What Could a Hacker Do with Your Facebook Password?

Threats & Hacks

Last week, after a hacker posted thousands of what he said were Facebook login credentials, Facebook said that most of the logins were not valid. That’s not exactly reassuring.

That’s why we thought now would a good time to discuss why password security is so important on a site like Facebook.

What does a hacker get if he gets your password?

He gets immediate access to your account and the opportunity to change your password to deny you access. That’s bad. What’s worse? He could then get access to any other sites where you use the same combination of login and password. If this includes your email, he could wreck major havoc.

How to protect yourself

  1. You should use a unique combination of login and password for ANY site that matters to you.
  2. Choose a strong password that can’t be guessed.
  3. Watch where you click on Facebook.
  4. Keep your system and security software patched and protected.
  5. Don’t click on links in your email.

What should you do if you think you’ve been hacked?

Change your password immediately. Then change the password of any account that uses that same password.



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Even worse: there are numerous other sites that rely on Facebook for authentication. E.g., with you Facebook password, I can register you for some other services, e.g. Kickstarter.

Please explain why I cannot print the info re-Facebook. I contact the “Print” icon but no joy. The printer is working for other facilities.
Peter Gain.

it’s a good thing my password is secure.
but i feel silly because i often use the same combination of login and password…
thank you for the post, i won’t do that again

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