Is your smartphone smarter than you are?

Security & Privacy

In  recent study, 82 % of people said the content on their phone is more valuable than the actual device*. Why is that? Well, imagine this scenario.

You are usually very careful with your phone. But somehow when you had lunch at a nearby café with a colleague, you set it on the table. After you pay the check, you take off but you don’t take the phone. In less than 10 minutes, you’re back in the same spot but the phone is gone. No one has seen it. Where in the world can it be?

Suddenly you think about what’s on that little phone. Contact details of 80 people, both personal and business contacts—names, phone numbers, possibly e-mail addresses. You only use about 20 of those on a regular basis. But you were just about to send out invites to your holiday party.

What about the photos? Photos from your trip to Spain—irreplaceable images of family and friends. And few clips from your trip to Glastonbury Festival. And then there is all the music you listen to every day, on your way to work.

You also have a personal calendar, with your appointments to dentist and loved one’s birthdays. Don’t forget about the dozens of different applications, social media, news services, weather reports, cooks books and games like Angry Birds. You even do your mobile banking on that phone, which reminds you of how much you spent buying that stupid phone.

Using our Mobile Security, you can you can lock your phone with one SMS message. Now whoever picked up your phone can’t access any of your content.  Want to know where you phone is? It’s simple, after you sent that SMS message you can see the location on a map. Wait. It’s in your office? Your co-worker accidentally took your smartphone from the table. A happy ending.

Our Mobile Security also features other valuable features. Protect your content from viruses and malware. You can use safe browsing to avoid scams and parental control to protect your children from unsuitable web content. You can also locate your children or block telemarketers.

The time invested and memories stored in our phones can’t be estimated or priced. Mobile security is about more than protecting yourself from the digital threats that stalk our PCs. It’s about giving you control over your digital life. You can try it for free.

We hope you and your phone have a wonderful holiday, wherever you are.



*According to a VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland survey commissioned by F-Secure.  Survey “Customer Value Analysis” was conducted during May-June 2011, in Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. In each country there were 500 respondents, total of 3000 respondents aged 18-65.

CC image by Tanjila



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