F-Secure Has the Best Protection in the World!

F-Secure Life

Now is not time to be modest, as Finns often are. I’m proud to announce that it is now official: F-Secure has the best protection in the world!

Our corporate product F-Secure Client Security has just won the BEST PROTECTION 2011 AWARD by AV-TEST. AV-TEST is an independent testing organization that evaluated 7 corporate protection products throughout 2011.

All of our security products, including F-Secure Internet Security 2012, are based on the same technology as the award-winning F-Secure Client Security, which is why this is a time to be proud.

This award means we are continuing the success we have had in the past years with our security products. And now we are also the leader in protecting corporate customers.

While I’m being immodest, I can’t forget to add that F-Secure Internet Security 2012 has also won many awards, including AV-Comparative’s Top Rated -award, and 1st positions in com! -magazine’s comparative review and CHIP Magazine’s comparative reviews in Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

And to be even bolder, we plan on continuing to improve our security products so we can stay ahead of all the threats facing our customers.

Find out how you can get best protection for your business with F-Secure Client Security.

And if you don’t yet have our award-winning Internet Security protection, try it for free.



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Completely satisfied with F-Secure. It Automatically!! optimizes the security solution’s mobile broadband usage within home network and abroad. It is really convenient

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