Scariest Digital Threats This Halloween


Before you go out to haunt the world, we’d like to remind you that zombie computers and digital tricks never take a day off.

F-Secure Labs offers a look at some of the most ghoulish threats  your PC and mobile devices are facing this Halloween and a few tricks to keep evil spirits at bay.

Jobs is Not Forgotten
More disturbing than zombies, this one is just sickening. Before Steve Jobs even passed away, affiliate marketers were using the Apple founder’s funeral to rack up sales. Emails are already circulating with supposed links to Steve Jobs’  funeral video, as well as an option to “Pay Tribute to Steve.” Whenever a news story captures the world’s attention, it can be used as bait for scams on everywhere from Facebook to Google search.

The antidote? Use our free ShareSafe app to protect your Facebook friends and always use Google News to search for breaking news.

One Bad App Can Spoil the Bunch
Bad apps are like Vampires that need your permission to enter your house. Bad apps may first appear harmless, then dig into your private information. Mobile banking trojans can now install themselves with the help of phishing sites that ask for your phone’s identifying information. Other apps can even act as a fake installer to get access to send premium SMS messages from your phone. Most of these threats are limited to mainland China, Russia and Eastern Europe. But if you let it in, you’ve been bitten.

The antidote? The same defense of this dark art applies wherever you are in the world: Only download software from official marketplaces or vendors you trust.

Mac Users Forced to Admit the Existence of Mac Malware
For the first time Mac owners are finding that even their fancy dwellings may become haunted. These attacks are like a Ghost of Halloween future as it lays the groundwork for creepy crawlies to come. A new trojan attempts to put a trance on Mac users and convinces them to disable the updater in Mac’s built-in Anti-virus. Another trojan acts as an Adobe Flash update to get users to click install.

The antidote? Now, even Mac users need to learn what all smart trick or treaters know: only take treats from houses you trust. Go to for all official Flash updates.

Bank Robbers Go Mobile
F-Secure Labs has already seen next-generation phishing attacks targeting Eurpoean banks. Phishing scams have given a new life on smartphones, where users expect pages to look odd and unprofessional. Online criminals have seized on this opportunity to launch man-in-the-middle phishing attacks, which allow the attacker to intercept messages between you and your bank.

The antidote? Don’t click on links in emails from your bank, especially on your phone. If your bank has an official mobile app, use it!

Tag You’re Tricked
Facebook now allows anyone to tag anyone. If your friend tags you in a ridiculous picture, that image could pop up on your Facebook profile right as a potential employer or date is checking you out.

The antidote? Go to the arrow in your upper right corner of your Facebook profile > Privacy Settings> Under “How Tags Work” click “Edit Settings.” Then turn “Tag Review” or “Timeline Review” on. This means you get to approve any tagged content before it’s displayed on your profile.

Have a safe and wonderful Halloween,


CC image by SpindlierHades


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