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For years, analysts predicted that all of our devices — PCs, laptops, DVD players, mobile phones — would merge into one all-purpose device that would handle everything we do digitally. Surprisingly we are seeing more and more that people are actually travelling with up to three devices — a phone, a tablet and a laptop. All three perform similar functions but provide vastly different experiences.

We’ve discussed the proper way to secure all your devices. So now we have a question for you: For mobile connections, do you use a tablet a mobile phone or both?

By answering this question in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with F-Secure Mobile Security.

Just read the rules and post your answer in the comments below.

BONUS ENTRY: Want an extra chance to win? Click here and take our quick mobile survey then post the comment “SURVEY COMPLETED” in an ADDITIONAL comment below.

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Canon PowerShot SX130 IS


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I just bought iPad and I’m using it a LOT. I Also have Samsung GalaxySII, but tablet is my favorit.

I use a cheap tablet that I got instead of a kindle which has internet, well on and off, I find a phone too small for internet really.

I use a cheap tablet that I bought instead of a kindle, it has internet, I dont use a phone as its too small for me really!

When lounging at home to read news or browse the web, it is rather convenience to use a tablet. Unfortunately, I have to borrow my roommate’s to do so. I would love to have a tablet – just can’t say that I can afford it. In the meantime, I will use my smartphone. 🙂

My mobile phone (I don’t have a tablet yet because it’s too expensive for what it offers for the moment… I heard that Windows 8 tablets will be just amazing and not very expensive, I’ll first see)

Survey completed.

If I have the tablet around then the table it’s. But mostly, mobile connection is intended to be on the go, which means that there’s only my phone around. So, most of my mobile browsing is via the mobile phone.

The one and only mobile device I have anymore is a Samsung Galaxy Note phone, tho it has a big enough display for me to do quite a lot of things (games, email, web surfing, quick notes, portable music player etc…)

I use my iPhone, because I dont have a tablet. I’ll still use a phone for most mobile connections, cause its more mobile 🙂

For mobile connections I use my phone, cause I dont own a tablet. Still… if I’ll own a tablet..probably most of my mobile connections would be made through my phone.

I use my phone and laptop. I am wanting to purchase an android tablet as a second home computer.

Bcoz frm which we can see d images nd videos in enlargd view nd also, tablet has grtr amount of funcn dan d simply intrnt mobile

Hard to say whitch gategory my Galaxy Note goes, but let’s say both 🙂

Survey completed.
Great phone by Great company.I like this phone very much because its super-smart phone.It should be named Einstein.

I tend to use both. Since my tablet is WiFi only, when away from a hotspot, I’ll use my phone for tethering and if I’m not working, I tend to leave the tablet behind, relying on phone only.

I only use mobile phone since I don’t have yet a tablet. Very soon I sure hope to use one! 🙂

LOL Am I one of the last holdouts? I do not have a cell phone yet! But I wish I had a tablet… that would be so very handy- so mobile!

I use my smartphone for most of my connections. I don’t own a tablet and am unsure how I would use it in case I got one.

I use both, depending on how well I need to see what I’m doing. Bifocals can only do so much with a phone screen.

I use a mobile phone, I have a tablet but don’t find the cost for internet to be a worthwhile investment on top of a phone plan.

I do not own a tablet, thus I use my mobile. Though I use it rarely as I have a very basic phone and you cannot properly surf with it. A couple of times per year only.

Currently I’m using only a mobile as I don’t own a Tablet yet! But at times tablet will be a very good option as it has many advantages compared to a mobile phone. Though smartphones can compete with the tablets with mobile connections, Tablets provide more options with better usability.

I don’t own a tablet so I use my blackberry, but I would have to say that a tablet would be more appropriate if we’re talking bout utilizing all those functions in a satisfactory state 😀

I’d like to use a tablet to see/read the content. But mobile is good for tasks such as looking for movie times and places to eat.

Survey taken and completed. I wish it were longer, but it at least asked questions which very much concern me with it comes to mobile security.

I use my smartphone and my PC pretty much equally in my spare time. When I do not have this spare time, my phone REALLY gets put to use. I usually come close to using up my 2GB of allotted data by the second week of the month.

Anyone else here actually USE F-Secure?

I absolutely love it. Sadly, my subscription is out and I need to renew when I have the opportunity.

I only use my phone right now but a couple friends own tablets and they are nice.

I use my mobile phone, although it’s only occasionally. Thanks for the chance to enter!

Neither. It used to be my phone, until it fell in the toilet! I hope this tablet doesn’t fit in the toilet 🙂

I ‘d use the tablet primarily but there are cases where I just might “be forced” to use the phone so I guess like all things the answer is “It depends” and the result is both.

I don’t use either. I don’t have a capable device mentioned, or want to pay inflated rates in Canada.

I actually don’t use my phone with that purpose I have an old Nokia – safest thing around …

I use my mobile phone (i-phone3) and am hoping to “WIN” a Galaxy!! (: Completed survey as well. Thank you for the contest! AW Garner NC

I only use a mobile phone because I’ve never tried a tablet but people seem to really be raving about them lately.

Survey completed – good luck everyone and thanks for the chance to win F-Secure

Use a mobile phone. Had a tablet too, but used it very rarely since it was too big to take everywhere.

I still live in the world of “dumb-phones” (and don’t own a tablet) so I have to say I use netiher a mobile phone or a tablet to go on the web. The phone has WAP capabilities but not using it for (I hope) obvious reasons (let aside screen-resolution).

But if I had both a smart phone and a tablet I probably would use both. The phone for quickly checking things if needed and not wanting to pull out a “big” tablet (if I even brought it with me). And the tablet for regular surfing when on the move (sitting on a bus, train, waiting in airports etc.) or slouching in the coutch.

I use a mobile phone and really want, I mean REALLY WANT a tablet. I will win. (positive energy) Now, I visualize being notified I won! (spot the tongue in my cheek)

For mobile connections, i use my samsung galaxy s2, i dont own a tablet, but i wish i would 🙂

Survey Done! Great job F-Secure you integrated childprotection in yore mobile security solution! yupiiii

You have the strongest mobile security I tried on my phone, a old HTC with windows mobile 6.1 and worked great.Keep up the good work!

My mobile connection is an awesome experience using both a tablet and a mobile phone. It’s a choice that I find it hard to take side since they each have an individual advantages. A convenient and easy to carry data’s at hand with a mobile phone while a larger screen, more applications and easy browsing which I can access through a tablet. It’s such a wonder that by using both a tablet and a mobile phone the potential to derive and share information’s are limitless in a wide array of areas including social networking, commerce, education, healthcare and a lot more. With the way i’m harnessing the capabilities which my mobile phone and my tablet provides, I can honestly say, it’s a safe and savvy, and secure way to bring out the best of my personal and professional life…

survey completed…

I don’t own a tablet yet, but I use my recently purchased Samsung Galaxy S II (my second Android device so far) quite extensively for mobile connectivity both at work and on my free time. I quite often use the phone as a wifi hotspot where there is no trustworthy enough wifi available to access the Internet or work stuff via VPN.

For mobile connections I use a mobile phone …actually 2 mobile phones. No tablet so far…

I use a mobile phone, had F-Secure Mobile Security on it too but it ended up consuming all of my battery after upgrading to Android 4.0 so I ended up uninstalling it. Probably should install it again…

I use a pc, an Apple, a Droid phone, and an iPad, all somewhat equally for Internet and email.

can’t afford a tablet but i have a smartphone that constantly ‘craps out’ on me. i travel a lot so i use my mobile instead of using available computers because of security reasons.
p.s. i’ve just completed the survey and was disappointed there wasn’t an option for not having children but would/wouldn’t be concerned.

survey completed I have smart phone .Lap top, & desk top. am looking at tablets haven’t made up mind yet

survey complete
Thank you for taking our survey. Your response is very important to us.

I use my SmartPhone for everything!! It is much faster to jump online with it than to use my laptop.


The affordability and coverage of mobile phone in our country (The Philippines) has increased its importance not just as a means of two way communication but that of ease-of -access to information as well, making it my preferred mobile connection. The use of mobile phone has made an impact in my rural living in various ways which include entrepreneurship and job search ( as it reduce the cost of running a business and in some cases, the technology could even enable a user to start one.) easy access to information, disaster relief (in cases of floods, typhoon, earthquake,. mobile phone could be used not just for enhancing business opportunities but also in keeping in touch with with one’s home community.) Education and health (I use my mobile phone to spread locally-generated and locally-educational and health information.)
In our rural community, access could mean real-time access to relevant content, created among the community and by the community to address pressing issues, perhaps initially education and health, but increasingly other social functions. Information could be shared between rural communities within the same area, and even globally, decreasing isolation, flattening the learning curve and removing the need to reinvent the wheel for every type of community initiative : from education, finance, health, micro work, private sector development and many other arenas.
The economic and social benefit of a mobile phone have made a great difference in our community and it is clear that the deployment of affordable mobile phone does have a multidimensional advantage on sustainable poverty reduction. It remains important to make the mobile phone as cheaply and widely accessible as possible.

thank you and more power to safeandsavvy…

I use a tablet for mobile connections although I have a phone that is capable.

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