Cyber Shoppers Are Safer Than Ever

Security & Privacy

As the holiday shopping season begins online, throngs of Internet shoppers are on the hunt for the best deals on gifts for their friends and family.

F-Secure recently surveyed 405 Internet users solicited from all over the world through Facebook, Twitter and the Safe and Savvy blog. We found that 87% of these Internet users were planning on shopping online. Of those 66% of online shoppers are planning on doing most of their shopping online. That is up 12% from last year.

The best news is that shoppers are savvier about online shopping than ever before. 82% reported that they check to make certain that a site is securing their data before they click “Buy.” While this doesn’t remove any and all risks from cyber shopping, it does mean that shoppers are being careful.

Here are four tips to ensure you stay safe while shopping online throughout the 2011 holiday season:

  1. Visit retailers’ websites directly if possible (e.g., vs searching ‘Amazon’ on Google) and search for gifts directly on retailers’ sites.
  2. Use Internet security software that features browsing protection (or check links with F-Secure’s free Browsing Protection).
  3. Always check a site’s URL before making any purchase (look to make sure you’re at the correct online store and that the page URL begins with https://, which means it’s secure).
  4. Try to use only one credit card for your online purchases and monitor any card you use online regularly.

We’re proud to help making online shopping a safe alternative to waiting in lines at the stores. Enjoy.



CC image by Justin Marty


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Great article, I guess my main input would be that, yeah as a whole a lot of consumers are becoming more savvy for online shopping, but one main thing to consider is that during this holiday season, a lot of shoppers who normally aren’t online purchasers, are taking to the web. This influx is great for a lot of industries, but can also be great for people involved in fraud. People who take to the web during the holiday season may be be tech savvy, or even very accustomed to shopping online and keeping their data secure.

I’m glad you posted the tips that you posted, people definitely need to be aware of the dangers of shopping online, so they can make the holiday season great, and get the products they need without any hassle!

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