How to really protect your privacy on Facebook


It’s not just you. A lot of people are concerned about their privacy on Facebook. Some are worried about being tracked, even when they aren’t logged in. Some are worried about unintentionally sharing private information or opinions that can threaten their reputation or relationships. Others worry about exposing the private data on their machine through some tricky attack.

As Facebook’s new Timeline is being introduced now is the perfect time to think about how you use Facebook. We have given you 3 things to do before you activate Facebook’s new Timeline. We hope you’ll take those steps to review what you have and will be sharing and with whom. What more can you do?

You use smart passwords and have your PC patched and protected. You know, of course, the most important privacy feature on Facebook is the ‘Post’ button. If you make a point of NEVER sharing anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother or your worst enemy to see publicly, you’re off to a good start.

 But what extra step can you take prevent invasive tracking and protect the private data on your computer?

Here’s what Sean from F-Secure Labs recommends: Do all of your social networking in a one browser. Use one browser exclusively for “public” behavior. Then use a separate browser for all of your private banking, shopping and viewing. This strategy helps you avoid worries about tracking and information bleeding between your private and public lives.

Want to be even safer? Use a dedicated machine for your social activity. This is an extremely wise strategy if you use your PC to manage your finances and or business.

An added advantage to using a ‘public’ browser or PC for your social networking is that you’ll constantly remind yourself that what you share online stays online.

So we want to know. What do you think of Facebook’s new Timeline?




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This makes perfect sense and I am doing just that. One browser for Facebook/banking and I clear the cache and reload browser between each function.

This Facebook phenomenon has gotten out of hand. It started out as nice and kind of ‘cool’ but now it’s just a way for people to track you.

“But what extra step can you take prevent invasive tracking and protect the private data on your computer? – – ”

Years ago this method of multiple browsers was proposed but it was shot down immediately by security experts. They’re explaining that it doesn’t matter how many browsers you fail to compromise if one will whole OS is then compromised including those “clean” browsers.

If you want to do online banking safely use virtual machines for public use (i.e. using Facebook) and master system for higher risk use (i.e. online banking).

Also good advice from F-Secure years ago using pin-code enalbed passwords is very safe and easy way to tune your passwords better level. (See:

I hate the facebook time line, problem is you are notgiven a choice, its do it or get left of facebook all together. you should be given a choice, programme makers dont always know what is best and how to show things even though they think they do.

I have tried and tried to tweak Facebook settings – restricting certain people, etc – and it doesn’t work – my information is still available to everyone who is logged into Facebook. Facebook settings are plain buggy. What is going on? It’s been years and clicking on “view me” – shows that I can hide nothing from my Wall from the public.

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