 85% online. The rest is food, drinks and things I need just in time. Unsecure shopping were a nightmare for me. My online shopping experience has three colums: 1. Computer Security like F-Secure 2. Browser Security and 3. Secure payment like PayPal or Click&Buy.

Yes i will by some presents online.
Maybe the most of the presents. It much easier for me, because i have to work each day very long and on weekends the city is to full for me….

I usually do all my shopping at actual stores and this holiday season will be no different. Thanks.

I will do the majority of shopping online, unless a store is having a sale on a particular item I am looking for. Online shopping is just way more convenient!

I shop both online and offline. Some items you need the hands on experience before purchasing so I either go to brick and mortar stores to test and play with items if I can such as Tablet PC’s, phones, Laptops, Ebook Readers, Computer Cases and others and try to see if I can find a better deal online of that same item.

Sometimes even with paying local sales taxes its worth buying in stores than online.

My holiday shopping is almost exclusively ONLINE. Direct shipping to those afar, and lots of boxes to keep the others in the house curious 😉

I will do some online shopping, mainly for items you can’t really buy in stores around here anymore (like PC parts), games on services like Steam, or Something Awful forum upgrades. I do prefer to do a lot of my shopping in person, and earlyish. But not on Black Friday, that’s entering the Pain Dimension.

‘Survey Completed’.

Though I know those gifts are never meant to me. Hope for the best. 🙂

“Survey completed”. I will do my shopping online by using F-Secure Internet Security 2012

In India the online stores offer much better deals than offline shops. This coupled with travel cost, lack of parking space (yes!) is a major tilting factors towards online shops. Also the quality of the online stores in terms of service, online security is good and getting better day by day.

And I have the Survey completed.

Yes, I think I will use online stores more than offline shops because they are faster and the purchase comes directly to home

I plan on doing more shopping in actual stores to also experience all the festive happenings.

Survey completed.

Doing Online Shopping is better than Offline Shopping But various safety measure should be implemented when purchasing online .although there ,might be some problem in delivery time but it’s fun shopping online at reasonable rates .

*Survey Completed .

Normally I shop online but I do most of my shopping for the holidays on Black Friday in person.

Online shopping offer’s better deals rather than offline shopping so it is a must to take advantage specially during holidays!

I shop mostly offline, because online shopping is not so popular and comfortable in Siberia. Delivery is not fast. But electronic goods I prefer to buy online, because of lowest prizes. Probably I will buy something online this holidays.

I expect most of my pruchases with be offline/in person, but frankly the number of online purchases is rising every year and this year is the first where it might actually exceed offline.

Survey completed. F-Secure, you mght want to define “wireless device” in your questions. I almost answered “no” before I realized that, although I’m allergic to smartphones and most tablets as communications devices, I have a laptop and it uses wireless connections most of the time.

This year we will definately be doing more online shopping….witht the prices of gases and all the lines , it actually saves time and money to shop online…..

I usually shop on-line by Amazon, iTunes primarily. Thank you so much for protection you provide with your products.

Survey Completed!

Online safety is not the first thing you think of when you shop online. Even commonly used service providers might turn into suspicious ones when credit card company sees something strange in your shopping behavior.

I might be shopping more online than offline this holiday, because I will be on tour with a Christmas concert tour from November 18 to December 23, working long days.

I wouldn’t do anything else now. It is so much more easier, less hassle with the crowds and, I can just send it back if wrong/broken. I used to trudge around the shops but not anymore. Sometimes if I’m out and about see things I like then go and look on line to purchase. Security it getting better on line nowdays and you just have to ensure you have the right protection in place.

Online shopping is fine for items such as books, consumer electronics, music etc. which are independent of the characteristics of the buyer. Not so suitable for items such as clothing unless you first go to a store and check out style, fit etc.

Yup, online for price, convenience and a choice of goods that you can’t find in a whole city of bricks and mortar shops.

I usually shop online at this time of the year as its easier, but i always use good protection and always check that the site is genuine.

On some browsers it’s difficult to spot the little padlock. It’s easier to look at the web address for https.

As for my phone, I really don’t know if it’s secure or not…I assumed it would be.

I check for the secure web logo on line and use a credit card to give greater security against fraud. If researching a specific object, I use multiple choice to confirm existance of required object before looking to purchase.
Survey completed.

Definitely more shoppping online. Besides, less hassle, I go to online shops through a charity fundraising portal that means my gifts to others help raise money for the charity I support – gifts that give in more ways than one!

regularly shop online, providing i think there is adequate security, and i will be doing so again in the run up to xmas

As I live miles from anywhere, I will definitely make more online purchases, but through reputable stores only. However, my total spend (on and off line) will be less this winter than before the economy went wrong!

I usually shop both on-line and in-store although I am increasingly shopping on-line these days

It depends on what kinds of items or products that I am shopping for:
Movie tickets > online
Holidays (air tickets) > online
Groupons, well obviously online
For gifts not offered in groupon, well actual stores indeed
and also, PC games, definitely online when the sales are on during the holiday seasons

I’m sure that if you’re wondering if people like us would still opt to shop online even the chances of fraud might be higher during festive season eg Black Friday, yet if you’re aware and secured enough, great deals are on the web waiting for you…

Don’t forget some retailers will match Inernet prices so you can see what you are getting; just do some your research!

I Do all of my Christmas shopping online, think of all the time I save, and the crowds that I avoid.

I live in a farming area and on-line shopping is almost essential. I buy much of my needs online. I and many of my friends us F-Secure protection. great software.

I will be researching my presents online, and buying offline – to help local businesses, and independent retailers, during this uncertain and stressful economical time. I do not mind paying a little more, to put money back into my community.

We purchase many items from Internet stores and will continue to increase our expenditure as more businesses sell products online.

Both on-line and off-line. Being in a regional town, we just don’t have the shops for all the shopping we feel we need to do.

I will be using well known websites such as Amazon and Ebay where I use Paypal to pay for items.

I’m doing more shopping online this year, such as theater tickets, restaurant coupons, tourism coupons, food, etc. if possible, i will buy everything online, including a car or a house. That’s the future, and we must not fear, but just be careful and take internet security very seriously. I perfer to buy things and service from group buying websites, like, it saves a lot of money. I take your advice and use anti-virus software to keep me safe. Online shopping is easier than fighting the crowds for a savings.

Survey completed!

Online shopping is easier by allowing quicker comparison of prices and avoids driving to the shopping malls.

F secure products are world leaders how about combining with Firetrust Mailwasher anothe great product /

Today, Online Shopping is no Big Deal with the 3D-Secure Page you are sure that you are giving your Secret Key to your Bank and no one else.You may get some discounts via online shopping but there is no better joy than the warmth of the sun and seeing and feeling the product you are about to purchase.So i would go for Offline Shopping.

I’ll be shopping online exclusively this season — the selection is better, and it saves on travel, too!

Online — It’s much nicer to shop from the comfort of my own home rather than in crowded stores. Plus, the selection online is significantly better here in Finland!

We will be doing most of our shopping online this year as we have been for the past few years.

Huge bargains to be sourced on-line. Recently saved 50% on an expensive item but for extra security used PayPal. Survey completed.

Some online shopping but only when I know what I’m buying. The rest offline. Probably a bit more offline than online.

I do almost all of my holiday shopping online and will continue to do so this year. I live in Europe and it’s easier to buy presents for my family and friends via online retailers and have them mail the items.

Hell Yeah…and I will definitively need your online new shopping protectio.
I am in.

A mix: I probably buy numerically more items online, but the most expensive items I will usually go to physical shops for, plus I will use my small independent local shops wherever possible.

Shall be doing most of my Christmas shopping on-line-more convenient-but always very careful,check secure sites,use F-secure,pay with Paypal,so far so good.

Most of my shopping will be done online, but I might do some local pickup, depending on prices I find.

I continue to increase the amount of online shopping I do, my wife would be lost without the facility to buy online.

Most of my shopping is done online but I still do some local “brick & mortar” to keep them alive!

I shop both. I like to shop online for my grandsons since I can have them shipped to them since they are in the Navy rather than me shipping it.

Online, sometimes, on sites I have used before and trust. We have one less incentive to shop online in my state–we pay sales tax on online purchases. It’s a pain to tally up all the purchases and figure out the proper tax. On the other hand, online offers unmatched selection on things I can’t get anywhere in the state.

I’ll definitely shop online whenever possible. It’s more convenient and I avoid the holiday crowd hassles.

That is a tough one. I shop equally to get the most out of my money.
If I had to pick one I would probably choose offline a little more this year due to the items that I am interested in.

Shopping online is way more preferable than going out into the masses. So much more fun too! 😉

I will shop both on and off line but am finding off line much more convenient if I don’t have questions about the item I’m buying.

More online shopping.

“Survey completed”

Except for clothing, I have and will search for and purchase more items online.

Definitely online, just because it’s so much easier to find great deals without having to drive or call around to a dozen different locations and businesses

As much online as feasible .. except at the very end when you have no choice but face the madness in person.

Yes, online shopping is easy and often cheaper. Great for buying electrical goods. DVDs and CDs. The only problem I’ve identified is that if you want to see a product, the image produced online is sometimes not as good as the real thing. This is where shops have the advantage: you can see or physically feel what you’re buying, e.g. curtains.

Survey Completed
rather shop online than waste gas and time at over crowded, over priced stores.

Almost everything will be purchased online in the future. Unfortunately stores cannot afford the associated overhead and the unpredictability of their employee’s reliability and performance.
This holiday Larger TVs, Tablets and Smart Phones will be quite popular. Myself, I am waiting for the next generation voice recognition high tech toys to appear on the market.

“Survey completed”.

I usually shop online around the holidays, or if something requires me to “go get it”, I make the journey to an actual store.

I am already a primarily online shopper, so I would say that this year will be about the same as last.

I’ve increased the percentage of online shopping I’ve done each year for about 4yrs now.

I do almost all my shopping online already – Ocado food shopping, Amazon for home accessories/technology etc. Why run around the shops with thousands of other people when a few search words on your computer will bring it all to you? Love online shopping. :o)

I normally shop on and off line. I shop online and buy online. I also shop online and then buy offline. I shop offline and buy offline. I have even shopped offline and then bought the product online. It’s all about finding deals, the best price and the internet makes that process so much easier.

I’ve been increasing the amount of online shopping I’ve done every year for the last few years – much easier!

I use to do shopping in stores & these years do more & more online shopping.I think this is the trends like mail order before.

Been doing more online shopping as it is faster and easier compare to visiting real stores. So I’ll be doing more online this festive holiday.

It depends where the best prices are! Likely more online than in store, but what to you class reserving online and collecting at a local store as? I use that quite a lot!

Yes. I find online shopping very convenient and sometimes I find the best deals on the internet. In saying that, the website obviously has to be trustworthy and have secure payment options.

I normally do most of my shopping in the stores but I also do alot of it online, just depends which place has the best deals.

Up to this moment I would not do more of the online shoppings until have more secures to minimize risks.

yes i do, i hate long lines packed stores, once i do my research know what i want, so its as simple as a click and having it delivered at my door by Christmas

For Christmas I will prefer doing shopping in a real stores and to have opportunity to check the products I want , but if I late will order some small stuffs online and will cross my fingers to received them on time.

Yes, I like the online shopping and this year I will bye my presents from an online store

I prefer shopping offline. In spite of convenience in shopping online, there are always chances of fraud and scamming over internet shopping

So we have a question for you: Do you plan on doing more shopping online or offline/ in actual stores this holiday season? Yes! It’s the way to shop for the best deals and free shipping!

SURVEY COMPLETED!!! I feel too many people dont understand fully how the internet works and how easy it is to get into the WRONG (unsecure) sites when either just shopping and/or buying online. It was F-Secure that got me to pay more attention to the address lines of websites I frequent so I know when I am on a site that I should not be on much less give out any of my personal data. I shared this information with family and friends who were totally clueless. As being a past victim of identity theft it is very important to me and my peace of mind to go the extra step to be safe!

More online than not, for the 1st time ever. Bonus; I’m already 75% done (when usually I’m in some discount store at midnight on Christmas Eve.) Coincidence? I think not!

More online than not, for the 1st time ever. Bonus; I’m already 75% done (when usually I’m in some discount store at midnight on Christmas Eve.)

This Christmas I make more online stores than before. Of course, the shop at the stores in person, not everything can be bought via the internet.

I’ll be doing a lot of my shopping online. As i said in a tweet tonight an Annie Leibovitz book i want costs €46.20 in an Irish bookstore and online at @bookdepository for €31.59 big difference!!!!
Security online is an issue though and i always make sure my payment is going through using a secure protocol… 🙂

I will shop online coz there will be lots of people at stores

it’s time saving and money saving 🙂

oh, by the way, i really want to get galaxy tab 🙂 love this gadget very very muchhhhhhh!

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