How secure are your files?

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We all value our precious files. Well, maybe not the files exactly, but what they contain: images of our family and friends and our important documents. According to a survey completed by F-Secure ** 93 % of respondents agreed that preventing the loss of personal content is very important. Still we tend to think that only other people will ever have to deal with losing files. 

So why worry? I didn’t, not until my home laptop started to crash. I was sure my unfinished thesis work and all the pictures of my loved ones were gone for good. I just wished I had been smarter and backed up my personal files. But I was lucky.

I was able to start my computer one more time and I copied all most of my files to a new external device. That’s the most common way to backup your files; according to another F-Secure survey* 54.4% people backup their important files to external hard drives.

External hard-drives may be good for transporting files but they aren’t the most reliable backup. My house could be robbed or I could lose my device. Even though unexpected things tend to happen to only other people, the other person could be you.

My good friends recently learned this lesson the hard way. One night they woke up to a sound of fire alarm and flames roaring inside their home. They had less than one minute to get out—no time to take anything with them other than their loved ones. Their house was gone for good. So were all of their belongings.

Later, I asked my friend what she misses most from that lost house. The answer was simple: pictures. Especially pictures of her child’s first year, the first steps and first birthday party. These memories were all in digital format, but not shared nor stored anywhere. The computer went up with the house.

Pictures, videos, the work you’ve done–you value them all. But you value them most when they are gone.

You should act before anything happens to you. We at F-Secure are very pleased to announce an effortless way to make backups and also share content with our new F-Secure Online Backup. It automatically makes backup copies of pictures, music and other important content saved on your computer and stores these backups on our secure servers.

You can get F-Secure Online Backup now at or through our global operator partners.



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* F-Secure broadband subscriber survey, April 2011 (Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, 3,000 respondents in total).

** The survey was carried out by F-Secure via SurveyGizmo during April 2011. A total of 609 respondents were solicited from around the globe through F-Secure’s Safe and Savvy blog.


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