Who Owns the Content You Post on Facebook?

Security & Privacy

The answer to this question appears to be simple. You own your content. This is true on Facebook and most social media sites.

Here’s how Facebook states the ownership of your content in its terms and conditions:
You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.

So, by posting content or information, you grant Facebook the license to use your content in accordance with your privacy and application settings. That means unless you’ve set the setting for a piece of content for “Custom” > Only Me”, someone can see it.

If someone can see your content on Facebook, they can likely copy it or capture it in some way. You’ll still own the content, but you may have lost control of it. In fact, even if you delete your pictures on Facebook, they still may not be technically deleted.

Your name and image are even set up by default to show up in Facebook’s advertising shown to your friends. (To adjust this, go to “Account Settings”> “Facebook Ads” > “Edit social ad setting”.)

This why a good rule of thumb is: Don’t post anything on Facebook you would not like to see go public, even if your settings are completely locked down.

(And if you’re in the US, you should take extra care not to post anything negative about your employer using your employers’ computers or mobile devices.)

The issue of who controls our content is likely to become more controversial as the cloud makes it possible to store, sync and share content from any PC or device any time. People want access and the ability to share. But they want to do so without giving up control of their irreplaceable images, videos and documents.

This is why F-Secure has created Content Anywhere.

Content Anywhere is a safe personal cloud service provided through operators and ISPs that makes accessing your content wherever you are easy. With Content Anywhere, Internet providers will move beyond being ‘data pipeline’ to become the ‘king of the content cloud.’

We’re looking forward to sharing more about the our move into safe cloud technology, which we believe is the future of sharing and enjoying your content in a smart and secure way.



CC image credit: jurvetson


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